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All ireland football championship All ireland football championship

The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is the top Gaelic Football competition in the Emerald Isle, so it is the tournament that all county teams want to win. The final is played at the majestic Croke Park with thousands in attendance, and the winning team gets to hold aloft the Sam Maguire Cup. If you are thinking about doing some Gaelic football betting on this event, then do yourself a favour and read this in-depth betting guide first.

All-Ireland Football Betting Odds (2023)

Due to the prestige of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, all of the best sports betting sites that accept bettors from Ireland will provide some All-Ireland Football betting odds. However, not all sportsbooks have been created equally, with some offering much better odds than their rivals.

Finding out the best sports betting sites for All-Ireland Football betting 2023 can be pretty time consuming if you are new to the sports betting world and do not know where to look, but this is where this All-Ireland Football Championship preview comes into good use since we have done the searching for you.

In the following table, you will find the top All-Ireland Football odds 2023 that some of the best betting sites available to Irish punters are currently offering for the eventual winner of this event. It is always a good move to use the best odds around since the odds are what dictate the kind of profit that a punter will land if they place a winning wager. We will discuss the importance of good odds a little later on in this guide.

There will be 33 teams competing in the 2023 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, but since the majority of the teams, in all honesty, are just there to make up the numbers, we have given you the odds for the ten teams that we feel are more likely to go on to pick up the silverware.


🏆 Best All-Ireland Football Betting Sites by Category

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PokerStars Sports

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🔍 The Best All-Ireland Football Betting Sites

When it comes down to doing some All-Ireland Senior Football Championship betting, there are, as we said earlier, plenty of sportsbook options available to punters from the Emerald Isle, but below we are going to take a closer look at five of the very best. Whether you are betting on this event, or doing some Ulster Championship betting or some Munster Championship betting, these sites should have what you are searching for.

Now, there is obviously absolutely no obligation for you to register with any of the following bookmakers, but just bear in mind that they are quality All-Ireland Football betting sites that will provide a very good gambling experience. You will notice a link for each of the five bookies, and these links will take you to a review of that bookie that one of our experts wrote. So, if you like the initial look of any of the sportsbooks below, click on the link provided and you will find out everything that you need to know about it.

1️⃣ Betway

Even those who are pretty new to the sports betting world will probably have already heard plenty of positive things about Betway. They started their sportsbook journey back in 2006, and in the many years since they have just become better and better and are now considered by many to be one of the best sportsbooks out there. What is it that makes them so popular among Irish Gaelic football bettors? Well, the wide range of markets and odds that they offer for this sport are really enticing.

Also, if you opt to register with Betway, then there is a free bet worth €50 that you can claim and use on any sporting event that you like – although we would obviously recommend that you use it on All-Ireland Football Championship 2023 betting. In order to be successful in this competitive industry, a sports betting site has to provide quality live betting, have very good customer support, offer top mobile gambling options, and have many different banking options. Betway manages to excel in all of these, so their immense popularity is not surprising.

2️⃣ PokerStars Sports

PokerStars Sports, as is clear from its name, began its gambling life as just a poker site, but in 2015 they decided that they would like to take on the sports betting world, and they will not be regretting this decision one bit. They have become really popular with Irish sports bettors because of the variety of markets that they offer for all of their sporting categories as well as the fact that their odds are always competitive.

Currently, they do not offer their new customers a welcome offer, but we implore you to not let this be the main reason why you decide not to open an account with this bookmaker. When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money at PokerStars Sports, you will find different options like VISA,

MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Neteller, or Entropay. If you are the type of sports bettor that enjoys placing bets wherever you are, you will be glad to hear that they offer a quality mobile app while also making sure that their desktop site is 100% mobile compatible.

3️⃣ Luckster

Luckster Sports is a baby when compared to other sportsbooks that we mention on this page as they only opened their doors to the public in 2022. However, despite their inexperience, they have shown the gambling world that they are here for a long time and not just a good time. This bookie, which happens to be based in the Republic of Ireland, has received a lot of positive attention in the last year or so due to the fact that they offer their punters all that they need for a quality sports betting session. If you opt to open an account with this bookmaker, then they will reward you by offering you a Welcome Bonus that can go up to €100.

When it comes to betting for All-Ireland Football or any other type of Gaelic football event, you can be certain that they have got you covered as they offer a variety of markets and really competitive odds for such events. Additionally, they have a very good customer support team, have a variety of banking methods available, and have a desktop site that is 100% mobile compatible. If you decide to start betting here, then complaints will be few and far between.

4️⃣ BoyleSports

If Luckster is not the Irish-based sports betting site for you, then maybe BoyleSports will be instead. As they are based within Ireland, they know exactly what it is that Irish sports bettors want to put their money on, and know that they would be a poor excuse for a bookmaker if they did not offer a variety of markets and good odds for events such as the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. When you bet on Gaelic football here, you will encounter a variety of markets and will not be put off by the odds that are available.

If you decide to open an account with BoyleSports, then once you have made your first wager of at least €10, you will be given free bets that equal a total value of €50. With regard to their banking methods, they are one of the best bookmakers around as they offer all the top deposit and withdrawal options around. To top things off, you will not be disappointed by the mobile gambling options, live betting, or customer care service that are available.

5️⃣ Sportaza

Sportaza is not a sportsbook that is based in Ireland, but this does not matter as they have no problem with accepting punters from Ireland. Some bookmakers come into being, have a little bit of success, and are then never heard of again, for one reason or another, but we do not see this being the case with Sportaza. Overall, they offer their punters a large range of markets and competitive odds for 34 sports, so you will not lack variety here. If you decide to register with Sportaza, then they will be happy to match your first deposit 100% to the tune of €100.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and if you are looking for a quality sportsbook that accepts crypto, Sportaza is certainly one to look at. If you are not interested in depositing or withdrawing crypto, then you will be glad to hear that they have other top banking options available such as VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and NeoSurf. At the moment, there is no mobile app on offer, but their desktop site is 100% compatible with a range of mobile devices. If you ever have any problems, then you can contact their customer care team 24/7 to sort out the issues.

🕵️‍♂️ How We Review All-Ireland Football Betting Sites

So, how is it that we go about reviewing All-Ireland Football betting sites for our readers? Well, in this section of our guide we are going to tell you the main features of a sportsbook that we pay close attention to when searching for top sites to do a spot of All-Ireland Club Football betting.

▶ The Bonuses Being Offered

When we come across a new sports betting site, we will always take a look at the various bonuses that are on offer to see if you will be able to land a great deal if you decide to open an account with them. Now, we are definitely not telling you that bonuses are the be all and end all of a sportsbook, as we showed when we suggested PokerStars Sports as a top bookie to register with although they do not have a welcome offer available.

However, we cannot possibly deny that it is always nice to get a small reward for signing up with a bookmaker. You can rest assured that we will never promote a bookmaker based solely off their welcome offer, but a top bonus is something that is always going to catch our eye. When we find a bonus that we think is an attractive prospect, we will not just concentrate on the value of the bonus. No, we will also pay close attention to the important terms and conditions that are in play so that we can tell you about them in our reviews.

Although we will always mention some of the key terms, we do suggest that you take some time from your day to go through all of the T&C yourself so that you know the exact rules that you need to abide by.

▶ The Value of the Odds

Being treated to a top bonus when signing up with a sports betting site is good, but the bonus will mean nothing if the odds that are available are not that good. The welcome offer is not something that lasts for a long time, but odds do, and rubbish odds will be detrimental to your betting experience since odds are what determine the kind of profit you land from any winning bets that you make.

For instance, if you put €10 on Kerry to win the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship with odds of 2.50 and they do just that, your profit margin will stand at €15. However, if you put €10 on Kerry to win with another bookmaker at odds of 2.30 and they win the title, your profit in this case will stand at €13. Now, missing out on €2 in this one case is not the end of the world, but if you miss out on €2 for every winning bet that you make, then you will miss out on a fair chunk of money over the course of a year.

With this in mind, if we do not think that a particular sports betting site offers decent enough odds to their customers, then we will make this clear in the review that we write. In some case, we might even decide to not bother writing a review about it.

▶ The Variety of Markets on Offer

Life is all about variety because, without it, things get boring pretty quickly. Yes, there is no doubt that it can be entertaining to bet on the eventual winner of an event or the winner of a certain game, but imagine how tedious things would become if there were the only markets on offer at every bookmaker that you come across. We think it is safe to assume that you would get really bored and would probably stop placing bets.

Therefore, when we are analysing a sportsbook, we will always take a look at the different sports that they have on offer and then take the time to go through the markets that they have for these sports. If we ultimately decide that they are slacking with their markets, then this is something that we will certainly mention in our in-depth review. At the end of the day, we are here to help you get the best sports betting experience possible, so we do not want you to sign up with a bookmaker that will end up boring you.

▶ Do They Offer Quick Deposits and Withdrawals?

Many inexperienced gamblers when they are looking for a sports betting site to open an account with will pay no heed to the deposit and withdrawal methods that are on offer, but this is not something that you want to get into the habit of doing. Before you register with a bookmaker, you need to make sure that a sports betting site provides all of the top banking options and that they are not ridiculously slow with regard to making deposits and withdrawals.

We have been in both the online casino and sports betting industry for many years now, and in all this time we are yet to encounter someone who does not mind if their deposited or withdrawn money is delayed. Having to wait ages to place a bet or receive your winnings is a big inconvenience that we can all do without.

If you have taken the time to read some other reviews of ours, then you will know that we pay really close attention to all the banking methods that are on offer. If we feel that sportsbook is slacking with regard to quick deposit and withdrawal methods, then we will let you know in our subsequent review or will just ignore that site completely.

▶ Customer Care

One of the final things that we take a look at is the customer support that a bookmaker has. However, although it is one of the final things that we analyse, it is just as important as all of the above. With the top betting sites, it is very rare that you will need to get in touch with their customer support team, but there will always be that small chance that something will go wrong and you will need help. If such a scenario arises, you will obviously want your issue, whatever it is, to be solved as quickly as possible. It is really annoying to have to wait a long time for a problem to be fixed since it could end up costing you some winning bets.

This is why we will always take it upon ourselves to send mock issues to a sportsbook that we are analysing as this is the best way to find out about the quality of their customer care. If they take a long time to respond or respond with less than satisfactory solutions to the issue, then it is a big red flag. If we have any issues with a bookie's customer care, we will point it out in our reviews.

📌 The All-Ireland Championship Format and Fixtures

When you are GAA betting All Ireland it is always important to understand the format because this is something that could end up having an impact on what it is that you put your money on. So, with that in mind, let us now explain what the format of the 2023 All Ireland Championship will be.

Connacht, Munster, Ulster, and Leinster each have a provincial championship that all have a knock-out format. Out of the teams that compete in these championships, 16 will progress to the Round-Robin stage of the All-Ireland Championship as follows:

  • The four winners of each provincial championship
  • The four runners-up of the provincial championships
  • The winners of the 2022 Tailteann Cup - Westmeath
  • The next seven top ranked teams in the 2023 National Football League

The 17 teams that fail to make it to the Round Robin stage of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship will take part in the 2023 Tailteann Cup. For the Round Robin stage of the All-Ireland Championship, the 16 qualified teams will be drawn into four groups with four teams. Each team will play the other team in their group once, with two points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw. Each team will also play one home match, one away game, and one match at a neutral venue.

Once the Round Robin stage has been completed, the top three teams from each group will make it through to the knockout stage of the competition. The winners of the group will receive a bye into the All-Ireland Quarter-Finals, while second and third will be placed into the Preliminary Quarter-Finals.

📆 The All-Ireland Championships 2023 Schedule

Below you will eventually be able to find the schedule for the 2023 All-Ireland competition. Since we do not yet know the teams that will be competing and which team will start in which round, we really cannot fill out any of the tables. However, once we get the necessary information, we will update the tables accordingly.

All-Ireland Round Robin Stage


All-Ireland Preliminary Quarter-Finals

DateTeam 1Team 2Result
TBAGroup Runner-UpGroup Third-Place FinisherTBA
TBAGroup Runner-UpGroup Third-Place FinisherTBA
TBAGroup Runner-UpGroup Third-Place FinisherTBA
TBAGroup Runner-UpGroup Third-Place FinisherTBA

All-Ireland Quarter-Finals

DateTeam 1Team 2Result
TBAGroup WinnerPreliminary Quarter-Final WinnerTBA
TBAGroup WinnerPreliminary Quarter-Final WinnerTBA
TBAGroup WinnerPreliminary Quarter-Final WinnerTBA
TBAGroup WinnerPreliminary Quarter-Final WinnerTBA

All-Ireland Semi-Finals

DateTeam 1Team 2Result
TBAQuarter-Final WinnerQuarter-Final WinnerTBA
TBAGroup WinnerQuarter-Final WinnerTBA

All-Ireland Final

DateTeam 1Team 2Result
TBASemi-Final WinnerSemi-Final WinnerTBA

📊 All-Ireland Football Betting Predictions

Clare vs Cork: All-Ireland Senior Football ChampionshipClare will take on Cork in their first All-Ireland SFC group stage match, and this is who I think will go on and win:
Galway vs Derry: All-Ireland Senior Football ChampionshipGalway edged provincial rivals Mayo to claim the Connacht Championship but will need to improve on a National League Division 1 campaign that saw them finish seven points behind champions Derry. But who do I think will win here, and what odds can you get from Ireland’s best betting sites?
Mayo vs Cavan - All-Ireland Senior Football ChampionshipCavan certainly cannot be discounted this weekend, but they haven’t beaten Mayo since a National League clash at Castlebar in March 2017. Mayo also boast superior firepower in the form of Ryan O’Donoghue, Cillian O'Connor and Aidan O’Shea. Overall, I’m predicting a relatively comfortable win for Mayo in front of their own fans.
Kerry vs MonaghanKerry will take on Monaghan in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship on the 18th of May and this is who I think will win:
2023 All-Ireland Senior Football PredictionThe 2023 All-Ireland Senior Football final will be played on the 30th of July, and this is who I think will go on to win:
Galway vs Kerry | FinalThe final of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship sees Galway take on Kerry, and this is who we think will go on to win the match.
Dublin v Kerry | Semi FinalsThis is who we think will go on to win this semi-final clash between Dublin and Kerry.
Galway v Derry | Semi FinalsThis is who we think will go on to win this semi-final clash between Galway and Derry.
Derry v Clare | Quarter FinalsTake a look at who we think will win this Quarter-Final match against Derry and Clare in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championships.
Kerry v Mayo | Quarter FinalsKerry and Mayo face off in this Quarter-Final match of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship 2022. Who will win?
Galway v Armagh | Quarter FinalsThe All-Ireland Senior Football Championships are heating up. The draw has placed Galway and Armagh together. This is who we think will win!
Dublin v Cork | Quarter-FinalsDublin and Cork face off in the Quarter-Finals of the 2022 All-Ireland Football Championships. Who will progress and who will be knocked out?
Outright Winner | All-Ireland Football Championship 2022Interested to see who we predict to win the 2022 All-Ireland Senior Football title? We share the top information, bookmaker odds, and look at past performances. Take a look!
Mayo vs Kildare | Round 2 QualifiersThis All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Round 2 Qualifiers match is between Mayo and Kildare. Who do we think will take the win?
Limerick v Cork | Round 2 QualifiersThis Round 2 qualifier match of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship will see Limerick take on Cork, and this is who we think will go on to win the match.
Roscommon v Clare | Round 2 QualifiersRoscommon play Clare in the Round 2 Qualifiers of the 2022 All-Ireland Football Championships. This is who we think will win!
Donegal v Armagh | Round 2 QualifiersDonegal and Armagh play in the second round of the Qualifiers to be in the chance of progressing to the 2022 All-Ireland Football Championships. Who will win?

👍 The Top All-Ireland Football Betting Markets

With these odds in mind, the next step is to look at the alternative betting markets and wagers associated with the All-Ireland Championship. There are quite a few to choose from, and we’ve outlined three of the most popular below.

✔️ Outright Betting

Outright wagering is the simplest form of All-Ireland Football Championship betting, as you look to back the eventual winner and team most likely to lift the Sam Maguire Cup on July 24th. As we can see from the odds above prices, it’s early ante-post betting that often offers the best value with regards to outright markets, especially when backing favourites such as Dublin and Kerry.

After all, the above prices are likely to be squeezed as both sides experience significant backing, while the same can be said when wagering on either Tyrone or Mayo to win. While outright betting can be challenging (especially when placing an early ante-post wager), this offers you access to extended odds and potentially increased returns.

✔️ Accumulator Betting

Accumulator or ‘acca’ wagering is also an incredibly popular form of All-Ireland Championship betting, especially during the qualifying games and quarter-finals.

An accumulator bet must include at least four selections in a single wager, with the odds of each outcome multiplied together to create a single, inflated price. You can therefore bet on multiple qualifying matches or the quarter-finals through a single wager while reducing your stake as a way of minimizing losses.

Remember, every single selection will have to come in for the acca bet to be successful, but this is what helps to drive the increased returns associated with this type of wager.

✔️ Over / Under Betting

We close with over / under betting, which represents an incredibly popular market and one that offers you an even-money chance of winning.

In this market, a sportsbook will theorise about the number of points that will be scored in a particular game, with this established as a virtual total. You’ll then wager whether the actual points total will be higher (over) or lower (under), based on your knowledge of the competing sides and the sport as a whole.

Popular among informed GAA fans and casual punters across the board, this is a 50/50 wager that offers considerable value during the latter stages of the championship and as the games get increasingly tight.

⭐ The Top All-Ireland Football Betting Tips

Here at BetinIreland, our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to All-Ireland Football betting and GAA markets as a whole. We’ve put our heads together and provided some strategic betting tips below so that you can make informed selections and make the most of your bankroll.

☑️ Avoid Handicap Betting

While handicap betting is a popular staple of wider sports wagering markets, it’s not necessarily ideal for tournaments such as the All-Ireland Championship. The reason for this is simple; handicap betting creates a virtual handicap that’s applied to one of two competing sides, in order to minimise the perceived gap in quality between the participants and create value in the available odds. Because of this, it’s best applied to mismatches or games where there’s a heavy favourites, with such contests few and far between in the All-Ireland Football Championship.

☑️ Manage Your Bankroll Strategically

Whether betting on the All-Ireland Championship or any other sports wagering market, it’s crucial that you have a clearly-defined strategy when managing your bankroll. This should start with the creation of a single betting unit, which should retain a relatively low value and allow you to build custom stakes for each individual wager.

For example, you should look to minimise your initial stake when creating acca bets or wagering on outcomes with extended odds, while increasing this to optimise returns when backing relatively short-priced favourites.

☑️ Know and Stick to Your Betting Limits

Your bankroll strategy should help you to minimise losses and make the most of your betting capital, while this should also be created with your personal betting limits in mind. Your betting thresholds and the amount that you wager over time must be established in line with your financial circumstances, while you should ideally avoid wagering any more than you can realistically afford to lose each day, week, or month. It’s also important to showcase discipline when sticking to your betting limits over time, so that you never run the risk of becoming too immersed in the online gambling space.

☑️ Make the Most of Welcome Bonuses

Since the online sports betting world is super competitive, sports betting sites have to do everything in their power to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. If they do not stand out, then nobody will sign up with them, and they will go out of business just as quickly as they appeared on the scene. Most sportsbooks that Irish punters can register with will have some sort of bonus offer for you to claim, and these will often be in the form of a free bet. Now, with everything in life, not all bonuses have been created equally.

Therefore, in the table below, we have provided you with five bookmakers that we feel are offering the best bonuses at this current moment in time. Like always, if you decide to go ahead and claim one of these bonus offers, please take the time to read the terms and conditions that apply.

Betting SiteOfferClaim
Bet €10 and receive €50 of free bets
They do not currently offer a welcome offer
100% Deposit Match Up to €100
100% Deposit Match Up to €100
Claim a free bet that has a €50 value

N.B. Sportsbooks do not keep the same welcome offer for a long time because they have to always try and stay one step ahead of their main rivals – if they see that one of their competitors have bettered their welcome offer, then they will feel obliged to do the same. Thus, there is always a chance that the welcome offers that we just mentioned in the table above are no longer available at their respective sports betting site. If this is the case with you, we sincerely apologise for any disappointment, but any new bonuses on offer will be as good or even better.

📈 Interesting Facts About the All-Ireland Football Championship

The 2022 All-Ireland Championship was an exciting and fascinating event, although it delivered the outcome that many of the top were predicting at the start of the tournament. If you would like to relive the most exciting parts of the final between Kerry and Galway, then you can do so by checking out the video below:

Now that you know some top All-Ireland football betting tips to keep in mind when you are gambling on this competition and have relived the best action of last year's final, we shall now provide you with some interesting tournament statistics.

  • Kerry are the most successful team in All-Ireland Championship history with 38 titles under their belt. They are eight ahead of Dublin in second place
  • Kerry have been the runners-up on 23 occasions, which is more than any other team
  • Galway had the chance to win their first All-Ireland Championship title in 20 years
  • Shane Walsh, who plays for Galway, was the top scorer in the 2022 All-Ireland Championship, having scored 39 points in the six matches that he played
  • Mick O'Dwyer is the most successful manager in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship with a total of eight wins under his belt. These wins were all as Kerry manager, which is the team that he played for when he was a Gaelic footballer. He won this competition four times as a player
  • Cillian O'Connor is the all-time top scorer in the All-Ireland Championship with 445 points from he 63 games that he has played
  • Stephen Cluxton holds the record for the most All-Ireland Championship appearances with 111 under his belt
  • More than 80,000 fans attended the final at Croke Park, which was double the attendance of the 2021 edition due to Covid restrictions

🏁 History of the All-Ireland Football Championship

When the GAA was founded in 1884, a set of official and formalised rules were drawn up for Gaelic Football. This precipitated a number of standardised and wildly popular inter-county matches through 1885 and 1886, with the All-Ireland Championship being borne as a result in 1887.

The inaugural championship concluded with a 21-a-side final between the Commercials of Limerick and Young Ireland’s of Louth, following an open draw which preceded the provincial format that was introduced in 1888.

In 1892, inter-country teams were introduced to the All-Ireland Championship, while competing sides were reduced from 21 to just 17-a-side. Since this date, the tournament has run continuously, carrying on even during the First and Second World wars.

In 1903, Kerry won the first of their 38 All-Ireland titles, with The Kingdom appearing in 61 of the 134 finals contested to date. Dublin actually won their first championship 12 years earlier in 1891, while they’ve appeared in 43 finals and claimed six consecutive titles between 2015 and 2020.

Since 2010, Kerry and Dublin have continued their historical dominance, winning 10 of the 12 championships available. Donegal (2012) and Tyrone (2021) are the two sides to buck this trend, while these teams have combined to win six All-Ireland Championships in total since 1887.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About All-Ireland Football Betting

The final thing that we are going to do in this sports betting guide is have a look at some common questions that are asked regarding the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Who Are the Favourites to Win the All-Ireland Championship?

Kerry are the favourites to win the 2023 All-Ireland Championship, while Dublin are not too far away.

Who Will Win the All-Ireland 2023 Football Championship?

This is not an easy prediction to make because there are always a number of shocks in this prestigious competition, but many would probably put their money on Kerry to win their 39th title. However, we would be tempted to back Dublin because from the last 10 editions, they have won it no fewer than seven times.

What County has Never Won an All-Ireland Football Championship?

There are a number of counties that have never won the All-Ireland Football Championship and these include London, Laois, Waterford, Antrim, Monaghan and Clare. They have all made it to at least one final, but fell at the last hurdle.

How Do You Bet on the All-Ireland Football Championship?

Betting on the All-Ireland Football Championship is as simple as betting on any other sporting event. All you need to do is:

  1. Log into your sports betting site and head over to the Gaelic football category
  2. Click on the All-Ireland Championship option and then click on the market that you would like to bet on
  3. It will be added to your betting slip, which should appear on the right, and then you need to decide how much money you would like to stake on it
  4. Once you are happy with your choices, click on submit, and you will have placed your bet

What Are the Odds for Limerick to Win the All-Ireland Championship?

Limerick are not given much chance of going on to win the 2023 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship as most of the top bookmakers have given them odds of 501.00 to win.

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