English Greyhound Derby (2021)

The English Greyhound Derby, known as the "Blue Riband" of the greyhound racing world, is a Category 1 race that has been held each year at Towcester Greyhound Stadium, Northamptonshire, since 2017. This stadium went into administration in 2018, and the race was held at Colwick Park in Nottingham. However, Towcester Stadium has since reopened and the 2021 English Greyhound Derby will be run there. This race has been taking place since 1927, and the first winner was Entry Badge, who earned his trainer £1000. Nowadays, the English Greyhound Derby winners get £175,000, which shows just how big a race it has become. In the following guide, we will discuss the English Greyhound Derby 2021 and you will learn more about English Greyhound Derby betting.

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Towcester Greyhound Derby Fixtures and Race Cards

The greyhound racing English Derby action will get underway on the 4th and 5th of June and there are qualifying rounds to determine the 6 greyhounds that will compete for the big prize in the English Greyhound Derby final 2021. This year, there will be a total of 192 of the best greyhounds from the United Kingdom and Ireland competing for just six spots in the grand finale. In the table below you can see the dates for each round leading up to the final.

First RoundFriday and Saturday4th and 5th of June
Second RoundFriday and Saturday11th and 12th of June
Third RoundSaturday19th of June
Quarter FinalsSaturday26th of June
Semi FinalsSaturday3rd July
FinalSaturday10th of July

The final will not be the only thing that you will be able to enjoy that weekend as the English Greyhound Derby will be part of a festival that starts on Friday and finishes on the Sunday. There will be a number of other greyhound races as well as plenty of entertainment to ensure things remain fun across the whole weekend. The full race card for the final weekend is not available yet, but as soon as it is we will add it here, so that you know what other races there will be for you to enjoy and do a spot of Towcester greyhound betting.

English Greyhound Derby Odds

Since the qualifying rounds have not started yet (see the table above for race dates), we obviously do not know the greyhounds that will be competing for the grand prize of £175,000. We will not know the final six until the 3rd of July, so as soon as we know the English Greyhound Derby heats results, we will provide you with a table of the final lineup with their odds from some of the best bookmakers as well as who their trainers are. Just like horse racing, the trainer can play a very important role in who goes on to win the race.

RunnersBookie 1Bookie 2Bookie 3Bookie 4Bookie 5Trainer

English Greyhound Derby Betting

As we explained above, the six greyhounds that run in the final have earned the right to compete for the top prize. These six final greyhounds have made it here from a total of 192 greyhounds, so you can only imagine what the odds were to start with. This is why you should consider placing an antepost bet on Towcester greyhound overall winner as the odds for each greyhound at the start of the qualifiers will be very tasty.

Greyhound races are short, with most being over in about half a minute, which means that there is not a large variety of English Derby Greyhound betting markets. However, greyhound racing is still a popular sport for people to bet on because of its speed and the fact that a lot of races are so close that a photo finish is needed to see which dog is the winner. This means that viewers are always sitting on the edge of their seats. Below we are going to provide you with some common Towcester greyhound bet markets that you can put your money on when betting on the Towcester Greyhound Derby.

Outright Betting

With an outright bet, what you are trying to do is predict the English Greyhound Derby winners. It is a really simple type of bet, one of the easiest in the sports betting world. The dog that you put your money on simply has to win the race in order for you to collect your winnings. If your dog finishes anywhere other than 1st place, you lose your wager.

Forecast Betting

With a forecast bet, you need to select two dogs that you believe will finish first and second in a certain order. In a greyhound race, unlike in a horse race, punters usually choose their dogs based on the trap they are running from and not their name, so if you bet on the dog in trap 1 to win the race the dog in trap 3 to come in second place, then this is what must happen in order for you to win your wager. If 3 wins and 1 comes second, it is close but no cigar.

Reverse Forecast

This is much like forecast betting with the major difference being that your chosen greyhounds do not have to finish in a certain order. If you choose trap 1 and trap 3 and they finish first and second in any order, you will win your wager. Obviously, as this is not as hard as the above forecast bet, the odds are not as high.

Tricast Bet

If you are feeling quite lucky, then you can place a tricast bet, which is a wager where you choose three greyhounds that will finish in first, second, and third. Once again, the greyhounds that you select need to finish in the exact same position that you predicted when placing your wager.

Each Way Tricast Bet

These are also called combination tricasts and with such a bet you can cover the tricast that you make. Since you will be paid if the 3 greyhounds that you choose come first, second, and third in any order, you will have to pay 6x your stake. So, if you decide to put a stake of £2 on an each way tricast wager, your total bet will cost £12.

Free Bets Offers

So, now that you know some of the common markets that you can bet on when trying to predict the English Derby winners greyhound, we are going to look at some free bets that you can claim so you can place some bets without having to risk any of your own money.

The majority of bookmakers now will offer potential new customers free bets as an incentive to get them to consider opening an account with them. Obviously, the more attractive a free bet is, the more chances there will be of new customers making the effort to register with them. A sportsbook that does not provide free bets is one that will not have a lot of bettors lining up to sign up, and they will soon go out of business.

Free bets are not all created equally, and there are some that are much better than others. Therefore, below we have decided to provide you with a table that gives some of the best sportsbooks around at the moment according to their free bets and the coverage they have for greyhound races.

You can obviously use these free bets on whatever greyhound event or sport that you like, but if you register with one of the aforementioned sportsbooks when the English Greyhound Derby is on, then we suggest that you use the free bets on this great sporting event.

English Greyhound Derby Free Bets
Bet365 €100 of bet creditsClaim Now
William HillPlace a stake of €10 on any sport and receive a free bet that is worth €40Claim Now
888sportPlace a €10 on a sport you like and get €30 worth of free betsClaim Now
BetVictorMake a €10 wager and you will be given free bets worth €30Claim Now
Unibet100% match bonus that goes up to €25Claim Now

N.B. Bookies are always looking for interesting ways to change their bonus so that they are more enticing and will attract sports bettors to sign up with them and not a rival. Therefore, there is the possibility that when you go to the site of one of the bookies that we spoke about in the table above that the bonus does not match. Unfortunately, we do not have enough extra time on our hands to keep up to date with constant bonuses changes. However, we would like to add that if they have changed their bonuses, it is likely that they are better than before.

English Greyhound Derby Tips

As we mentioned above, the trainer that a dog has can have a huge impact on how many races it wins. If you have taken the time to read our articles about horse racing betting, then you should already know this as horses that have been trained by trainers like A P O'Brien and Willie Mullins have a very good chance of winning.

Below we are going to have a look at the best trainers in the business at the moment. If you are considering gambling on the English Greyhound Derby, then some good Towcester greyhounds tips is to take the time to look at the trainers for each greyhound and then gather as much information about them as you can.

Seamus Cahill

Seamus Cahill often trains more than 100 dogs at a time, and at the time of writing he has close to 200 dogs under his command. In 2019, dogs that he trained competed in 1,575 races and 280 of them went on to be winners, meaning that he had a winning percentage of 17.78%. We would love to give you the stats for 2020, but there was little to no greyhound racing last year due to the pandemic. In 2017, he won the English Greyhound Derby for the first time when Astute Missile, who had odds of 28/1 shocked everyone by winning in a time of 28.92 seconds.

Mark Wallis

Mark Wallis has won the English Greyhound Derby twice (2009 and 2012) and currently trains around 150 greyhounds. In 2019, his dogs took part in 1,267 races and they won 226 of them, giving him a 17.84% winning percentage. He is considered by many to be one of the best greyhound trainers around, which can be seen from the fact that he won the Champion Trainer each year between 2012 and 2018.

Nick Savva

Anyone who knows anything about greyhound racing will have heard of Nick Savva as he is one of the biggest names in greyhound racing. He has picked up the English Greyhound Derby trophy four times and has regular winners in other races. In 2019 season, he landed 25 wins from 193 races, giving him a 12.95% winning percentage. He got 55 winners in 2018 and 80 in 2017, which is proof that he knows what he is doing.

Other Trainers to Look out For

Below we have given you a list of other very good trainers that you should keep an eye on. Once again, if you happen to be thinking about placing bets on greyhound racing, no matter what the event is, we really suggest that you think about putting money on one of their dogs:

  • Pat Rosney
  • Paul Hennessy
  • Pat Buckley
  • Carol Weatherall
  • Graham Holland
  • Patrick Janssens
  • Jim Brown
  • Barrie Draper


Below we have given you some very useful news about the English Greyhound Derby. We shall update the news section below whenever any important news is released regarding this race. However, the news is quite limited at the moment due to the fact that there are still a number of weeks before the qualifiers take place.

Biggest Greyhound Race in England

When it comes down to greyhound racing the Ireland and the UK, it is safe to say that the English Greyhound Derby is the biggest racing event in the greyhound calendar. There is a prize fund of £175,000 for this race, while the Irish Greyhound Derby has a prize fund of £125,000 and the Scottish Greyhound Derby has a £20,000 prize fund. The prize pool goes a long way to explaining the prestige of each race.

However, you might be surprised to hear that it is not the biggest greyhound race in the world. There is the Melbourne Cup in Australia that has a prize fund of $350,000, and the Association Cup and Sandown Cup that also take place in Australia and are worth $250,000 to the winners.

Uncertainty about Attendance

Due to the pandemic, we are not yet sure how many fans will be allowed into Towcester Stadium over the course of the weekend, or if any fans will be allowed in at all. We will only know for certain much closer to the time. If you are able to get tickets to go watch the action live, that is fantastic. However, if attendance is limited or you do not manage to get tickets, then there are a number of other great ways that you can keep up with the action and follow the English Greyhound Derby results.

Sky TV: If you have subscribed to Sky, then you can watch greyhound racing on Sky Channel 468.

Freeview: If you are not subscribed to Sky, then it is not a problem as you will be able to watch the English Greyhound Derby on Freesat 250.

Website: If you have neither a Sky subscription or Freeview TV, then you can simply go to www.ukdogracing.net and watch the race from there.

Bookies: Betting on greyhound races is so popular now that any bookmaker that is worth their salt will offer some live streams for the biggest races taking place in the greyhound world.

A Look Back at the 2020 English Derby

The English Greyhound Derby took place a little later than usual in 2020. The first round started on the 2nd of October and the final was held on the 31st of October. There were 96 runners to start with, and these were whittled down to 6 for the final. The final was dominated by Irish greyhounds with four of the six finalists being Irish trained dogs for the 2nd year in a row. The race was won by Deerjet Sydney, who finished the 500m in 29.38 seconds.

Below we have provided you with the full results table for the 2020 English Greyhound Derby:

Name of GreyhoundTrapOddsTimeTrainer
Deerjet Sydney211/429.38Pat Buckley
Ballydoyle Valor310/129.44Graham Holland
Coolavanny Chick613/229.68Noel Hehir
Smurfs Machine59/130.08Seamus Cahill
Southwood Jet17/4f30.22Richard Ree
Wolfe410/300.00Graham Holland

English Greyhound Derby Winners

We find it very interesting to have a look back at previous winners of huge races such as the English Greyhound Derby, which is why in the following table we are going to take a look at the ten previous winners of this great race.

YearName of GreyhoundOddsTimeTrainer
2011Taylors Sky7/4f28.17Charlie Lister
2012Blonde Snapper8/128.65Mark Wallis
2013Sidaz Jack6/128.37Charlie Lister
2014Salad Dodger16/128.38Bruno Berwick
2015Rio Quattro5/128.24Danny Riordan
2016Jaytee Jet15/8f28.22Paul Hennessy
2017Astute Missile28/128.92Seamus Cahill
2018Dorotas Wildcat2/128.85Kevin Hutton
2019Priceless Blake6/129.32Paul Hennessy
2020Deerjet Sydney11/429.38Pat Buckley


When is the English Greyhound Derby?

The English Greyhound Derby will take place on the 10th of July 2021. There will be a number of qualifiers before that to whittle down 192 greyhounds to the six that will compete in the final.

Where Does the English Greyhound Derby Take Place?

The English Greyhound Derby will take place at Towcester Stadium, which is in Northamptonshire.

How Much is the Prize Money?

The winner of this race will collect £175,000.

Which Bets Are Available for the English Greyhound Derby?

When you are betting on the English Greyhound Derby you will be able to make bets like an outright bet, a reverse forecast bet, a forecast bet as well as a tricast bet.

Who Will Win the English Greyhound Derby?

Unfortunately, we are not able to answer that question since we do not yet know the identities of the 6 dogs that will be competing.

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