Privacy Policy

Please take the time to read the important information on this page as it details your rights and informs you what our terms are when it comes down to how makes use of your personal information.

Just to clarify, for the rest of this page, we shall use the terms "our", "we", and "us" when referring to By reading this privacy policy, you agree to the outlined conditions whenever you make use of any services on our site.


We might refer to anyone reading this article as "user" or "users", "members", "followers" or "players".

Whenever we are talking about "personal data", we are referring to the identities of the information of the aforementioned.

The term "public area" refers to the whole website of

2. Information We Collect Via Our Services

Throughout our public area, we collect vital information regarding users wishing to use certain areas of the website. The processing of this information is done in two ways.

2.1 Using user information to improve your experience as well as the services at We do this by tracking your movements throughout our site so we can gather information as to what pages users visit the most.

2.2 The personal data and information that we might request are user's full name, email, age, address, and mobile number. Although providing us with this information is at your digression, sometimes it might be necessary for legal requirements such as confirming the age of those who want to use

2.3 Data is collected automatically at via the users' IP address which provides cookie information regarding the sites that the user has been on prior, during, and after their visit to We will have access to times, dates, and the I.P address uses via our services. We will then be able to use this information to interact with users via emailing to help better your experience.

2.4 Authorised services collect data that the user has openly shared with us, such as when they provide their details to subscribe to a newsletter. The services provided by will use this information which includes the member's ID, email, full name, date of birth, and gender. By using our authorised services, all users are giving us permission to store such details for later use and to improve our services as well as pass onto third parties should any legal matters pop up.

3. How the Information We Collect is Used will collect different pieces of data during the visit of users and below you we have detailed how this information is invulnerable to our services.

3.1 Operational Services

The information that we gain can be used to help in the operation, maintenance, and enhancement of the services we offer. It can help to assist with user requests, questions, comments, and recommendations regarding what can provide as an experience.

3.2 Service Improvements

The information we collect is used to help us get a better understanding of the trends that arise from the services that we offer. This can lead to new products, the updating of services that are not as popular, and an overall improvement in the user's experience.

3.3 Communications

The information collected can help us communicate with users solely for administrative purposes.

(a) Customer service issues such as the need to address infringement rights, complaints, or violations.

(b) Updating users regarding promotions and offers relating to the services offered by or additions third parties. You can opt out of these if you wish, and you can find more information in "Your Rights" (section 5).

3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

Information is collected automatically thanks to technology and cookies and can help us with the following:

(a) Personalized services so that you do not have to keep re-entering personal information to access our services.

(b) Customised advertising, information, and content.

(c) Marketing for third parties as well as monitoring the services of

(d) Tracking submissions and entries, logging statuses, and using promotions.

3.5 Analytics

We make use of extra Google Analytics to help us measure and evaluate the traffic to We must stress that we do not have any affiliation to Google and that they are independent to our services. The reports work both ways as Google is able to access these analytics to see the user activity on our site.

We take great care to protect all the information that is collected from each of our users. The information that will be share will be to resolve technical matters, but it will be non-identifiable.

4. Disclosure of Information

Below you can find the disclosure of data that the user has permitted us to make use of in the following circumstances:

4.1 Information Which is Unrestricted

This is information that is left voluntarily by the user in the public area of This includes leaving a message in the comment section that can be seen by us as well as other users.

4.2 Service Providers

Our site is worked on at times by third parties who are important for maintenance, hosting development as well as other services. They have access to the personal data, but the information will be limited to that which they need to help them perform whatever duties they need to carry out. They are contracted to keep any information that they come across secure.

4.3 Non Identifiable Information

Auto-collected information will be passed on to third parties in order to help in these areas:

(a) Compliances for reporting purposes.

(b) Marketing purposes.

(c) Relating user habit with content, pattern usage, services used, and function availability.

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance

Where necessary, we will hand over personal information if requested to by law to comply with subpoenas, court orders, warrants, or judicial practices. We will always cooperate with law enforcement and government personnel, and this covers the following:

(a) Precaution for liability.

(b) To protect ourselves from unlawfulness, fraudulent, and abusive activity.

(c) To defend ourselves against third party claims and allegations.

(d) Security for our services.

(e) Protection of our legal rights, property, and enforcements of contracts.

4.5 Change of Ownership

Should the ownership of our site change hands, whether through a sale, insolvency, or bankruptcy, then the information that we have gathered will be available to the new owners. However, the new owners will have to commit to their own privacy policy to ensure that your rights are not breached.

5. Your Rights

All our users can see the data that we have on them. If you want to see this information, you can send a request to us and we will send it to you. If you wish, you can also get in touch with us and ask that your personal information is changed or removed. If you feel that we have neglected your rights, then we suggest that you get in touch with a data protection official and they will help you formulate a legal case.

5.2 Analytical Information

Google Analytics is a useful tool that you can turn on and off in your settings. It is a simple thing to do.

5.3 Suspending Commercial Communication

You can make the decision to unsubscribe from commercial emails whenever you wish and the instructions you need to do so will be sent in an email. You can also get in contact with us and we will do it for you. Please note that it takes around ten business days for it to come into action. Although you will no longer receive commercial emails from us, you might still get emails about our services.

6. Third Party Services

We must stress here that we absolutely cannot be held responsible for the actions of third parties. We are also not responsible for any information that you hand over to third party sites or services. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for any of their actions even if their service is provided through us. We suggest that you take the time to learn a bit more about them before you decide to hand over any necessary information.

7. Privacy Shield complies with European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes to the use and retention of personal information. If there happens to be a conflict of interest with the GDPR, then they shall govern the inspection process.

8. Third Party Cookies

8.1 Cookie Functions Used at

Essential cookies: Thanks to these cookies you can access and move about our site. They also help you have a more personal experience.

Performance: We collect information in order to help us understand how our users make use of our site. Additionally, they help us to see any technical issues that arise so they can be fixed, ensuring as smooth a service as possible.

Function cookies: These memorise your login details and previous choices that you have made such as username, country of origin, and language. These cookies then tailor our site to your specific adjustments and can even remember image or font adjustments if you have changed them to meet your needs.

Behavioral targets cookies: These help us with adverts targeting, bringing you adverts with relevant interest.

9. Minors and Children's Privacy

We are all against underage gambling on this site, so we do not offer our support or services to those under the age of 18. We do not collect any personal information from minors unless the parents want us to for legal reasons. If you are underage, we kindly request that you leave our site. If you happen to be a parent or guardian and find out that your child has been making use of our services, please get in touch with us and we will delete any information that has been collected automatically. However, we cannot guarantee that all the data will be removed.

10. Data Security

When it comes down to protecting our users' rights and data, we follow gambling regulations to the letter. If it is in the shape of administrative, technical, or physical data, we make sure that all the required safeguards are put in place to protect our users from fraud. For example, we have SSL technology in place that encrypts data during transmission.

Although we have a number of measures in place to ensure user safety, there is no such thing as 100% safety which means that any information our users give to us is done at so at their own risk. If there is any breach of your own personal data, we will contact you right away as well as the relevant authorities so that they can deal with the issue according to the applicable laws. If you feel that we have missed a breach, please get in touch with us using the "Contact Us" page.

11. Data Retention

The data we collect is only kept for a certain amount of time and only as long as we need it. Once we are satisfied that the data has met all our targets and that it will not be needed for legal matters, it will be deleted. We will keep all data that has been used for legal cases in order to comply with our legal obligations.

12. Settings

You are well within your rights to change or adjust privacy settings, but you must remember that no security measure is completely impenetrable. We are not responsible for any security breach that could threaten our security measures on our sites and services.

13. Data Transfer

The data that is provided via the services that we offer to third parties located in the European Union might not have the same security levels, so we cannot be held accountable for any issues that arise with them. We transfer data with the best security measures, but we would be lying if we told you that we can guarantee 100% security.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor is the Data Controller when it comes to how the European Union's GDPR is classified under the regulation 2016/679. This means any data that contains personal information will be controlled by and we will determine how the information is used and why., with exception, has no power over the actions of third parties when it comes to the storage and usage of personal information. Having said this, might have sub-contractors who might use the data on behalf of in connection with the services offers to our users.

15. Changes and Updates to This Policy

Privacy laws are always changing, so there could come a change when you realise that we have altered our policies to match all of the latest requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you come back to this page regularly so that you can keep yourself updated on your legal rights.

By reading this privacy policy page and carrying on making use of the services we offer, you are declaring that you fully understand and agree with all of the terms and conditions that we laid out.

16. How to Contact Us

If you have some questions, concerns, or interest about our policy, then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Last updated: April 19th 2021.