Here is Everything That You Need to Know about a Trixie Bet

In the following article we are going to take a look at what a Trixie bet is. We will explain to you what it is, how it works, and give an example to help clear things up. To start with, this type of bet might seem a bit complicated for inexperienced sports betting fans, but we are sure that this guide will help clear things up for you. We will also provide a list of some of the best Trixie bet bookies around.

What is a Trixie Bet?

When a punter comes across the words "Trixie bet" for the first time, they usually ask the following question, "What is it?" Well, luckily, that is pretty simple to explain. A Trixie bet is a wager that is made up of four bets (three doubles and one treble) from 3 different sporting events. This type of bet has been around for hundreds of years and can be used when betting on a variety of sports. When it comes to system bets, a Trixie bet is actually one of the easiest to get to grips with as the number of combinations and number of events are the smallest.

A Trixie bet, explained as simply as possible, is three selections that have been combined four times, meaning that there are four stakes per bet. Therefore, if we went ahead and place a €3 bet, the total stake of our bet would be €12. To see any type of return, you need to get at least two selections right.

What Are the Best Bookmakers to Place Trixie Bets At?

3Mr Green Sport
4Spin Sports
5Red​bet Sport
622 Bet
7William Hill

How Exactly Does a Trixie Bet Work?

There are two basic rules when it comes to Trixie betting and these are:

  1. You are not allowed to bet on multiple outcomes from the same event
  2. You are not allowed to bet on events from different sports

So, this means that you cannot, for example, bet on what the correct score will be in a football game and then bet on how many corners there will be in the same game. Once again, please keep in mind that the stake that you enter on the betting slip will always be multiplied by four, so place your stake accordingly.

An Example of a Trixie Bet

To help give you a better idea as to what a Trixie bet really is, we are going to provide you with an example. To do this, the best thing to do is to take three games from the English Premier League. Considering that a Trixie bet is made up of four bets on three games, we will put down €5 per bet, for a stake of €20.

The games that we have chosen are:

  • Everton v Manchester United (2 and odds of 1.83)
  • Chelsea v Leicester (1 and odds of 1.85)
  • Leeds v Aston Villa (x and odds of 3.20)

If these matches are played and, for example, Manchester United won and Aston Villa drew, while Leicester won, we will have got two predictions right. In this scenario, our winnings would be as follows: 5 x 3.20 x 1.83 = €29.28. Therefore, as we staked €20, we would be making a profit of €9.28. As you can see, we are still making a profit even with a bit of our bet losing. If everything that we predict comes in, then the profits will look a lot better:

  • Three winning double bets = €75.81
  • One winning treble bet = €54.17

Therefore, if everything comes in, the overall winnings would be €129.98, for a total profit of €109.98. If this was to happen, we would have more than quadrupled our initial stake, which is not bad for a day’s work.

To Sum Up

So, we know that for the uninitiated, a Trixie bet might be a bit confusing at first, but we believe that we have provided you with all you need know about this type of bet. We are extremely confident that you now have the skills to log into your sportsbook account and place your very first Trixie bet. Just remember that your stake will always be multiplied by four. We know we have mentioned this a couple of times, but it is something that is very important to remember. Good luck!

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