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A Heinz bet is a type of bet that derives its name from the fact that it is 57 single bets combined into one bet. Forming part of our betting guide series you will learn everything that you need to know about a Heinz bet as well as the best Irish bookies to place these kinds of bets.

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What is a Heinz Bet?

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A Heinz bet is known as a full cover bet due to the fact that doubles, trebles, and accumulators are formed. Each of the 57 bets is an individual wager in its own right, which means that every single one needs to have its own stake. Therefore, when you place this type of bet you will often find that the initial stake is quite higher. For instance, if you place a €2 Heinz bet, your total stake will be €114.

How is a Heinz bet broken down exactly? Well, there will be fifteen doubles, twenty trebles, fifteen four-folds, six five-folds, and one six-fold, which gives a total of 57 individual bets.

The bets that you add to a Heinz wager are multiples, meaning that the money from the first section will be placed on the second, and so on. Thus, if one of the legs in an individual multiple goes on to lose, the whole bet loses. However, this does not mean that the whole Heinz bet is over and that you will see no type of return. No, if you manage to get at least two selections right, then there is a good chance that you will win some money. However, with just two selections right, it is highly unlikely that you will make any profit. There is no rule that states how many selections you have to get correct to make a profit as this depends on the betting odds of the selections you choose. However, if the odds are all the same price, then the example that we provide below can give you some type of indication as to what you can expect.

Let us pretend that you bet €1 on a Heinz horse racing bet for a total stake of €57. Each horse that you choose has odds of 4.00.

No selections win: €0 return and you loss €57

One selection wins: €0 return and you loss of €57

Two selections win: €16 return and you loss €41

Three selections win: €112 return and you make a profit of €55

Four selections win: €608 return and you make a profit of €551

Five selections win: €3,104 and you make a profit of €3,047

Six selections win: €15,600 and you make a profit of €15,543

As a general rule, three winning selections will often allow you to break even, while four or above will see you make some type of profit. If you manage to get all your selections right, you will be walking away a very happy punter indeed.

A Heinz Bet Example

To help give you a clearer understanding of what a Heinz bet is, we are going to give you some examples. The first one will be a winning horse racing Heinz bet, while the second will be a lost Heinz football bet.

Winning Heinz Bet

Since every bet that makes up a Heinz bet is a multiple, you can end up with some very large odds. To see how, take a close look at the example below.

  • Spend a Penny - 2.50
  • King's Knee- 1.72
  • Arnie the Time Traveler - 4.00
  • Fine Collar - 1.62
  • Kollar Silly - 2.80
  • Stripy Leopard - even money

You decide to place €1 on each horse for a total stake of €57. If all six horses go on to win, you will get a return of €1407.36 from your €57 wager. But, where does the big money come into play? Well, that can roll in when your accumulator is in business. The 6-fold acca from the example above will give you a return of €156.25 from your €1 stake. However, please keep in mind that this is the type of bet that has a high risk as you need all six selections to win if you are to win.

Losing Heinz Bet

We cannot give you all examples of a losing Heinz bet here as we just do not have enough time or space. However, the example that you will find below will give you a clearer idea as to how your losing selections will have a negative impact on your Heinz bet. There are many different scenarios that can happen with a Heinz bet, so things will sometimes get a bit complicated. Thus, you should always consider using a betting calculator to test out different scenarios such as all six selections winning to having one or two selections lose.

However, even this is not foolproof because things will be different if Team B lost or if Team D lost as both teams will have different odds.

  • Palace - 2.50
  • Newcastle - 4.00
  • West Ham - 1.58
  • Aston Villa - 2.10
  • Brighton - 2.50
  • West Brom 1.72

Like with the horse racing bet above, you have put down a €1 stake for a total wager of €57.

If all six of the above teams won, you would get a return in the region of €1322.35. However, if Newcastle lost, then the returns would drop to €256.14. However, if West Ham (the team with the lowest odds) was the team that lost, you would still get a return of €504.01. Therefore, this helps to highlight the importance of odds. If West Brom and West Ham both lose, then the return to you will be €177.78. However, if Villa and Newcastle are the two losing teams, the returns will just be €77. However, please keep in mind that your real profit does not include the stake, so your profit in this final scenario would be a mere €20.

Is It Easy to Place a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet can be a little confusing to those coming across this type of bet for the first time but making such a bet is a relatively simple process. Below we have outlined the process for if you would like to place on in the future.

  1. Enter your sportsbook account and select a sport to make a Heinz bet for
  2. Once you have made up your mind, make your six choices, and add to your betting slip
  3. On your betting slip, find the Heinz box and enter the wager you want to bet (remember it will be multiplied by 57)
  4. If you are content with your selections and stake, confirm the bet

Tips for Heinz Betting

When you are thinking of making a Heinz bet, you should always take the time to assess the odds. Do you place your money on the favourites to try and increase your chances of winning some money, or do you decide to bet on some underdogs to increase your winnings? If you choose the higher odds, then you will be able to get a bit of a guarantee against your initial stake.

If just two of your selections are victorious, will that be enough to cover your initial stake if the two winners are those with the smallest odds? Since you are placing a 57x stake wager, it is difficult to cover it fully. However, choosing higher odds does at least help you to limit your losses.


Is a Heinz Bet Worth It?

A Heinz bet is the more exciting way to place multiple bets at once since it increases your chances of winning. However, you need to remember that it requires a higher stake. Therefore, when you are thinking of making such a bet, you need to weigh up whether the increased chances of winning is worth the higher wager.

Is an Each Way Heinz Bet Possible?

An each way Heinz bet is definitely possible, and it is very easy to do so. All you have to do is select your chosen sport and then decide on your six selections. Once these have been added to your bet slip, click the permutations tab on your betting slip and add your "per bet" wager in the Heinz section. Before you submit your wager, click on the each way box next to your six different permutations. Please remember that this will be more expensive than an original Heinz bet.

Which Betting Scenario Calls for a Heinz Bet?

If you are looking for very high returns, then a Heinz bet should be quite appealing to you. Yes, you can get high returns with a 6-fold accy, but you would need to get all of the selections right in order to see any return on your money. With a Heinz bet, you will see a return if you get two selections right, but we must stress that you will not usually see a profit with just two selections right.

What Does a Heinz Bet Consist of?

A Heinz bet is made up of 57 individual bets on 6 different selections. There are 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds, and 1 6-fold accumulator. Since there are basically 57 individual bets, your final stake will be multiplied by 57. In other words, if you place a €1 Heinz bet, the total stake will be €57.

Author: Orla Byrne,

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