Eurovision Betting Guide 2023: Odds, Tips & Predictions

The iconic Eurovision Song Contest is back with the final taking place on the 13th of May in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Ukraine, predictably so, won the 2022 edition, but they cannot host it due to obvious reasons. With the 67th edition of this competition just around the corner, we'll have a look at the current odds at the best bookmakers and provide you with some top Eurovision betting tips.

💯 Eurovision 2023 Odds

The two semi-finals will take place on the 9th and 11th of May, with 10 countries from each semi-final advancing to the final. The "Big Five", who are Germany, France Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, have automatically qualified, while Ukraine, as the reigning champions, will also not need to go through the qualification process.

The top sportsbooks allow their punters to bet on this popular competition, and in the table below you can find the current Eurovision betting odds that some of the best bookmakers available to Irish Eurovision fans are offering. We have provided you with the odds for the top 20 countries according to the bookies because anyone after that has little chance of winning.

Czech Republic66.00N/A84.10N/A80.0080.00

🔮Eurovision 2023 Prediction

Eurovision 2023The most popular singing competition is back, but who will go on to win the bragging rights this year? Read our prediction to find out more.
Eurovision 2022The most popular betting options for Eurovision this year are Ukraine, Italy and Sweden. Who will win this this years international song contest? Read our prediction to find out more.

🏆 Best Betting Sites for Eurovision 2023

If you are going to try and take advantage of the above Eurovision odds 2023 and place bets on this year's event, it is important that you know more about the best betting sites. In the following table you can find the top Eurovision bookmakers and what sets them apart from their main rivals.

☘️ Best Eurovision Betting Site:


🎁 Best Free Bet Offer:

Palm Slots Sports

🎵 Best Competitive Odds:


🎤 Best Market Variety:


💯 Best User-Friendly Site:


🎶 Best Live Betting Site:


1️⃣ TonyBet


TonyBet is a sportsbook that has been in existence for more than two decades now, which indicates just how good they are. If you are after plenty of variety when betting on events such as Eurovision, then TonyBet will not disappoint you since they offer plenty of markets that you can try your luck on. For example, you can bet on the following:

  • The Top Big Five Country
  • The Outright Winner
  • The Winner of Each Semi-Final
  • The Top Baltic Country
  • The Top Nordic Country
  • Whether a Country Will Qualify for the Final

Those who sign up to TonyBet can claim a welcome offer where your first deposit will be 100% matched up to the value of €100. So, if you register with them ahead of the 2023 Eurovision, you can get some extra money to use on your Eurovision wagers. Please remember to read the T&Cs that apply before you go ahead and claim any sort of bonus.

2️⃣ BoyleSports


BoyleSports is one of the most recognisable Eurovision betting sites in Ireland and is one that covers a wide selection of entertainment events. They know just how popular this competition is in Ireland, so they offer their punters a nice variety of markets and competitive odds for this event. They also provide Eurovision news and betting tips, so make sure you give those a read before you go ahead and bet on this year's competition.

If you do decide to open an account with BoyleSports, then you can claim €40 in free bets once you have deposited and placed a wager of at least €10. The free bet money is split as follows - €30 for sports betting and €10 for their online casino.

3️⃣ Palm Slots Sports


This is another top Irish-based sports betting site that many punters from the Emerald Isle have already registered with in order to bet on their favourite sports and entertainment events. While they do not offer a wide variety of betting markets for Eurovision, they make up for this by offering some top Eurovision song contest 2023 odds and bonuses that can be used to bet on the country that you think will go on to claim the glory.

If you decide to register with Palm Slots Sports, then they will match your first deposit 100% up to the tune of €100. This means that you will be able to place some free bets on this music competition without you having to put any of your own money on the line.

4️⃣ Sportaza


Sportaza is based in Curacao, but they are more than happy to accept players from the Emerald Isle. They have become very popular among Irish punters due to the fact that they are not shy when it comes to market variation and offering very competitive odds. It must be said that they are a little bit limited in their market variation for the 2023 Eurovision since they only allow you to place wagers on the outright winner, but at least their odds cannot be sniffed at.

What is the welcome bonus that they are currently offering? Well, they will be happy to match your very first deposit 100% up to the value of €100. This is a nice way to try and get your Eurovision Song Contest betting off to a great start. It goes without saying that you should read the terms and conditions that apply before you claim this bonus offer.

5️⃣ Betway


Betway is one of the best sports betting sites in the world, so it should come as no great surprise to find out that they are a great place to go and make your Eurovision 2023 predictions. Not only are they not shy when it comes to the Eurovision latest odds that they are offering, but they also offer a nice variety of markets for this big music event such as the outright winner, top Big Five, top Balkan, top Scandinavian, and top Baltic.

In order to entice punters to open an account with them, your first bet is on the house. Place a wager of up to €50 on any event - in this case we would imagine it would be on Eurovision - and if your bet goes on to be a losing one, you will get your stake back, up to the value of €50, in the shape of a free bet.

6️⃣ LegendPlay


LegendPlay first started out as an online casino, but they decide to chance their arm in the sports betting world, and they have had plenty of success. They owe a lot of their success to the fact that it is a very user-friendly site - you will have no issues navigating and placing wagers if you open an account with LegendPlay. In addition to this, they are happy to offer a variety of markets and competitive odds for big events such as the Eurovision. They really do know how to compete with the big boys.

Those who decide that LegendPlay is a sports betting site that they want to open an account with will see their first deposit matched 100% up to the value of €250. So, if you decide to deposit €250 straight up, you will receive an extra €250 that you can use to bet on the 2023 Eurovision.

N.B. If you would like to find out more information about any of the above Eurovision bookies, then please feel free to head over to our bookmakers reviews page, where you can find in-depth reviews for them all. Our reviews have been written by experts who have many years of experience in the industry, so they definitely know what they are talking about.

📑 How to Bet on the Eurovision 2023

At this stage in our Eurovision betting guide, you might already know the sportsbook that you want to open an account with so that you can start placing wagers on this great competition. However, before you go ahead and start placing your bets, let us have a look at the most popular Eurovision markets.

📌 Outright Betting on the Winner

This is the most popular type of Eurovision wager, and all that you are doing is putting your money on the nation that you think will eventually go on to lift the trophy. As you can see from the odds above, Sweden are the current favourites, with Finland not being too far behind. What about the current champions, Ukraine? Well, they are the third favourites, but their odds are much higher than the two aforementioned nations.

📌 Top Balkan Country

Sometimes you might find it difficult to pick an outright winner, so the top sports betting sites give you a chance to narrow things down a bit. For instance, you will be able to put your money on the Balkan nation that you think will come out on top - they do not even have to win or come anywhere close to winning, so long as they finish at the top of the Balkan pile. The Balkan countries competing in this year's event are:

  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Romania

📌 Top Five

Another popular market for Eurovision bettors is wagering on a country to finish in the top five - some bookmakers will even allow you to put money on the top 10. This is a great market for betting on those nations that you think will do pretty well, but you are not sure as to whether they will go on to win the trophy.

📌 Jury Betting

This is a bet on the country that you think will get the most points from the juries in the final. With such a bet, it is worth remembering that there is usually a bit of political voting, with neighbouring countries voting for each other. For example, both Greece and Cyprus love to give each other maximum points.

🎵 Eurovision Betting Tips

While knowing the different betting markets that you can put your money on is very useful, it is something else to make use of them successfully. Fortunately, we have plenty of knowledge in this field, so below we have provided you with some top Eurovision betting tups that can help you to make educated bets and increase your chances of winning.

✔️ Do Not Rush Your Outside Bets

If you intend on betting on the country that you think will go on to win the 2023 edition of Eurovision, then we suggest that you try to strike a balance with the timing of your wager. For instance, while betting early can give you the chance to bet with slightly better odds, the field is still quite large - it will only decrease after the semi-finals have taken place on the 9th and 11th of May.

By the time that the final has come around, the outright odds will have shortened a bit based off of punter activity and the fact that there will be fewer competitors - there will be 26 nations battling it out in the Grand Final. Keep a close eye on the odds and make use of a sportsbooks resources to place more informed bets, while making use of the each-way betting option to decrease your risk exposure.

✔️ Tailor Your Bet to the Risk Level

When betting on the outright winner or the nation that will finish at the bottom of the pile, you are placing a risky bet due to the fact that there will be 25 other countries that could end up ruining your bet. This competition, apart from the 2022 edition, usually has an unpredictable nature, so you will have to manage your bankroll properly to ensure that each wager is tailor made to suit the odds on offer and the level of risk.

For instance, if you decide to put money on outright outcomes with extended odds, you should put down a smaller stake in order to strike a nice balance between risk and reward. Or, if you are betting on a short-priced favourite or doing some each-way betting, you can increase your stake to try and optimize your potential returns.

✔️ Study Past Form and Popularity in Country

It is easy to forget the cultural importance that the Eurovision Song Contest has in some parts of Europe, and those countries that take this competition seriously usually do pretty well at it. One need only look at Sweden as a great example of this - A quick glance at the history books will reveal that Sweden is the second most successful nation ever with six wins under their belt, while, as you can see from the odds table above, they are the favourites to win this time.

Before you make your selections, we recommend that you study the history of the Eurovision Song Contest and its form, while also making sure that you have an understanding of the geopolitical relationships that can influence voting.

🎁 Top Free Bets Offers for Eurovision 2023

The sports betting world is very competitive, and in order for a sports betting site to survive and have any type of success, they need to stick out like a proverbial sore thumb. One way to stand out is to offer top Eurovision free bets offers that potential new customers will find hard to walk away from.

Below you can find a table with the free bets that some of the best Eurovision sports betting sites are currently offering.

Bet €10 and receive €40
100% deposit match up to €100
100% deposit match up to €100
Get up to €50 in free bets
100% deposit match up to €100
100% deposit match up to €250

N.B. Sportsbooks are regularly changing their bonuses as a means to keep things nice and fresh and to always stay a step ahead of their main competitors. Therefore, there is a possibility that the bonuses above will not be the same when/if you go to register with any of them. We apologise if this ends up causing you any kind of inconvenience, but we are sure that the replacement bonus will be as good.

🏁 Eurovision Past Winners

History is something that can give a good insight into what might happen in the next edition of a competition, and predicting the outcome of the 2023 Eurovision is no different. To relive last year's winning performance, check out the video below. Underneath the video we have provided you with a table that shows all of the winners from 2015 to 2022.

2015 Vienna Sweden Heroes Mans Zelmerlow
2016 Vienna Ukraine 1944 Jamala
2017 Kiev Portugal Amar Pelos Dois Salvador Sobral
2018 Lisbon Israel Toy Netta
2019 Tel Aviv Netherlands Arcade Duncan Lawrence
2020Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
2021 Rotterdam Italy Zitti e Buoni MÃ¥neskin
2022 Turnin Ukraine Stefania Kalush Orchestra

📑 Eurovision 2023 Format

The Eurovision Song Contest is made up of three live shows - these are two semi-finals that take place on a Tuesday and Thursday, and a final that happens on the following Saturday. The acts perform in front of a live audience and the three shows are presented in English and French by international presenters.

At the end of each semi-final, there is a televoting and national jury voting to determine the 10 nations that will qualify from each one, while the televoting and national jury in the final will be used to determine the outright winner. You can find out more about the voting system in the next section of our guide.

🔍 Voting for Eurovision 2023

This competition has been plagued in past years with allegations of geopolitical voting and corruption, which comes as no surprise when you see neighbouring countries gifting each other maximum points, regardless of whether the song is any good. Due to such allegations, the voting system has undergone many changes over the years to try and make it fairer.

How does the voting system work? Well, after all 26 countries have performed, each nation will be required to award two sets of one to eight, ten, and 12 points to their top ten songs (excluding themselves). The presence of two separate votes reflects the recent changes to the contest, with one verdict delivered by a jury of five music industry professionals and another by viewers who are watching at home. Viewers are able to vote by telephone, SMS, and the official Eurovision app, while there will be a limited window in which individuals can cast their votes.

🎤 A Brief History of Eurovision

This unique event first emerged at the dawn of the 1950s, while the actual word ‘Eurovision’ was originally coined by UK journalist George Campey in the London Evening Standard in 1951. Five years later, seven countries participated in the first ever Eurovision Song Contest: namely Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The UK made their debut the following year, while Sweden (1958), Spain (1961) and Ireland (1965) also begun to participate as the event grew in popularity.

In addition to being the most successful Eurovision nation of all-time, Ireland also has the distinction of being the only country to win the event in three consecutive years (in 1992, 1993 and 1994). However, their subsequent win in 1996 with Eimear Quinn’s ‘The Voice’ remains the country’s last triumph, with this the longest drought since their first ever win in 1970.

2007 was also a notable year, as it saw Serbia become the first country to win during its debut. No country has matched this feat since, while this is unlikely to change any time soon.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Eurovision Betting

Who is the Favourite to Win Eurovision 2023?

Sweden are the favourites to win the 2023 Eurovision, and by some distance as well.

Where is the 2023 Eurovision Going to Be Held?

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be held at the Liverpool Arena in Liverpool, England.

Who Won the Last Eurovision Song Contest?

The last Eurovision Song Contest was won by Ukraine - the band was called the Kalush Orchestra and their song was called "Stefania".

Which Country Has Won the Most Eurovision Contests?

Ireland is the most successful Eurovision Song Contest country with no fewer than seven titles to our name. If Sweden live up to their favourite tags, then they will also join us on seven.

Are Eurovision Odds Accurate?

Yes, they are accurate as they have been provided by some of the top sports betting sites out there. However, just because they are accurate it does not mean that they will be 100% correct - that is the beauty of such a singing contest.

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