Epsom Derby and Oaks Betting (2022)

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The Epsom Derby Festival in Surrey, England, is one of the most popular horse racing betting festivals in the world. It takes place over the course of two days - the big race on Day One is the Epsom Oak Stakes, while the big race on Day Two is Cazoo Epsom Derby. This guide will reveal all.

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💯 Epsom Derby Betting Odds and Runners

Desert Crown9/42/12/12/19/4M. Stoute
Stone Age3/19/43/13/111/4A. P. O'Brien
Changingoftheguard7/18/17/115/28/1A. P. O'Brien
Piz Badile10/110/110/110/19/1D. A. P. O'Brien
Star Of India14/116/112/114/112/1A. P. O'Brien
United Nations14/112/114/114/114/1A. P. O'Brien
Walk Of Stars16/114/114/116/116/1C.Appleby
Point Lonsdale20/114/120/120/116/1A. P. O'Brien
Royal Patronage20/125/1N/A25/125/1C. & M. Johnston
Westover20/120/116/8116/114/1R. Beckett
Eydon20/120/120/116/116/1R. Varian
Nahanni20/125/125/120/120/1C. Appleby
Cash25/120/116/125/120/1D. Simcock
Buckaroo25/125/125/125/122/1J. P. O'Brien
New London33/116/116/125/125/1C. Appleby
Bluegrass40/150/1N/A33/150/1A. P. O'Brien
Claymore40/125/133/133/133/1D R Lanigan
Temple Of Artemis40/150/140/150/133/1A. P. O'Brien
Duke De Sessa50/133/140/140/140/1D. K. Weld
Eldar Eldarov50/140/140/133/150/1R. Varian
Lysander50/150/150/150/140/1W. Haggas
Masekela50/150/1N/A40/150/1A. Balding
West Wind Blows50/133/140/150/166/1S. & E. Crisford
El Bodegon66/133/116/150/150/1J. Ferguson
Waterville66/150/140/150/150/1A. P. O'Brien
Dillian66/166/133/150/166/1M. Bell
Ivy League66/133/150/150/150/1A. P. O'Brien
Lionel66/166/166/166/133/1D. Menuisier
Sir Bob Parker66/166/150/150/150/1D. Menuisier
Sonny Liston66/150/1N/A66/150/1C. Hills
Glory Daze66/150/166/166/166/1 A. Oliver
Grand Alliance66/140/150/150/150/1C. Fellowes
Zechariah100/1100/1100/1100/1100/1M. Meade
Hoo Ya Mal100/140/150/150/150/1A. Balding
Magisterial100/150/116/166/166/1J. & T. Gosden
Mr Mccann100/166/1N/A100/1100/1H. Palmer
Franz Strauss100/150/150/150/166/1J. & T. Gosden
Green Team100/1100/166/166/166/1O. Burrows
White Wolf100/150/166/1100/166/1S. Suroor
Savvy Victory150/1100/1100/1100/1125/1 S. P. C. Woods
Sea Stone200/1200/1100/1100/1100/1I. Mohammed

As the Epsom derby odds tables above and below show, there are plenty of events over the two days to keep bettors highly entertained. Not only can the jockeys, owners, and trainers make a lot of money over these two days of racing, but so can you if you do your homework before placing your money on a runner to win.

In the following section of this guide, we are going to provide you with Epsom Derby tips as well as Epsom Oaks tips that can definitely come in handy when you sit down to think about what horses you want to bet on at this gala.

However, before we give you these useful tips, we are going to provide you with an odds table for Epsom Oaks. In this table, you will find the odds for the runners as well as who trains each of the participating horses. It is always wise to take a look at who the favourites for a race are and who they have been trained by as a good trainer can be the difference between winning or losing a race.

Runners and odds naturally change as the event gets closer. We do our best to reflect any changes and update this table of odds in the run up to the event.

⭐ Epsom Oaks Betting Odds and Runners

We are also providing you with an Epsom Oaks odds table for the other big race of the event. This race is for fillies that are three years old, and it is the second oldest race out of the five classics, with the oldest classic being St Leger. Once again, below you can find a table with all the runners and their odds of winning from five of the best betting sites around (we will update it closer to the time) for Oaks betting.

Emily Upjohn11/811/811/85/45/4J. & T. Gosden
Tuesday9/27/24/14/17/2A. P. O’Brien
With The Moonlight9/19/18/17/16/1C. Appleby
Concert Hall11/18/110/110/110/1A. P. O’Brien
Nashwa11/112/111/110/110/1J. & T. Gosden
Tranquil Lady12/112/112/112/112/1J. P. O’Brien
Inspiral14/1N/A12/112/110/1J. & T. Gosden
Above The Curve14/114/114/112/1N/AJ. P. O’Brien
Thoughts Of June16/116/114/112/110/1A. P. O’Brien
Rogue Millennium16/114/116/1N/A16/1T. Clover
History20/116/116/112/112/1A. P. O’Brien
Magical Lagoon20/116/116/114/114/1J. Harrington
Agave20/18/120/112/1N/AA. Fabre
Life Of Dreams20/116/116/116/112/1C. Appleby
Emotion25/125/125/114/125/1J. & T. Gosden
Toy25/125/125/120/120/1A. P. O’Brien
Only33/133/125/125/133/1A. P. O’Brien
Over The Rainbow33/133/133/133/133/1A. P. O’Brien
Mise En Scene40/133/133/133/133/1J. Ferguson
Ottilien40/133/133/133/133/1D. Menuisier
Perotan40/133/140/140/140/1A. P. O’Brien
Kawida50/133/140/133/133/1E. Walker
Ching Shih50/150/150/140/133/1D. Simcock
Suspicious50/140/150/150/140/1R. Beckett
The Algarve50/150/140/140/133/1A. P. O’Brien
Eclat De Lumiere50/133/150/125/125/1D. K. Weld
Oblong Song50/150/140/133/133/1R. Varian
Remembering50/140/150/150/150/1W. Haggas
West Coast66/133/140/133/133/1A. P. O’Brien
Luna Dorada66/166/166/133/133/1R. Beckett
Emily Dickinson66/150/1N/A50/150/1A. P. O’Brien
Arion66/140/150/150/150/1H. Palmer
Grian An Tsamhra66/150/150/150/150/1J. S. Bolger
Moon De Vega 66/150/150/150/150/1R. Beckett
Perfect Alibi66/150/150/150/150/1W. Haggas
Peripatetic66/140/150/140/140/1R. Varian
River Rain66/150/150/133/133/1J. P. O’Brien
Champagne100/150/150/133/133/1A. P. O’Brien
Twinkle100/150/150/150/150/1A. P. O’Brien
Morning Poem100/166/166/133/133/1J. & T. Gosden
Cet Horizon100/140/166/166/166/1W. Haggas
Divine Jewel100/166/166/166/166/1R. Varian
Flash Bulb100/166/150/150/150/1J. P. O’Brien
Pawapuri100/150/150/150/150/1W. Haggas
Tamilla100/166/166/166/166/1W. Haggas

🏆 The Best Epsom Derby and Oaks Betting Sites

The Epsom Derby and Oaks happens to be one of the biggest races in the United Kingdom, so it is only natural that you can find odds and markets for it at the majority of sportsbooks. It would be foolish of a sportsbook to completely ignore these big races as there is a chance for them to earn a lot of money because so many horse racing fans place bets on it. However, while you can partake in Epsom Derby betting at most bookies, some bookmakers are much better than others, so below we have provided you with five bookmakers that we feel are the best around at the moment when it comes to betting on the Epsom Derby and Oaks.

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🎁 Best Free Bet Offer:


📈 Best Stats & Tips:


💯 Best Odds Builder:

William Hill

📡 Best Live & In-Play Betting:


1️⃣ BoyleSports


There is a plethora of sports betting sites that Irish horse racing fans can open an account with, but it is fair to say that BoyleSports is the one that all Irish punters should take some time to look at more closely. This bookmaker is 100% Irish, which means that they know exactly what it is that Irish bettors are looking to get from their Epsom Derby betting experience. If you are searching for a place where you can put down bets on this Derby and other big events, then we are sure BoyleSports racing will satisfy all of your needs.

What is it that makes BoyleSports such a great site for Epsom Oaks betting? Well, one of the major reasons why they are so good is the fact that they offer their customers top-quality bonuses for horse racing that you can use on whatever available race you like. One of their best bonuses is the "Best Odds Guarantee" promo, which is one where if you make a bet a few days before a race is scheduled to start, and then you see that your chosen horse has better odds when the race is due to start, then they will payout according to the highest odds if your horse wins. Also, every race has a favourite, and if you make a bet and your chosen horse finishes second to the favourite, then you get your wager back in the form of a free bet. So, before you go and fill your slip for Epsom Derby and Oaks betting, we do suggest that you take a look at the different promos that are available.

If their bonuses did not make them appealing enough, then maybe the fact that they have a really good live streaming feature will. When you bet on a big event at BoyleSports, you will be able to cheer on your horse using their live stream service.

2️⃣ Betway


When you are thinking about placing wagers on races, whether that race is the Epsom Derby betting or another big race, another sportsbook that we recommend all horse racing lovers to take a look at is Betway. They offer their customers a big variety of markets and will never skimp on their odds when it comes to huge races. Once the Derby and Oaks have come and gone, they will have markets and competitive odds for all the other top races as well as those that are not that well known.

Betway, much like BoyleSports, also offers a variety of top racing promos that their bettors can take advantage of including for Epsom Oaks betting. For example, when we were writing this, they were offering up a "Best Odds Guaranteed" promotion, which, if you have paid attention above, you will know is a promo where you will get paid according to the highest odds should your chosen runner win the race. They also have a brilliant "Enhance Combo Wins" promo, where you can win 60% more on top of your winnings. For example, if you win a wager with two selections, Betway will add 2% onto your winnings, while if you win a wager with 16 selections, they will add a staggering 60% on top of your winnings.

Does Betway have its own live streaming feature where you can watch the big races? Well, since Betway is considered by many to be one of the best bookies around at the moment, it would be a big surprise if they did not have a live streaming feature. They do, and you can watch a plethora of entertaining race events.

3️⃣ Bet365


Bet365 is the sportsbook that many other bookmakers aim to be like, and we are not exaggerating when we say this. If you happen to be new to sports betting world and have only spent a little bit of time exploring it, we are certain that you have already come across plenty of positive comments regarding Bet365 since many see them as one of the best bookies in the industry when it comes to Epsom Derby betting.

Bet365 is a really good place to place wagers on horses, but what makes them so appealing? Well, not only do they provide their bettors with plenty of markets and quality odds for the big racing events like the Epsom Oaks, but they also have top odds and markets for a variety of other races from across the world, regardless of the popularity. So, if you suddenly get a random urge to place some horse racing bets, we are sure that you can find something to satisfy your urges at Bet365.

If you decide to sign up with Bet365, then we suggest that you make it a routine to have a look at their promotions page and see what it is that they are offering at the time. For instance, at the time of writing, like the two sportsbooks that we spoke about above, they offer a "Best Odds Guaranteed" promotion, which you should know all about by now. To add to this, they offer an "Each Way Extra" promotion, which allows you to change the number of places on offer for an each-way bet on a selected event.

As is to be expected from one of the world's best bookmakers, they have a really good live streaming feature, and a very good mobile app that gives you the chance to make bets wherever you happen to be.

4️⃣ William Hill


William Hill, over the years, have earned themselves a reputation as being a great place for horse racing fans to place bets on huge racing events like the Epsom Oaks betting. They offer a comprehensive book for the racing world, providing very competitive odds and a variety of markets for plenty of great races from across the glove. At William Hill, you will be able to bet on races from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. If you have an urge to bet on some horses but cannot find any race that you want to wager on, then head over to their virtual horse racing section as it is one of the best in the business.

William Hill has one feature that certainly helps them to stand out from the crowd and this is their very own radio station that talks about all things horse racing. They bring on special guests to speak about the big upcoming races and also offer useful tips for all of the big events. Therefore, if you decide to set up a William Hill account and are thinking about making a bet on the Epsom Derby, we suggest you listen to their radio station.

Like every bookmaker that is serious about the industry that they are in, they have also made sure that they give their customers a live streaming feature that shows hundreds of live races each year. As well as this, they have a variety of great promos for racing, and one of the best customer care teams around. All in all, you should have a really good racing experience should you decide to sign up with them.

5️⃣ Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes is the oldest sportsbook out there as they have been in existence for over 130 years. The fact that they have been around for more than a century is indicative of just how good they are. How is this? Well, the sports betting world is a really competitive industry, and any bookmaker that has a number of flaws is one that will be exposed really quickly and will be forced out of business. With so many bookmakers around, nobody is going to bother signing up with one that has a number of issues.

Ladbrokes actually sponsors many of the biggest races in the world, which is why it should not come as any surprise to find out that they have a variety of markets and really good odds for big races such as the Epsom Derby. You can also find top odds and different markets for a wide variety of small and less well-known races. In addition to this, they provide their customers with a top-quality tipsters page where you are able to find useful tips for big upcoming events. If you do decide to register with Ladbrokes, then we really do recommend you take full advantage of their tips.

As it to be expected from a quality sportsbook, Ladbrokes provides a range of top promotions for Epsom Oaks betting, a really good live stream with hundreds and hundreds of races every year, and very solid customer care. If you are the type of gambler that likes to place bets on the go, then you will also be happy to find out that they have a really good mobile app that can be used on Android or iOS devices.

Race Schedule


During this two-day event, there are 14 events that we racing fans can sit down and enjoy. Below we have given you the race cards for the 2022 festival, and you should take a good look at each one as they can help you out when it comes down to Epsom Derby betting. We recommend that you mark down the times of the events that you are interested in on your phone or computer, so you do not forget about them and miss out.

1️⃣ Day 1 - Friday 3rd June 2022

Day 1 of this event is also known as Ladies' Day, which means that those in attendance have to put on their best attire. If you do not like to dress to impress, then Day 1 is not the day for you. Below are the races that you will be able to enjoy on the opening day of this big racing meeting:

Start TimeRaceDistance
14:00pmWoodcote EBF Stakes6f 3y
14:35pmEbbisham Handicap Stakes1m 113y
15:10pmCoronation Cup1m 4f 6y
15.45pmCazoo Handicap Stakes1m 2f 17y
16:30pmCazoo Oaks1m 4f 6y
17:15pmSurrey Stakes7f 3y
17:50pmCazoo Derby Festival Handicap Stakes7f 3y

2️⃣ Day 2 - Saturday 4th June 2022

Day 2 of the Epsom Derby is one of the most exciting in British racing as there is a whopping £1.6 million in prize money up for grabs for the derby alone. Below is the full race card for Day 2 of this prestigious event:

Start TimeRaceDistance
14:00pmThe World Pool At The tote Handicap1m 2f 17y
14:35pmPrincess Elizabeth Stakes1m 113y
15:10pmThe Cazoo Diomed Stakes1m 113y
15.45pmThe World Pool 'Dash' Handicap Stakes5f
16:30pmThe Cazoo Derby1m 4f 6y
17:15pmThe Northern Dancer Handicap1m 4f 6y
17:50pmThe Cazoo Handicap6f 3y

✔️ Epsom Derby and Oaks Tips

When it comes to placing bets on Epsom, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from jumping right in and betting on whatever runner you like without doing any research, but this will ultimately lead to more failures than successes.

While you might get lucky and win a race every so often, the most likely scenario is that you will lose money and start to get frustrated. Below, as promised in the previous section, we are going to give some valuable tips that you should always keep in mind when you are betting on the Epsom Festival.

📌 Always Check Out the Trainer

The trainer plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of a horse. If a horse has a poor trainer, then it is highly unlikely that it will win many of the races that it is taking part in. When it comes to Epsom, there is one trainer that stands out from the rest and that is Aidan O'Brien. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest trainers ever, and his stats back up this claim. He has had 8 Epsom Derby winners and 9 Epsom Oaks winners, and he will be looking to add two more this June. He last won the Derby in 2020 and won the Oaks in 2021.

So, when you are thinking about betting on the Epsom Derby, you would not be doing yourself any harm by looking at the horses that O'Brien has trained.

📌 Check Out the Jockeys Too

We would argue that trainers are more important to jockeys, but this is not to downplay the importance of jockeys. The jockeys are also important because the best horse would not perform as well as he could if he had a rubbish jockey sitting on his back. Therefore, like with the trainers, before you make a wager, you should take a look at recent events to see if certain jockeys have dominated in recent years.

If you look at the previous races for the Derby, then you will see that no one jockey has dominated in the last five years. In fact, a different jockey has won it in the last six years - Pat Smullen, Padraig Beggy, William Buick, Seamie Heffernan, Emmet McNamara, and Adam Kirby. If any of these jockeys are racing again this year, then you should definitely give their horses a second look.

When it comes to Epsom Oaks, you will see that Frankie Dettori has won it three times over the last five years, while Ryan Moore has won it twice in the same time. So, if Dettori and Moore are racing in the 2022 Royal Oaks, then you should definitely take a closer look at their horses.

📌 Previous Trends for the Epsom Festival

Before you go ahead and start looking at betting odds Epsom Derby, we suggest that you have a look at some previous trends as these can be really useful when it comes to betting on the event. Below, we are going to have a look at some previous trends for both the Derby and the Oaks.

1️⃣ Epsom Derby

  • From the last 12 winners, three of them were the favourite to win, while seven of them were in the Top 3
  • 10 of the previous 12 winners were in stall seven or higher
  • 10 of the last 12 winners ran in the previous 35 days, while seven of them won their last event before the Derby
  • None of the previous 12 winners had run at Epsom before
  • All of the last 12 winners had at least one run in the season, while eight had at least one win

2️⃣ Epsom Oaks

  • From the last 12 winners, two of them were the favourite to win, while five of them were in the Top 3
  • All of the last 12 winners ran in the previous 33 days, while ten of them placed in their last event
  • None of the previous 12 winners had run at Epsom before
  • All of the last 12 victors had at least one run that the season, while nine had at least one win
  • Eight of the last 12 winners were rated 102 or higher

🎁 Epsom Derby Free Bet Offers

Many companies out there will tell you that they are in a really competitive industry, and while they are probably not wrong, they should be thankful that they are not in the online gambling industry. In our opinion, there is no industry out there that is as competitive as this one, and its competitiveness is only increasing thanks to the fact that new bookmakers are popping up regularly.

If a sportsbook wants to be successful at generating income from Epsom Derby betting, then there is one thing that they have to do and that is stick out for all of the good reasons. A sportsbook that stands out from the crowd because they have a number of good features that their rivals do not have is one that should see plenty of new customers opt to open an account with them.

One of the main ways that bookmakers go about ensuring that they stand out is by offering potential new customers bonuses that can be used on Epsom Oaks betting and various sporting events. While the majority of sports betting sites will offer some kind of Welcome Bonus to treat their new players with, they have not all been created in the same manner. This is why in the table below we have given you thirteen bookmakers that we believe are offering some of the best bonuses at this moment in time.

Betting SiteOfferClaim
Deposit €20 Get €40
Deposit €5 Bet €10
50% Deposit Match up to €50
Bet €20 Get €10 in Free Bets
Bet €10 and get €50 in Free Bets
Get up to €50 in Free Bets
Deposit €75 Get €150
Bet €30 Get €30 in Free Bets
Bet €10 Get €30 in Free Bets + Double Winnings
Bet €10 Get €30 in Free Bets
Bet €10 Get €60 in Free Bets
€20 Free Bet if you Lose First Bet
Bet €5 Get €20 in Free Bets

N.B. Please remember that sports betting sites will change their bonuses and promos on offer all of the time as a means to stay fresh and to try and stay one step ahead of their main rivals. Therefore, there is a chance that if/when you go ahead and sign up with one of the bookies in the table above that the offer that we spoke about is not the offer that is being offered now. If this happens to you, we apologise, but it is not easy to keep things 100% updated because things move really quickly in this industry.

🔍 Deby and Oaks Race Previews


Below you will be able to find some handy news that you can put to good use when you are gambling on the Epsom Derby or doing a spot of Oaks betting.

1️⃣ A P O'Brien is Hungry for More Wins

When Serpentine won in 2020, A P O'Brien became the first-ever trainer in the history of the sport to win the Derby 8 times. While he will no doubt be ecstatic about being at the top of the tree, he will want to make it a 9th Epsom Derby win this time around. He also made it 9 wins in the Epsom Oaks and will be looking to make it 10 wins to draw closer to Robert Robson, who won this race 13 times.

2️⃣ Frankie Dettori Aims for More Success with No Plans of Retiring

Frankie Dettori has won pretty much everything there is to win in the racing world, and at the age of 51, you would think that he would be content to hang up his racing gear and enjoy his retirement. However, he is not even thinking about retiring just yet and wants to add more trophies to his trophy cabinet. You might find it hard to believe, but it took Dettori 15 attempts before he won his first Epsom Derby. He then went on to win it for the second time in 2015, and he would love to make it a hattrick of wins.

When it comes to the Epsom Oaks, he has lifted the trophy 6 times, with his latest achievement coming in 2021. Thanks to this win, he has equaled the record set by Lester Piggott, who is considered by most in the racing world to be one of the best flat racing jockeys ever.

3️⃣ Some Fans Might be Allowed to Attend

Due to the pandemic, most sporting events over the last year or so have not been allowed anyone in attendance. However, things are looking up, so there is a good chance that big crowds will be allowed once again. However, nobody can predict the future, so we will just have to wait and see.

If attendance is allowed at this racecourse in June and you want to do something to celebrate finally being able to go and watch all the action of a classic British gala live, then there are a number of awesome hospitality tickets available for you to buy. Yes, these tickets are high in price, but you will have an experience that you will never forget. Some of the options that are available to you when it comes to buying hospitality packages include the Downs View package, the Tattenham package, and the Queen Stand package.

If you choose of these hospitality packages, then you will be able to experience some great views and be treated like a sir or duchess. Guests will have their own private balcony with amazing views of the track as well as the racecourse finishing post. Plus, you will be granted access to the Grandstand Enclosure and guests that opt for the Tattenham hospitality offer over the other options will also be granted access to the Tattenham Enclosure. You will definitely feel like a King or Queen for the day if you opt for one of the hospitality options.

If you are looking for an experience for the whole family, then you should get tickets to the Jubilee Family Enclosure. In this area, you can watch all of the action while enjoying a family picnic at the same time. There will be plenty of other entertainment and activities on offer in this area for all different age groups, so nobody will end up getting bored.

If no attendance is allowed, or if it is severely limited and you cannot buy a ticket, there are a number of other ways that you can follow the action, and these have been discussed below.

Freeview: Since the Epsom Derby is one of the biggest meetings out there, the races will more than likely be shown on a Freeview channel such as Channel 4 or ITV. Take a look at the schedule nearer to the time to see when the coverage of this event will start.

Racing TV: When it comes to racing channels in Britain and Ireland, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that is Racing TV. This channel shows horses events from 35 tracks across Britain and 26 tracks across Ireland. They show a staggering 8,000 every year, with many of these races being exclusive to this channel. If you live in the United Kingdom, then you can access this channel if you have a Sky or Virgin account, while those who live in Ireland can access it if they have a Virgin, Sky or Vodafone account.

Bookmakers: Horse racing betting has become so popular that bookmakers know that failure to show live streams for horse racing events will lead to them missing out on potential customers. As a result, all of the best bookies will show races from the big meetings such as the Epsom Derby. To watch the streams, you just need to log into your account and have some money in it.

🏁 A Look back at the Previous Year

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 Gala went ahead, and there were a number of fans that were allowed to attend. If you are wondering who won the Epsom Derby 2021, it was Adayar, who was raced by A Kirby and trained by C Appleby. The winner of the Epsom Oaks was Snowfall, who was raced by F Dettori and trained by A P O'Brien. Below we have provided you with a final results table for both races from this year:

Epsom Derby 2021 Results

Horses in Finishing OrderJockeyTrainerOdds
Adayar A KirbyC Appleby40/1
Mojo StarD EganR Hannon50/1
Hurricane LaneW BuickC Appleby11/2
MacSwineyK ManningJ Bolger6/1
Third RealmA AtzeniR Varian12/1
One RulerJ DoyleC Appleby10/1
Bolshoi BalletR MooreA P O'Brien10/1
Youth SpiritT MarquandA Balding25/1
John LeeperF DettoriE Dunlop7/5
Gear UpB CurtisM Johnston30/1
Southern LightsD McDonaghJ P O'Brien30/1

Epsom Oaks 2021 Results

Horses in Finishing OrderJockeyTrainerOdds
SnowfallF DettoriA P O'Brien6/1
Mystery AngelB CurtisG Boughey40/1
DivinelyS HeffernanA P O'Brien18/1
Save a ForestC ShepherdR Varian30/1
Santa BarbaraR MooreA P O'Brien5/2
Ocean RoadO MurphyH Palmer30/1
TechniqueS LeveyM Meade50/1
Saffron BeachA KirbyJ Chapple-Hyam25/1
Sherbet LemonH DoyleA Watson7/5
TeonaD EganR Varian8/1
La JocondeW BuickA P O'Brien50/1
Dubai FountainF NortonM Johnston6/1
ZeyaadahJ CrowleyR Varian5/1
WillowW LordanA P O'Brien18/1

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Epsom Derby and Oaks Betting

When is the Epsom Derby?

The 2022 Epsom Festival will be held on the 3rd and 4th of June, and the Epsom Derby will take place on the second day.

At What Time is the Epsom Derby?

The Epsom Derby will be run at 16:30 on the 4th June.

How Long is the Epsom Derby?

The Epsom Derby is 1m 4f 6y in length.

Who Will Win the Epsom Derby?

This is a question that we cannot answer yet since more runners are still to be announced.

When is the Epsom Oaks?

The Epsom Oaks will be run on the 3rd of June at 16.30. Like the Epsom Derby, it is 1m 4f and 6y long.