English Open Snooker Betting Guide - What to Know to Bet on

English Open

The English Open Snooker is a ranking event that, along with the Northern Ireland Open, was first played in 2016 as part of a Home Nations Series that includes the Scottish Open and the Welsh Open. This big competition has taken place in October, November, and December, depending on when it can fit into a tight schedule, and the 2023 iteration will be played from the 2nd-8th of October at the Brentwood Centre. Plenty of fans love snooker betting on this event, but before you bet on it, do yourself a solid and read my guide.

English Open Snooker Betting Odds

We always provide you with the odds that the best betting sites are offering for all of the big snooker events, so that you can easily find the best place to place any bets that you want. We make no exception with regard to the World Snooker English Open, so when the odds have finally been released by the top sports betting sites, I will return to this page and update the following table with all of the latest odds - bookmark this page if you are thinking about placing a bet on this tournament!


✔️ Championship League Snooker Betting Tips 2023

Snooker is a sport that opens itself to sports betting due to the fact that there are many different markets that sports bettors can try and predict. While there are not as many as for other popular sports such as football or rugby, there are still more than enough to keep the entertainment levels high. In this section of my English Open guide, I am going to look at some popular markets and give some top betting tips for each.

Match Winner

The match winner market is one you will find for every single sport, and what you are tasked with doing is predicting the player that will go on to win the game. In other sports you will have to take the draw into equation, but this is not often the case in snooker because draws do not happen. The one event where draws can happen is the Championship League.

Top Tip 1: Most of the time, the players at the top of the rankings will beat those below them, but what I love about this sport is that upsets are not uncommon. Whenever a underdog is playing a heavy favourite, I always find myself supporting the former. When placing a match winner bet, do not make a bet based solely on a player's ranking - check out the form that they are in.

Accumulator or Combination Betting

Accumulators are now very popular among sports bettors as they offer punters the opportunity to land some big cash prizes without the need to place a big wager. The reason for this is because the odds of your different selections are combined and multiplied together to give much higher odds.

For example, if you bet on Selby, Trump, Higgins, and Allen to win at odds of 2.25, 1.90, 1.80, and 2.10, then your combined odds will be 16.16. So, if you put a tenner on that, and all four went on to win, you would land a profit of just over €150.00. However, the main downside to such a wager is that you need to get all of your predictions right in order to win the bet.

Top Tip 2: I know that you might be tempted to add many selections to your acca in order to significantly boost the odds, but I do no recommend that you do this because this will also drastically increase your chances of placing a losing bet. While accumulators can be fun, they are notoriously hard to win, so I do not suggest that you get into a habit of placing such bets.

The Winner of the Next Frame

If you cannot decide on the player that will win the match, then another popular snooker betting option is to bet on the player that you think will win the following frame. If they do win that frame, but lose all of the remaining ones, you will not care at all as your bet will still be a winning one.

Top Tip 3: This type of bet is all about picking the right moment, and striking while the proverbial iron is hot. For example, betting on a player that has won three or four frames on the bounce will probably not be worth your while due to the low odds. You need to get your timing right so that you can get both decent odds and a decent potential return.

Match Handicap

Sometimes in the world of sports, two players will come up against each other and there will be a big gulf in quality. When such matches arise, the odds for the favourite will be very low, while the odds for the underdog will be very high. With the former, you will need to put a big stake to receive any kind of decent profit, while with the latter comes with a lot of risk.

This is where match handicap betting comes into play as it allows you to give a player a theoretical advantage or a disadvantage. If you give the favourite a two-frame disadvantage, for example, you can increase their odds. Or, on the other hand, if you give the underdog a two-frame advantage, you can increase their chances of "winning" - although the odds will drop.

Top Tip 4: Odds for all of the top players at the English Open such as O'Sullivan, Allen, Trump, Selby, and Robertson will be low at the beginning of the tournament as they will be playing against "lesser" players. So, if you are planning on doing some handicap betting, it is best to do so at the start of the event.

Highest Break

All of the best snooker sports betting sites will give you the chance to put money on the player that you think will land the highest break in a particular match or across the tournament as a whole. The odds for the highest break of the tournament will be higher, since it is harder to guess correctly. What I like about this kind of market is that your chosen player does not even have to win the event or a match - they just need to have the biggest break.

Top Tip 5: All players have different skills that make them a successful player, so before betting on such a market, do a bit of research to find out who has been making a string of high breaks recently. Some of the best break builders in the sport at the moment include Trump, O'Sullivan, Allen, and Higgins.

Outright Betting (Tournament Winner)

With an outright betting market, you are simply being tasked with predicting the player that will go on to lift the trophy and the winner's cheque.

Top Tip 6: Take a close look at the draw as this will give you an idea as to who your selected player might have to face along the way. Then you can check out how they have performed against particular players in the past. If they might have to face someone that they have previously struggled against, I recommend thinking about betting on someone else. Additionally, place outright bets as early as possible as the odds will quickly shorten as players are eliminated.

⚡ What Are the Best English Open Betting Sites

Due to snooker's betting popularity, Irish snooker fans now have a wide range of top sportsbooks that they can open an account with in order to bet on big events such as English Open. However, some sites are better than others, and below I have provided you with five of the best.

  • BoyleSports
  • TonyBet
  • Betway
  • Luckster
  • William Hill



One of the best sites for betting on snooker is actually an Irish-based one, and this is really not that surprising due to the popularity of snooker in the Emerald Isle. You will never be disappointed by the snooker odds that they offer, while they also have a quality live snooker betting platform.

If you decide that you want to sign up with BoyleSports, then after you have laid a qualifying wager of at least €10, you will get €30 in free bets and €10 that can be used at their online casino. Furthermore, they like to provide some top betting tips for a variety of sports, with snooker being one of these.

If you want to find out more about this sportsbook, then check out our BoyleSports review.



When you are betting on any sport, market variety is something of the utmost importance since it is what helps keep the entertainment levels high. When it comes down to market variety, you will struggle to find a sports betting site that can match TonyBet. No matter what snooker event is being played, you will have a range of top markets to pick from.

If you sign up with TonyBet, then there is a 100% match deposit bonus up to the sum of €100 on offer. There are not many other sportsbooks that offer such a big welcome offer.

Those who would like to find out more about TonyBet can do so by having a good read of our quality TonyBet review.



When people are asked to think of a quality bookmaker, Betway is one that will usually always enter the conversation. No matter the sporting event that you want to bet on, Betway have got your back. When it comes to snooker tournaments such as the English Open, they will give you some super competitive odds and a nice range of markets both pre-match and in-play. Additionally, they sometimes live stream the big matches from top snooker competitions.

If you decide that Betway is the place to go to bet on snooker, then you will basically receive a free bet first up as your initial wager - if it loses, you will see your stake, up to the value of €50, returned as a free bet.

Take a look at our Betway review if you would like to find out even more about this quality bookmaker.



Luckster, like BoyleSports, is another bookmaker that is based in Ireland, and while it does not have the same prestige, it will not be long before they catch up. They have only been in existence from 2022, but it is already very clear that they will be around for a long period of time. When it comes to betting on snooker events, you will not be frustrated by their odds or markets.

They are not shy when it comes to the bonuses and promotions that they have on offer. They will be happy to match your first deposit 100% up to €100, while existing customers can try to take advantage of winning boosts that can go as high as 77%.

Our Luckster review will help you make up your mind as to whether it is the sportsbook for you.

William Hill


William Hill has a reputation as being a top place for Irish punters to bet on horse racing, but what many are not aware of is the fact that it is also a great place to bet on snooker. You will find snooker markets here that you will not find elsewhere. For instance, you can bet on who will win a session or who will pot the match's first red. To round things off, they do not skimp on their odds.

If you decide that you want to start betting at William Hill, then you can claim two free bets that have a value of €15 each. These free bets can be used to try and get your snooker betting experience off to a great start.

Take a good look at our William Hill review if you want to find out even more about this quality site.

N.B. All bonuses and promotions at sports betting sites come with a range of terms and conditions, so take a close look at them before claiming any bonuses.

🔮 English Open Snooker Predictions 2023

I will provide you with helpful predictions for the 2023 English Open, so come back a bit closer to the scheduled time of the tournament, so that you can find out who I think will claim the title. To gain even more clarity, consider reading our betting guide.

🎁 Best English Open Snooker Betting Sites Offers

Do you want to use some top free bet offers when betting on the 2023 English Open? If so, then the following table highlights some of the best betting site offers for the 2023 English Open.

SportsbookOfferVisit Sportsbook
Bet €10, get €30 in free bets and €10 casino bonus
Matched deposit of 100% up to €100
Up to €30 in free bets
100% match up to €100
Bet €10, get €30 in free bets

📅 Tournament Schedules for the English Open Snooker

Obviously, those of you who want to place wagers on the 2023 English Open will need to know when the matches are going to happen. So, in this section, I am going to look at the schedule and the format of this event.

The 2023 Tournament Schedule

The 2023 event will be played between the 2nd and 8th of October as follows:

Monday 2nd October:


Tuesday 3rd October:


Wednesday 4th October:


Thursday 5th October:


Friday 6th October:


Saturday 7th October:


Sunday 8th October:


British Open Snooker Championship Format

A total of 128 players qualify to take part in this competition, which has a knockout format. In other words, once a player loses once, they are out of the competition. Below is the format of the 2023 event:

  • Last 64: Best of 7 frames
  • Last 32: Best of 7 frames
  • Last 16: Best of 7 frames
  • Quarter-Finals: Best of 9 frames
  • Semi-Finals: Best of 11 frames
  • Final: Best of 17 frames

🏆History of English Open Snooker

The first English Open took place at the EventCity arena in Manchester in 2016, and was won by Liang Wenbo, who picked up his maiden ranking title by defeating Trump in the final. The first player to make a 147 in this competition was Alfie Burden, who hit a maximum in the sixth frame of his first round game against Daniel Wells. The reigning champion is Selby, as he beat Luca Brecel in the English Open snooker 2022 final.

The competition quickly gained prestige as an event, and it is now one that players are eager to win. The prize money for the winner originally started off at £70,000, but that has since increased to £80,000. In the following table, you can find out the English Open snooker results for the seven English Open finals that have been played to date:

2016Liang WenboJudd Trump9-6EventCity, Manchester
2017Ronnie O'SullivanKyren Wilson9-2Barnsley Metrodome, Barnsley
2018Stuart BinghamMark Davis9-7K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley
2019Mark SelbyDavid Gilbert9-1K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley
2020Judd TrumpNeil Robertson9-8Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
2021Neil RobertsonJohn Higgins9-8Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
2022Mark SelbyLuca Brecel9-6Brentwood Centre, Brentwood

❓ Frequently Asked Questions about the English Open

Is Ronnie O'Sullivan Playing in the English Open?

This is not something that I can 100% confirm as of yet, but it is highly likely that he will participate in the 2023 edition.

Which Bookmakers Provide the Best Odds for the English Open?

Some bookies with the best odds for the English Open include Betway, Boylesports, and William Hill.

How Many Frames Are in the Snooker English Open?

It depends on the round. For instance, the first three rounds are the best of seven, while the quarter-finals are the best of nine, the semi-finals the best of 11, and the final the best of 17.

What is the Prize Money for the 2023 English Open Snooker?

The winner of the 2023 English Open will take home £80,000.

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