Gaelic Football Betting with Odds and Tips

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While the Irish enjoy betting on plenty of different sports, there can be no doubt that Gaelic football is one of the sports that they like to wager on the most. As a sport, Gaelic football can trace its modern-day roots back to the late 19th century, but the first legal reference of this sport occurred way back at the start of the 14th century. To give you an idea as to how popular it is now, the big matches are watched by hundreds of thousands across the Emerald Isle.

If you want to do some sports betting on Gaelic football, we recommend that you read this Gaelic Football betting guide first as we are going to take a look at best sites for betting on this sport, the different markets on offer, provide you with some top betting tips, and answer frequently asked questions.

Gaelic Football Betting Odds (2023)

Due to the popularity of Gaelic Games betting, you will be hard pushed to find a sportsbook that accepts Irish punters but does not offer any Gaelic football betting odds or markets for the top Gaelic football competitions that are played throughout Ireland.

When you are doing a bit of GAA football betting, it is imperative that you make use of the best Gaelic football odds that you can find since it is the odds that dictate the kind of profit that you will make should you manage to place any winning bets. A little bit later on in this betting guide of ours, we will explain a bit more about the importance of top odds.

Below we have provided you with the odds for the five biggest Gaelic football events that some of the best betting sites are offering their punters.

Munster Championships Odds 2023


Leinster Championships Odds 2023


Connacht Championships Odds 2023

New York501.00501.00TBA501.00501.00290.00290.00

Ulster Championships Odds 2023


All Ireland Gaelic Football Odds 2023


The Best Gaelic Football Betting Sites

When it comes to GAA betting online, there are many different sports betting sites that are happy to accept players from Ireland, but not all have been created equally. Many novice sports bettors believe that all bookmakers are more or less the same, but this is very far from the truth. Some bookmakers are a lot better than their competitors, and below we are going to take a look at five sports betting sites that we feel are some of the best around at the moment for Gaelic sports betting.

Now, there is obviously no obligation for you to sign up with any of the following sports betting sites, but do keep in mind that they are top bookmakers that will provide a great betting experience. We will provide a link to our own in-depth review of each bookmaker so that you can find out all you need to know about any mentioned bookie that you happen to take a fancy to.

1️⃣ BoyleSports


If you are very patriotic and want to open an account with an Irish sports betting site, then we recommend that you take a look at BoyleSports. Since they are based in the Emerald Isle, they know exactly what Irish sports betters are looking for - they would be a really poor excuse for an Irish bookmaker if they did not offer a range of markets and betting odds for big Gaelic football events. When you bet on Gaelic events at BoyleSports, you will come across a range of markets and very competitive odds.

If you opt to register with BoyleSports, then after you have placed a first bet of €10, you will receive free bets to the tune of €50. When it comes to the banking options that are on offer, they are certainly one of the best since they offer their punters all the top deposit and withdrawal methods such as VISA, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Boke, Skrill, and Paysafecard. They also do not disappoint when it comes to their live betting platform, their mobile betting options, or their customer care team.

2️⃣ Betway


Even if you have not been around in the world of sports betting for a long period of time, we are pretty sure that you heard nothing but good things about Betway. They began their sports betting journey in 2006 and, despite a bit of a poor start, they have gotten better and better with many now considering them to be one of the world's best sports betting sites. What makes Betway such a great site for those who like to place wagers on Gaelic football? Well, we cannot look beyond the variety of markets and competitive odds that they offer for the big Gaelic events.

If you like the look of Betway and opt to sign up with them, then you can claim a free bet that has a value of €50 and it can be used on any sport that you feel like - although, we would imagine that you would be tempted to spend it on GAA betting. In order to have success in the sports betting industry, a sportsbook need to offer its punters top live betting options, quality customer care, great mobile betting options, and provide all of the top banking methods. Betway excels in all of this, which is why their popularity is increasing with each passing year.

3️⃣ Bwin


Bwin is one of the oldest sports betting sites around and they are now a dominant force within Europe. They can also boast about having their fair share of Irish punters, and what makes them so appealing to many is the fact that they have some of the highest odds around for all the sports categories that they offer. In addition to this, they have a really good live streaming service, which is something that definitely catches the eyes of punters.

If you decide that Bwin is the sportsbook for you, then they will treat you to €20 Backup Bet - for those who are new to the sports betting industry, a backup bet is one where you place a bet and if it goes on to be a losing wager, you will receive your stake, which in this case is a maximum of €20, will be returned in the form of a free bet - don't forget to read the terms and conditions. With regard to banking options, they have more than you can shake a stick at which includes VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, ecoPayz, Trustly, and Bank Transfer. Top it all off, their customer support team is there to help at any point of the day.

4️⃣ 888Sport


888Sport is a sports betting site that only came into being back in 2008, and in the 15 years since then it has become one of the best betting sites not only in the Republic of Ireland, but across the world. This sportsbook entices Irish bettors to register with them by offering up a range of top bonuses and promotions, a variety of markets and good odds for Gaelic football, and one of the best customer support teams around.

Those who opt to open an account with 888Sport will be able to claim some free bets that are worth €30 - you will need to use the promotional code "30FB". Like with any type of bonus in the gambling world, make sure to read the terms and conditions that are attached. Those who want to deposit or withdraw money at 888Sport will be able to do so using methods such as VISA, Paysafecard, Trustly, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Neteller, and Skrill. Those who enjoy betting on the go will be glad to hear that they have a mobile app and have made sure their desktop site is 100% mobile compatible.

5️⃣ PokerStars Sports


PokerStars Sports, as it evident from its name, began its gambling life as just a poker site, but in 2015 they decided to chance their arm in the sports betting world, and it ended up being a decision that they will not have any regrets about making. They have become really popular with Irish bettors due to the variety of markets that they have on offer for popular Irish sports as well as the fact that they are not afraid to offer competitive odds.

At the moment, they are not currently offering their punters any welcome offer or promotions, but on their promotion page on their site they state that they are upgrading, so some bonuses might be available in the near future. For depositing and making withdrawals at PokerStars you can make use of quality banking methods such as VISA, PayPal, Skrill, EntroPay, and Neteller. If you happen to enjoy placing bets wherever you are, then you will be glad to hear that they have developed a top mobile app and have ensured that their desktop site is 100% compatible with mobiles.

Best Gaelic Football Betting Sites by Category

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PokerStars Sports

🕵️‍♂️ How We Rate the Gaelic Football Betting Sites

So, how do we go about reviewing Gaelic football betting sites for you? Well, in this part of our guide we are going to discuss the main features of a sportsbook that we pay attention to in order to make sure that we recommend the top bookmakers for betting on the different Gaelic sporting events. At the end of the day, we only want to recommend the best of the best to our readers so that you can have the type of gambling experience that you are after.

▶ The Bonuses and Promotions on Offer

When are reviewing a new sportsbook, we will always have a look at the welcome offer that is available to see whether you will get a decent deal if you opt to register with them. Now, we are not saying here that bonuses are the only thing that matters at a sports betting site as was shown when we recommended PokerStars as a top bookmaker for betting on Gaelic football despite the fact that they are currently not offering a Welcome Bonus.

However, there can be no denying that it is always nice to receive a little reward for registering with a bookie. We will never recommend a sportsbook based solely off the welcome offer that is available, but a top welcome bonus will always catch the eye. When we come across a bonus that we believe is a very attractive prospect, we will not only concentrate on the bonus value, which is what many inexperienced bettors will do. We will also open up the T&Cs that apply and give them a read, so that we can mention the main ones in our reviews.

Although we will always mention the key T&Cs, we do recommend that you take a bit of time to read the terms yourself so that you know what rules you need to abide by in order to claim the offer.

▶ The Odds That Are on Offer

Being treated to a quality bonus when registering with a sportsbook is all well and good, but the bonus means very little if the odds that are on offer are rubbish. The Welcome Bonus will not last for a long period of time, but the odds will, and low odds will have a negative impact on your betting experience as they are what dictate the kind of profit that you make from your winning bets - if you manage to win some.

For example, if you place €10 on Dublin to win the All-Ireland Championship at odds of 3.50 and they go on to be champions, then you will land a profit of €25. However, if you place a €10 bet on Dublin to win with odds of 3.30 and they do, your profit will stand at €23. Now, missing out on €2 once or twice is no big deal, but if you land 100 winning bets across a year and you miss out on at least €2 each time, you will have lost a tidy amount of money.

So, we will always check the odds, and if we think that a certain sportsbook is not offering decent enough odds to their punters, then we will make this very clear in our review. It will then be up to you as to whether you would like to still register with them or not.

▶ The Different Markets That Are on Offer

Variety is something that is really important in life because without it things will turn boring quite quickly. Yes, there will be entertainment when betting on outcomes such as the overall winner of a tournament or the winner of a match, but things would become tedious fast if these were the only two markets that every bookmaker had on offer.

Thus, when we are taking a closer look at a sports betting site, we will always analyse the various sports betting markets that they have on offer. For instance, do they allow punters to place a trixie bet? If, after plenty of analyses, we decide that we think that they are slacking with regard to their markets, we will mention it in our review so that you are not left in the dark. The last thing we want is for you to waste your precious time by registering with a sportsbook that will quickly bore you.

▶ Are Deposits and Withdrawals Quick?

Many novice gamblers when on the hunt for a sportsbook to register with will pay little attention to the banking methods that are on offer as they think that it is more or less the same at any sports betting site. But this is not true, and not paying attention to the banking options is not something that yu should get into a habit of doing. Before signing up with any bookie, you have to check that they provide the top banking methods and that their deposits and withdrawals are not slow.

We have been big players in the sports gambling and online casino world for a good number of years, and in this time we are yet to come across someone who does not care if their deposited money or withdrawn winnings are delayed/ Having to wait a long period of time to make a bet or spend your winnings is a huge inconvenience that none of us need in our lives.

If you have already read some of the many reviews on our site, then you will already know that we pay close attention to the banking options that a sportsbook offers. If we believe that a bookmaker is lacking in quality banking options, then we will tell you all that you need to know in our review for that sportsbook.

▶ The Type of Customer Care Offered

One of the last things that we have a look at is the customer care that a sportsbook has. However, although the quality of the customer support is something that we analyse last, it does not mean that it holds less importance than any of the above. With the top sportsbooks that we recommend, it is quite likely that you will not have to get in touch with their customer care team, but there will always be a slight chance that something will go a miss and you need some help. If this kind of scenario arises, you obviously want your issue to be sorted quickly as it is very annoying when you need to wait ages for a problem to be solved.

This is the reason why we will always send a mock problem to a sports betting site that we are analysing as this is a really good way to find out about the customer support that is on offer. If we find that they take a long time to respond to our query or respond with a half-arsed solution, then it is a huge red flag for us. If we have issues with a sportsbook's customer support, we will highlight it in our reviews.

📜 Gaelic Football's History and Rules

Although Gaelic football as we know it today can be traced all the way back to the late 19th century, different variations of this sport have been recorded long before this. For instance, the first legal reference to a sport resembling Gaelic football was made in 1308 by John McCrocan, while a rudimentary version of this Irish sport was being played across the country in the 17th century.

The sport started to increase in popularity nationwide thanks mostly to the support of the gentry, who had previously opposed rough games like Gaelic football. In 1884, the Gaelic Athletic Association, known as the GAA, introduced formal playing rules for traditional Irish sports such as football and hurling in order to make them popular and to try and oppose overseas sports such as rugby and soccer. The first match of Gaelic football with GAA rules was played in Co Kilkenny in 1885.

Their tactic of trying to oppose overseas sports worked because Gaelic football has become the most watched sport in the Emerald Isle, with the big finals, which usually take place at Croke Park, drawing more than 80,000 hardcore fans.

Now that you know a little bit about the history of this sport, we are now going to briefly take a look at the rules of this sport:

  • A player can carry the ball in their hand for only four steps, and the ball can be passed with a kick or a hand-pass - a striking motion with the fist or hand
  • After every four steps, if the player in possession of the ball does not want to pass, they must drop the ball onto their foot and kick it back into their hands - the ball cannot bounce twice in a row
  • Players can contest for possession of the ball using their hands or by shoulder charging their opponent side-to-side
  • In order to score, a player must put the ball over the crossbar of the goal using their fist or foot and this would gain one point for their team
  • Players can also kick the ball into the goal past a keeper, which will give their team three points
  • The officials, which are made up of a ref and two linesman, will raise a green flag to indicate a goal, while a white flag is waved to signal a point has been scored

👍 The Most Popular Gaelic Football Bets?

Due to the unique nature of Gaelic Football, you’re not able to access as many betting options or markets as soccer or rugby fans.

However, there are a handful of options available to you, and we’ve listed the most popular types of wager below:

The Draw No Bet

Like soccer, there are three potential outcomes when betting on individual matches, namely home win, draw or away win.

However, you can negate one of these options and improve your chances of winning with the ‘Draw No Bet’ option, which returns your entire stake in instances where you back a team to win and the game ends in a tie.

This is a popular Gaelic Football bet, and one that can help you to safeguard your bankroll when wagering on tight matches between two evenly matched sides.

Winning Margin Betting

Gaelic Football sees sides score points in a number of ways, from putting the ball over the goaline and into the net to striking it over and directly above the crossbar.

This can contribute to high-scoring games and variable winning margins, so there’s a great deal of money to be made by predicting how much one team will outscore another by.

Of course, the downside is that this can be a challenging bet to get right, as you’ll need to predict both the winning side and the extent to which they’ll prevail.

However, if you have knowledge of the sport and competing sides, you should be able to make informed selections that deliver notable returns.

The First Scoring Play

Another popular bet involves us wagering on who will score the first goal. This may not necessarily be the first scoring play, of course, as points can also be plundered by getting the ball through the uprights but above the net.

So, you can either wager on the scorer of a game’s first goal, or take a punt on which side will register the first point and scoring play.

Usually, you can access individual and team markets for scoring plays, while such wagers are typically synonymous with increased odds and payouts.

Accumulator Betting

Regardless of which team sport you like to wager on, accumulator betting remains a viable and potentially rewarding option.

With this type of betting, you’ll be required to select four or more teams win specific matches, with each option combined into a single wager. At the same time, these individuals odds are multiplied to create a final, cumulative price, which is typically inflated and capable of delivering increased returns.

However, you’ll need each individual selection to come good if you’re to create a winning accumulator, so we’d recommend capping your online bet slip to no more than six teams.

🔑 Gaelic Football Betting – What are the Key Considerations

In this section of our guide, we are going to provide you with some top Gaelic Football betting tips that you should keep in mind if you decide to make use of GAA football betting odds. Now, nobody is going to force you to make use of these Gaelic football tips, but if you just rush in and place your bets without doing any type of research, then do not be too surprised if you end up losing more bets than you win.

▶ Check the Form

If you are going to place a bet on the winner of a match or the winner of a tournament, then you should check out the form of a team first before you go ahead and finalise your wager. There are many novice punters out there who do not pay any attention to form when betting on a team to win, but this really is a big mistake to make.

If Team A have won their last five matches while Team B, despite historically being a better team, have lost four of their previous five matches, then it makes little sense to put your hard-earned money on the team that is severely out of form. Yes, there is a chance that they will turn their fortunes around and win the game, but we do not suggest that it is worth taking that risk. So, before you bet on the winner of a match or an event, do yourself a favour and check out their current form on Google - it will only take a few minutes out of your day.

▶ Make Use of Bonuses

You can obviously place bets with your own money, but you can also bet on Gaelic football matches with bonus money. Nowadays, sports betting sites offer welcome offers and a variety of other promotions to their punters in order to try and get them to join and stick around, and when there are bonuses on offer, we recommend that you check whether Gaelic football is an eligible sport to bet on with the bonus - only after you have read the terms and conditions to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

By making use of bonuses, you will give yourself more opportunities to place a bet, but keep in mind that you might need to spend some of your own money first in order to claim the bonus that is on offer.

▶ Study the Matchup

In a game of Gaelic football, just like in a soccer, there will be teams that seem to hold the edge over another. There is a lot of psychology in the sporting world, and when a team meets another team that they have struggled against in the past, they will be very much aware of it. Therefore, before you go ahead and bet on a team to win a game of Gaelic football, we recommend that you take a look at the head-to-head and recent record that exists between the two teams.

If you see that one team beats the other regularly and has won most of the recent meetings between the pair, then it is quite clear who we would recommend you put your money on.

▶ Check Suspensions and Injuries

Gaelic football can be a rough game at times, so it is not rare for players to pick up injuries when playing. In addition to this, if players commit foul play, then they can find themselves being sin-binned or sent straight off, with a sending off resulting in a suspension. For a straight red card, players can find themselves getting suspended for four weeks or more.

Obviously, if a team is missing some of their key players due to injuries or suspensions, then their chances of winning are obviously going to decrease. Therefore, before you go ahead and place a bet on a team to win, check whether they will be missing any of their key players for whatever reason. If they are, then think about whether you still want to risk betting on them to overcome their opponents.

▶Set Up a Betting Budget

When you are betting on Gaelic football or any other sport for that matter, it is important that you have a clear strategy when it comes to managing your money. We recommend that you set up a budget with a value that you can afford to potentially lose, and stick to it no matter what.

If you lose your budget, we know that it might be tempting for you to spend a bit more in order to recuperate your losses, but do not do this, since you may just end up losing more money - cash that you cannot afford to lose. Once your budget has been spent, occupy yourself with some other hobby that you enjoy.

GAA Football Tournaments

When it comes to GAA football tournaments, there are plenty of top events for Irish sports bettors to place wagers on. In this section of our comprehensive guide, we are going to take a closer look at five of the major ones. All of the top sports betting sites available to Irish bettors will have markets and odds for these events.

Leinster ChampionshipThe Leinster Championship is the biggest inter-county Gaelic football event in the province of Leinster, and it has been held each year since 1888. There are a total of 11 teams that compete in this competition, and we have listed them below for you alongside the number of titles that each county has won:
  • Dublin (61 titles)
  • Meath (21 titles)
  • Kildare (13 titles)
  • Wexford (10 titles)
  • Offaly (10 titles)
  • Louth (8 titles)
  • Laois (6 titles)
  • Kilkenny (3 titles) - no longer participate
  • Westmeath (1 title)
  • Carlow (1 title)
  • Longford (1 title)
  • Wicklow (0 titles
So, as you can see from above list, Dublin are the most successful team in this competition, having lifted the Delaney Cup 40 more times than their closest rivals. Amazingly, they have won this competition for the last 11 years in a row. The format of this competition is a straight knockout, and there is a seeded draw to decide who will play who, with last year's semi-finalists getting a bye into the Quarter-Finals. Six of the remaining seven teams are drawn into the Preliminary Round, while the remaining team gets a bye into the last eight. The winner and the runner-up of the 2023 Leinster Championship will qualify for the All-Ireland Championship Round Robin stage, where the biggest prize in Gaelic football awaits.
Munster Football ChampionshipThe Munster Championship is the biggest Gaelic football competition in the province of Munster, and it has been played every year, except one, since 1888. There are six teams that compete in this competition, and we have listed them below for you with the number of titles that they have won in the history of this competition:
  • Kerry (83 titles)
  • Cork (37 titles)
  • Tipperary (10 titles)
  • Clare (2 titles)
  • Limerick (1 title)
  • Waterford (1 title)
As can be seen from the above list, Kerry have been extremely dominant in this competition, having won 46 more titles than Cork, who are sitting in second place. Since 2010, Kerry have won the title no fewer than 11 times, and are the reigning champions. The format of the 2023 edition of this tournament is also knockout, with four of the teams being randomly drawn into the Quarter-Finals, with the remaining two teams, often the teams that played in the previous year's final, starting in the Semi-Finals. Once again, the winner and the runner-up of the 2023 edition will book themselves a spot in the All-Ireland Round Robin stage.
Connacht ChampionshipThe Connacht Championship is the biggest Gaelic football competition in the province of Connacht, and it was founded 135 years ago in 1888. A total of seven teams compete in this tournament - five counties from Connacht as well as London and New Yorker. Like we did above, we have listed the participants as well as the number of titles that they have managed to win:
  • Mayo (48 titles)
  • Galway (47 titles)
  • Roscommon (24 titles)
  • Sligo (3 titles)
  • Leitrim (2 titles)
  • London (0 titles)
  • New York (0 titles)
So, as is indicated from the above list, Mayo and Galway are the dominant forces in this competition, having picked up a total of 95 titles between them. However, Mayo have had the most success over the previous decade as they have won the title no fewer than seven times. Heading into the 2023 edition, Galway are the current champions having beaten Roscommon in the 2022 final. This tournament also has a knockout format, with six of the seven teams being drawn into the Quarter-Finals - the reigning champions go straight through to the Semi-Final stage. The prize on offer for the winner is not just the Nestor Cup since they also qualify for the Round Robin part of the 2023 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. The runner-up will get the consolation prize of also qualifying for the All-Ireland Championship.
Ulster Football ChampionshipThe Ulster Championship is the main Gaelic football competition in the province of Ulster, and it was also founded back in 1888. Out of the four provincial competitions, the Ulster Championship is considered to be the hardest one to win. There are nine teams in total, and below you can find a list of them as well as the number of titles that they have managed to claim over the years:
  • Cavan (40 titles)
  • Monaghan (16 titles)
  • Tyrone (16 titles)
  • Armagh (14 titles)
  • Down (12 titles)
  • Donegal (10 titles)
  • Antrim (10 titles)
  • Derry (8 titles)
  • Fermanagh (0 titles)
So, Cavan have had the most success in the Ulster Championship, but since 1997 they have only picked up the one title, which came in 2020. Derry are the current champions, having won the title in 2022 for the first time in 24 years. Like the other three provincial competitions, this event also works with a knockout format with seven of the nine teams being drawn into the Quarter-Final stage and the remaining two teams having to play in a preliminary round. The two teams that make it to the final not only have the honour of fighting it out for the Anglo-Celt Cup, but they also know that they have qualified to compete in the Round Robin stage of the All-Ireland Championship.
All Ireland Football ChampionshipThe All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is the biggest Gaelic football competition in Ireland and it has taken place every year since 1889. The final is played at Croke Park in Dublin, with tens of thousands rocking up in the capital to cheer on their team to lift the Sam Maguire Cup. Below we have provided you with a list of the previous winners of this prestigious competition and the number of titles that they have picked up:
  • Kerry (38 titles)
  • Dublin (30 titles)
  • Galway (9 titles)
  • Cork (7 titles)
  • Meath (7 titles)
  • Cavan (5 titles)
  • Wexford (5 titles)
  • Down (5 titles)
  • Kildare (4 titles)
  • Tyrone (4 titles)
  • Tipperary (4 titles)
  • Mayo (3 titles)
  • Offaly (3 titles)
  • Louth (3 titles)
  • Roscommon (2 titles)
  • Donegal (2 titles)
  • Limerick (2 titles)
  • Armagh (1 title)
  • Derry (1 title)
So, as you can see from above, Kerry hold the bragging rights when it comes to the most successful team in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship as they have won the title eight times more than Dublin in second place. Kerry will be trying to defend their title this year as they beat Galway in the 2022 final. There will be 16 teams competing in the 2023 All-Ireland Championship Round Robin stage, and qualification for this is as follows:
  • The four champions from the provincial championships
  • The four runners-up from the provincial championships
  • The 2022 Tailteann Cup champions - Westmeath
  • The seven top ranked counties from the 2023 National Football League
The 16 qualified teams will play in a group of four, with each team playing each other once as well as playing one home game, one away match, and one game in a neutral venue. The top three sides from these groups will qualify for the knockout stages, with the winners receiving a bye into the last eight, while those who finish in second and third will play in the Preliminary Quarter-Finals.

Gaelic Football Tournament Schedule

Obviously, if you want to place some wagers on any of the above-mentioned Gaelic football competitions, then you need to know the schedules for each one so that you do not miss out on any bets that you would like to make. Therefore, with this in mind, below we have provided you with a table that gives you all the necessary information that you need regarding the schedules of the big Gaelic football events in Ireland.

ChampionshipDatesMost Successful TeamCurrent Champions
Leinster Championship9th April - 7th MayDublin (61 titles)Dublin
Munster Championship9th April - 7th MayKerry (83 titles)Kerry
Connacht Championship8th April - 7th MayGalway (47 titles)Mayo
Ulster Championship8th April - 14th MayCavan (40 titles)Derry
All-Ireland Championship15th - 30th JulyKerry (38 titles)Kerry

🎁 GAA Football Free Bet Offers

Due to how competitive the sports betting world is, sportsbooks have to try and stick out like a sore thumb if they want to have any kind of success. Most bookmakers that you encounter will have bonuses that you can claim when register with them, which will usually be in the form of a free bet. In the table below, you will be able to find the top five bonuses on offer at the current moment. As always, please remember to read the terms and conditions that apply.

Betting SiteOfferClaim
Bet €10 and receive €50 of free bets
Claim a free bet that has a €50 value
Claim four free bets of €5 after making an initial bet of €5
Place a €10 bet and claim €30 worth of free bets
100% Deposit Match Up to €100
100% Deposit Match Up to €100

N.B. Sportsbooks will regularly chance the bonuses and promotions that they have on offer since this is the main way that they ensure that they stay ahead of their main rivals. Also, it helps to keep things fresh for their punters, which is something that is always appreciated. Thus, there is the chance that the bonuses that we just mentioned above have changed by the time you go to register. We apologise if this is the case for you, but rest assured that we will do our best to update the tables when a bonus is changed.

🍀 Gaelic Football Clubs in Ireland

In this guide you will have come across some of the top Gaelic football clubs in Ireland, but these are just a small number of clubs that exist in the country - there are more than 2,500 clubs scattered across Ireland, which highlights just how popular this sport is. These teams play a big role in the GAA pyramid as they are the ones that provide the players that go on to represent their counties in provincial championship and the All-Ireland Championship.

There are three levels of Gaelic football in Ireland and these are Senior, Junior, and Intermediate. Cork has the largest number of GAA clubs with 259, while the likes of Dublin has 134, Antrim has 108, and Limerick has 101.

🗺️ Gaelic Football Across the Globe

Gaelic football is something that remains synonymous with Ireland, but there are many Irish immigrants around the world, and they have taken their love for the sport with them. In the 19th century they took their adoration for Gaelic football across to Britain and the United States, and since then it has made its way to far-flung corners of the globe.

In the USA, there are more than 130 Gaelic football clubs, with 40 of these being located in New York, while in the United Kingdom, you can find close to 100 clubs, with 31 being located in London. Across Europe, there a little over 70 GAA teams, while in Australia you can find a little over 60 clubs. You might be surprised to find out that there are 25 active Gaelic football clubs in Asia.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Gaelic Football Betting

Can You Bet on Gaelic Football?

Yes, all of the top sports betting sites that accept punters from Ireland will offer odds and markets for the big Gaelic football events.

Who Are the Best Teams in Gaelic Football?

The best teams in Gaelic football include Kerry, Dublin, Cavan, Galway, and Cork.

Where Can I Bet on Gaelic Football?

The top sports betting sites will allow you to bet on Gaelic football, and we recommend the likes of Betway, BoyleSports, Sportaza, Luckster Sports, and PokerStars Sports.

How Do You Bet on Gaelic Football?

Betting on Gaelic football is as easy as betting on any other sporting event. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your sportsbook account and head over to the Gaelic football section
  2. Click on an event that interests you and browse through the markets
  3. Select the market that you want to bet on, and it will be added to your betting slip
  4. Decide how much you want to stake and add that to the betting slip
  5. When you are content with your choices, click submit

Author: Orla Byrne,