The PDC Ladbrokes Masters Darts Betting Guide

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The Masters, also called the Ladbrokes Masters because of sponsorship reasons, is a non-ranking Professional Darts Corporation PDC that features the top 24 players in the PDC Order of Merit. Please do not confuse this competition with the Masters of Darts, which was only ever held twice in 2005 and 2007. In this article, we are going to tell you all that you need to know about betting on the PDC Darts Masters.

Best Masters Darts Betting Sites by Category

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The Sites to Go for Masters Darts Betting

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Many people used to consider darts as a glorified pub game, but those days are long gone and now it is one of the most popular sports in the world. The biggest darts competitions, and The Masters can definitely slot into this category, are played in front of very big crowds, while there are many more following the live action from the television.

Darts is now a really popular sport for bettors to put their money on, and you will find competitive odds and a variety of markets for The Masters at the best bookies. However, some bookmakers are better than their rivals when it comes to certain categories, and we shall take a closer look at these right now.

Best Masters Darts Betting Site – Ladbrokes

logo of Ladbrokes named as the best betting site for this tournament and a photo of a player lifting the trophy

If you are after a sports betting website to bet on The Masters, then you would be doing yourself a favour by opening an account with Ladbrokes. The coverage of The Masters at Ladbrokes is comprehensive to say the least. With a good variety of darts specials and more than enough live betting options, Ladbrokes definitely have you covered with regard to darts Masters betting. To add to this, they are well known for providing their players with frequent free bets, which is always awesome to hear.

Best Masters Darts Free Bet Offer – Bet 365

logo of bet 365 named as the best site for free bet offers for The Masters and a photo of competing players throwing a dart

Thanks to the competitive nature of the sports gambling world, bookies need to offer their players a selection of free bets if they want them to stick around for any length of time. A bookmaker that does not offer free bets regularly is a bookmaker that will see their customers delete their account and register with one of their rivals. When it comes to sports betting sites that offer quality free bets, you will not find many bookies that can come close to Bet365. Not only do Bet365 offer free bets to existing players regularly, but new players that open an account with them can claim a €50 Welcome Bonus.

Best Live Masters Darts Betting Site – Betway

logo of betway named as the best site for live betting on The Masters and a photo of a dart player raising his hand

When it comes to darts betting on big events, such as the PDC Masters, you can place a wager before a match has started or while the match is in play. The option of doing some live betting is awesome because there is a lot of value that you can take advantage of. When it comes to live betting, there is one sports betting site that towers above the rest, and this bookie goes by the name of Betway. What makes Betway so great for live betting is that they have plenty of live markets on offer for all matches in the Masters darts schedule.

Best Betting Site for Masters Darts Odds – Bwin

logo of bwin named as the betting site with the best odds for The Masters and a photo of Michael van Gerwen giving a thumbs up to his opponent

When you are placing bets on darting events, such as The Masters, it is always important that you bet using the best odds around as this is how you guarantee that you can walk away with the biggest profit if your bet goes on to be a winner. Thus, it is very important that you register with a sportsbook that offers some of the most competitive odds around. With regard to odds for The Masters, Bwin is a sports betting site that offers top odds for all the markets that they have on offer.

Predictions for the Masters Darts 2022

Lots of sports betting punters will try to glean the outcome of a match before it has happened. Although there are no guarantees in life, and especially with gambling, our dedicated team of darts lovers spend a lot of time watching and researching their favourite game in order to bring you who they think will win the major competitions. For our Masters predictions, check out the links below:

Ladbroke Masters Prediction FinalWe have reached the Final of the 2022 Ladbrokes Masters, and this is who we think will go on to lift the title.
Ladbroke Masters Prediction Semi-FinalsWe are now at the Semi-Finals stage of the 2022 Ladbrokes Masters, and here we take a look at who we think will make it to the final.
Ladbroke Masters Prediction Quarter-FinalsThe Second Round threw up some highly entertaining games, and now we are going to give you our predictions for the Quarter-Finals.
Ladbroke Masters Prediction Round 2After an exciting round 1, here's whom we have pegged to make it to the quarter-finals.
Ladbroke Masters Prediction Round 1The first round of the Ladbrokes Masters will be played on the 28th of January. With an exciting line-up, here's whom we think will deal the first blow.

Masters of Darts Betting Odds

The tenth edition of The Masters will take place from the 28th-30th of January and will be played at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. We now know the players that will be participating in this competition, and in the table below you can see the odds that some of the best bookmakers in the business are offering for each player to go ahead and win the title.

After each round, we will remove those players who have been eliminated.

PlayerBet365LadbrokesWilliam Hill
Joe Cullen1.801.802.00
Dave Chisnall2.002.002.10

Masters of Darts Markets

The great thing about betting on darts is that no matter what the competition is, there are always plenty of markets that you can put your money on. Below we are going to have a look at some of the main markets that you will be able to bet on when it comes to The Masters.

Match Winner

This is the most popular kind of darts bet and it is the type of bet that all new darts bettors should start with. All you are required to do with this particular market is choose the player that you think will win the match. If they go on to be victorious, then you will win your bet. If they lose and are eliminated from the tournament, then you lose your wager. It really does not come much simpler than that.

Tournament Winner

Instead of betting on who you think will win a particular match, you can put your money on the player that you think will go ahead and win the whole tournament. If the player that you back goes on to lift the trophy, you will make a tidy profit. We recommend that you place your bets early because the odds will decrease as the competition goes on.

Nine Dart Finish

If you love your football, then you will know how big of a deal a hat-trick is. If you love your snooker, then you will know that a 147 is a massive deal, too. With regard to darts, every player wants to make 9-dart finish in a game. For those who are new to darts, a nine-dart finish is when they check out from 501 with only nine darts. This is very hard to do, so it is something that will always come with high odds and a great profit if you bet on one happening and it does.

Most Maximums

The crowd absolutely love it when a player scores a 180, and you can make things even more entertaining by betting on the number of 180s that you think a player will score in the match. The sports betting site that you have an account with will give you a number such as 5.5, and then you have to decide whether that player will score five 180s or fewer (under) or 6 180s or more (over). Also, most the best sports betting sites will allow you to bet on the total number of 180s in the match, meaning the 180s from both players are combined.

Handicap betting

In a darts match, just like in a football game or a horse race, there will be a favourite at a really short price. This was very common when Phil Taylor was at the top of his game. However, although the favourite might have very short odds, you can get some better odds by giving them a handicap. For example, if Michael van Gerwen is playing someone that he is more than likely to beat, you can give him a three-leg disadvantage, meaning that his opponent will get a three-leg head start. Additionally, you can give the huge underdog an advantage - this will obviously decrease their odds, but you can still get a nice profit even if your chosen player does not go on to win the match.

Masters of Darts Tips

There are many tips that you can use when betting on darts tournaments such as The Masters to improve your chances of winning. You can obviously not use any tips if you do not want to, but do not be too shocked when you end up losing more bets than you win. Below you can find a number of great tips that you can use to bet on matches in The Masters.

Do Not Select One Player to Win the Tournament and Hope for the Best

Backing just one player and hoping that they will then go on to win is one of the most traditional betting strategies when it comes to darts. However, selecting a winner at the start of a tournament such as The Masters, is a tricky way to make a profit because if they have a bad game, they will be eliminated and your bet is over. Therefore, we recommend that you do a bit of research and place your money on two or three players to lift the trophy - okay, you might make a smaller profit than you would from betting on one, but we feel that it is better to win small amounts frequently instead of a huge amount every now and then.

Find Value in the 180s Betting Market

Darts is a really good sport when it comes to prop bets, or side markets as some people like to call them. These include wagers on whether a player will hit a 9-dart finish, or the player that will score the highest checkout, but we believe that the most value is to be had on predicting the player that will score the most 180s in a match.

During a game, there will only be two options for this bet - Player A and Player B. The sports betting site that you have an account with will often favour whoever the stronger player is. However, the player that is deemed to be the weaker one can still prevail in such a market even if they do go on to lose the game. Thus, you should do a bit of homework and search for players that score heavily regularly but tend to let themselves down a bit when pressured and have to land a double to win the leg.

An Accumulator Strategy

If you are considering sitting down to watch a night of The Masters but do not feel like paying attention to the whole competition, then the accumulator strategy is a great option. With an accumulator, also known as an accy, you have to try and predict the Darts Masters results of a number of matches and you will only win your wager if all of your predicted results come in.

Sometimes it will not be worth betting on one game because the odds available are just not good enough. There really is no point placing a bet on a player to win a match if you need to place a huge wager in order to win a small profit. However, if you bet on the winner of five matches, then the odds will be multiplied, which can lead to some great odds and huge profits if everything goes your way. Even if the accumulator does not turn out to be a winner, at least there would have been a lot of entertainment from it.

Top Masters of Darts Free Bets Offers

The sports betting world is a really competitive one and this is why sports betting sites need to think of different ways that they can be more appealing to new customers than their competitors. If their competitors are more attractive, then it is obvious that potential punters will decide to open an account with them instead. In a really competitive industry, it is important that a sports betting site attracts as many new punters as they can.

One way that sportsbooks try to outdo rivals is by offering bonuses that sports betting fans will find very tricky to turn down. In the table below, you can find five bookies that are offering what we feel to be the best bonuses on offer at this moment in time.

Bet365€50 worth of Bet Credits Claim Now
William HillPut Down a €10 Bet and Receive Free Bets Worth €30 Claim Now
888sportWager €10 and receive a free bet worth €30 Claim Now
BetVictorMake a €5 bet and get free bet bonuses that are worth €30Claim Now
UnibetGet up to €40 back if you lose your first race bet and €10 casino bonusClaim Now

N.B. When it comes to bonuses and promos, there is something that we must stress and this is that sports betting sites are always changing their offers in order to stay one step ahead of their rivals. Therefore, there is a chance that the offers that we just listed in the table above are not available when you go to register. Do not worry though, as the replacement offers are bound to be just as good. Also, when it comes to bonuses, you need to read the T&Cs that apply before you claim them so that you know important information such as the wagering requirements and how many days you have to spend the bonus money.

The Tournament Format

The format of this darts competition is pretty simple to understand. The top 24 players in the PDC Order of Merit are invited to take part in the competition, with the top eight ranked players getting a bye into the second round. Below you can find the necessary information for the different rounds.

First Round

There is no draw for the first round, the players that are ranked 9th to 24th play according to their rankings. For instance, the player that is ranked 9th will play the player that is ranked 24th, the player that is ranked 10th will play the player that is ranked 23rd, and so on. The first round is the best of 11 legs, meaning that the player who wins six legs first will advance to the next round. The loser is eliminated from the competition.

Second Round and Quarter-Finals

The winners of the first round will advance to the second round, where they will take on one of the top eight players that qualified for the second round automatically due to the fact that they were in the top eight before the competition started. The second round is the best of 19 legs, meaning that a player has to win ten legs to advance to the quarter finals. The quarter-finals are also the best of 19 legs.

Semi-Final and Final

The four winners from the quarter-finals will advance to the semi-finals, where they will play a match that is the best of 21 legs. This means that a player needs to win 11 legs in order to advance to the final, where it is also the best of 21 legs. The winner takes home a cheque of £60,000.

The 2022 Masters Schedule

The 2022 Masters will be played from the 28th-30th January. Below you can find tables with the matches for each round, and when we are sent the match ups, we will fill in the tables with the necessary information.

First Round - Best of 11

Date: 28th January

Ryan Searle vs Mervyn King6-1
Dimitri Van den Bergh vs Ian White6-2
Dave Chisnall vs Stephen Bunting6-0
Krzysztof Ratajski vs Gabriel Clemens6-5
Dirk van Duijvenbode vs Simon Whitlock2-6
Rob Cross vs Brendan Dolan6-2
Devon Petersen vs Luke Humphries1-6
Joe Cullen vs Daryl Gurney6-2

Second Round - Best of 19

Date: 29th January

Gerwyn Price vs Ryan Searle 10-8
Jonny Clayton vs Dimitri van den Bergh10-9
James Wade vs Dave Chisnall4-10
Michael Smith vs Krzysztof Ratajski10-6
Peter Wright vs Simon Whitlock8-10
José de Sousa vs Rob Cross10-7
Michael van Gerwen vs Luke Humphries10-9
Gary Anderson vs Joe Cullen10-1

Quarter-Final - Best of 19

Date: 30th January

Gerwyn Price vs Jonny Clayton8-10
Dave Chisnall vs Michael Smith10-8
Simon Whitlock vs José de Sousa9-10
Michael van Gerwen vs Joe Cullen7-10

Semi-Final - Best of 21

Date: 30th January

Jonny Clayton vs Dave Chisnall6-11
José de Sousa vs Joe Cullen8-11

Final - Best of 21

Date: 30th January

Dave Chisnall vs Joe CullenTBD

Masters of Darts Players

logo of Ladbrokes Masters and a photo of the top players of The Masters

In the world of darts, the PDC Order of Merit is important because this is what determines who will be playing at exclusive competitions such as the Masters. Below you can see the list of the 24 players that qualified for this competition and the rank that they achieved in order to do so.

1Gerwyn Price
2Peter Wright
3Michael van Gerwen
4James Wade
5Michael Smith
6Gary Anderson
7José de Sousa
8Jonny Clayton
9Dimitri Van den Bergh
10Rob Cross
11Joe Cullen
12Krzysztof Ratajski
13Dave Chisnall
14Nathan Aspinall
15Dirk van Duijvenbode
16Ryan Searle
17Mervyn King
18Simon Whitlock (in place of Danny Noppert)
19Luke Humphries
20Stephen Bunting
21Gabriel Clemens
22Daryl Gurney
23Brendan Dolan
24Ian White

Although we do not know the full contingent of players that will take part in this competition, there are some players who are basically guaranteed a spot in the tournament, and we are going to take a closer look at some of these right now.

Jonny Clayton

Jonny Clayton, known as "The Ferret", will take part in this tournament as he will be looking to defend the title that he won in 2021 when he beat Mervyn King 11-8 in the final. Clayton has had a pretty good 2021 - not only did he win the 2021 Masters, but he also won the World Grand Prix, the Premier League Darts, and the World Series of Darts Finals. He also made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup of Darts. If he keeps up this type of form, then there is a very good chance that he will manage to retain his Masters trophy.

Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen, known simply as MVG, is one of the best darts players in the world, and he held the number one ranking spot from 2014 until 2021. However, it must be said that he has had a pretty poor 2021 when compared to his usual high standards. He is currently ranked as number 3 in the PDC Order of Merit, so he will not drop out of the top 24 come January.

He has not won a single title in 2021, having been knocked out in the semi-finals of the Premier League Darts, World Series of Darts Finals, World Matchplay, and the UK Open. The aforementioned Clayton knocked him out of the 2021 Masters in the Second Round. While he has not been playing at his best as of late, you can never rule him out because he is such a talented player. In addition to this, he has won this competition a record five times, so he definitely knows how to win.

Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price used to play Rugby Union and Rugby League before switching to darts, and he has proved himself to be a very good player. In 2021, he won the PDC World Darts Championship to become the first man from Wales to win the competition. It also saw him overtake van Gerwen and become the new world number 1. As well as winning the PDC World Championship, he also made it to the semi-finals of the UK Open, The Masters, and the PDC World Cup of Darts. You would be a foolish man to bet against Price going on to win the 2022 Masters competition at the end of January.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright, also called "Snakebite", is a Scottish darts player that is known for his extravagant hairstyles and clothes, but he backs up his eccentric side by being very good at darts. He is currently ranked as the second-best darts player in the world. In 2021, he won the World Matchplay and the PDC World Cup of Darts and made it to the semi-finals of the The Masters. He will be looking to go one step better this time around, and if he plays as well as he can, then there is no reason why he cannot go on to win the whole tournament (for a second time) and get his 2022 off to a flyer.

Previous Winners

It is always interesting to take a look at previous winners of a tournament as this can give you a good idea as to who you might want to bet on when the next edition of the competition rolls around. This is why we have provided you with a table that shows you the winners from the previous nine editions of The Masters.

2013Phil Taylor10-1Adrian Lewis
2014James Wade11-10Mervyn King
2015Michael van Gerwen11-6Raymond van Barneveld
2016Michael van Gerwen11-6Dave Chisnall
2017Michael van Gerwen11-7Gary Anderson
2018Michael van Gerwen11-9Raymond van Barneveld
2019Michael van Gerwen11-5James Wade
2020Peter Wright11-10Michael Smith
2021Jonny Clayton11-8Mervyn King

So, as you can see from the above table, when van Gerwen makes it to the final, he does not seem to know how to lose. So, if he happens to make it to the final of the 2022 Masters, then you would be foolish to back against him. He just seems to be so cool when under pressure and has plenty of experience when it comes to winning big tournaments. You will also notice that no other player has won it twice, but you should not rule out Clayton or Wright picking up the trophy for the second time in their careers.


What is the Best Betting Site for Betting on the 2022 Masters?

Well, this is a very subjective question because we all have different opinions, which is what makes life so exciting. The best bookmaker for us might not be the best bookmaker for you, and that is totally fine. Thus, the only thing that we can say in order to answer this question is that the best betting site for betting on this competition is whatever one offers exactly what you are looking for. If you sign up with any of the bookies that we have mentioned, you will definitely have a great darts betting experience though.

How Do Players Qualify for the 2022 Masters?

The Masters is a dart tournament that is open to the top 24 players in the PDC Order of Merit ranking system. So, the best 24 players will be invited to take part in this tournament that is next scheduled to be played on the 29th-31st of January. This is why the ranking system is important in the world of darts because players that are low down will miss out on some of the better events.

What is the Prize Money for the Winner of the 2022 Masters?

The player that wins this competition will walk away with a cheque that is worth £60,000. Now, this is not the biggest cheque out there in the darting world, but it is definitely not bad for just a couple of days of work.

Who Will Go Ahead and Win the 2022 Masters?

This is definitely not something that is easy to predict as there are many players that will feel that they have what it takes to go on to win this competition. We would be tempted to put our money on someone like Peter Wright or Jonny Clayton as these two players have been in top form as of late.