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Hurling is the oldest and fastest field games in existence, having a place in Irish sporting history that goes back more than 3,000 years. References to this sport can be found in laws that were made back in the 5th century, and hurling matches are still among Irelands most highly attended sporting events. If you are interested in a bit of a guide to sport betting on hurling, then we highly recommend that you read this guide before you start. It will be well worth your time.

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Tips for Betting on Hurling

Betting on hurling is a relatively simple procedure, but there are still some tips that you should keep in mind when betting on this sport which is will increase your odds of making a profit. Below we are going to provide you with two tips that you would be wise to remember when you become a regular hurling bettor.

Keep a Record

Betting on sport involves having the ability to find value and manage your money. A great way to ensure that you keep doing both of these is to make a record of all your hurling bets. In the record you should write down the date that you made the bet, the tournament or match that you bet on, the bet type that you made, how big your stake was, the odds that were provided, and what your profit or loss was. If you do not make an effort to track your hurling bets, then you are dramatically decreasing the odds of you ending up with long-term profit.

When you have yourself a record of the hurling bets that you have made, then you will be able to keep an eye on your performances. You will get a good idea as to the type of bets that you win the most and the tournaments that you are good at predicting. To add to this, if you end up going on a bit of a losing streak, then you can have a look at the last losing streak you had and see how you managed to turn that one around.

Always Have a Look at Home and Away Performances

If you are thinking about betting on the away team to be the winners, then you should have a look at their away form before placing your bet. If the team that you are thinking of betting on has rubbish away form and are going to be playing a team that rarely loses at home, then it would be wise to put your money on a different team.

To add to this, when you are betting on one team to win, you have to pay close attention to their form instead of their reputation. This might sound obvious if you are an experience sports bettor, but you will be pretty surprised at how many novice bettors out there put their money on teams based on reputation and lose their money. Therefore, before betting on a particular team, check their form and if they are having a bit of a bad patch, we suggest that you do not bet on them.

Popular Hurling Bets to Make

With hurling, just like with any other sport that you can bet on, there are plenty of different bet types that you can entertain yourself with. However, not every bet has been created equally. Below we are going to take a look at a couple of the best types of bets that you can make when betting on hurling.

Total number of points in the match: This is a fun type of bet to place because in order to win it, you need the two teams to score above or below a certain number of points. Therefore, if you have bet on there to be over a certain number of points, you can cheer both the teams on when they are attacking. However, if you have gone for under, you will be able to cheer every single time a team fluffs their lines. You will not win a huge amount of money with this bet (unless you go for a huge stake), but you will certainly be entertained.

Accumulator: These are great bets to make as they are highly entertaining and give you the chance to win large sums of money. To make a hurling accumulator, you simply have to make pick four teams or more and add them to the same betting slip. Their odds will then be multiplied together, which will give you the total odds for your bet. Remember that with an accumulator bet, you need to get every selection right if you are going to walk away with a nice win.

The Competition to Follow

There are different hurling competitions that take place in Ireland throughout the year, but the one that the Irish public care about the most is the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. Just like with the Gaelic equivalent, team from across Ireland compete for the right to compete in the final, which is attended by thousands of fans, in September. So, if you are looking for the best teams and best players to bet on, then this is the hurling competition that you should follow.

The Team to Follow

There are a number of great teams in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship, but there are three that always seem to go deep into the competition, and these are Kilkenny, Cork, and Tipperary. Kilkenny have won the trophy a record 36 times, Cork have won it 28 times, while Tipperary have won it 28 times and are current holders. So, if you are new to hurling and are looking for a team to follow, you be making a wise decision if you chose one of these.

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