This is the Only Guide You Need for Golf Betting

The professional golf scene is now more competitive than it has ever been, there can be no doubt about that. Take the time to read the following guide and you will find all the information that you need to know about betting on this sport.

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Tips for Golf Betting

When it comes to golf betting, the choice is endless. Many of the best golfers in the world come from Europe, with Irishmen Rory McIlroy, P Harrington, and Shane Lowry being three of them. There are plenty of sports betting sites, old and new, where Irish golf fans can join to bet on this entertaining sport.

You can jump right in and start betting on golf right away, but if relying on luck is your only golf betting strategy then you are going to end up with a lot more losses than you will wins. When you are gambling, luck will never always be on your side, so it is better to make use of valuable free tips instead. Below we have provided you with some great free golf betting tips that will definitely improve your chances of being successful.

Pay Attention to the Conditions

One big error that novice golf betting fans make quite often is that they ignore the conditions. The conditions on the day can have a very big impact on the golfers that have an advantage and those that are disadvantaged. You might be sitting there thinking to yourself that you do check the conditions, so this does not apply to you, but there is a chance that you are checking the wrong things. When you are betting on golf, you need to remember that conditions might not be the same all day. A golfer that tees off early will more than likely have different conditions to contend with than a golfer who tees off later. For instance, things like moisture, wind, and heat will change throughout the day.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you have a look at the conditions leading up to the event. For example, is it going to be sunny and dry? If so, then you might feel that the greens will be a bit tough and that there could be some roll that will favour some of the golfers more than the others. But what if there is a lot of rain the evening before the event? Obviously, in this case, the course will be wet, and the ball could even plug in the turf at some points. Therefore, before you go ahead and make a golf bet, it is important that you take into consideration the time of day they will be playing as well as the conditions they have to play in. This will help you to make some smart bets, and smart bets mean a higher chance of winning money.

Do Not Treat All Courses as Equals

In the golfing world, it is very safe for us to say that no two courses are exactly the same. If golf events took place on the same courses all the time, then things would get a bit boring and the same players would end up winning all of the time. Luckily, this is something that does not happen because golf courses all have their own characteristics. For instance, some courses will be better suited for strong putters, while other courses will be better for golfers that hit a long ball. Thus, since every course is unique, you really cannot approach a golf event with the same strategy. Before you start betting, you have to do some homework on the golf course that is being used. By doing this, you can find out what type of golfers it will give an advantage to. We recommend that you view a golf podcast or two from Steve Bamford as well as these can often provide you with some great free information that can improve your odds of winning. Agoodtalkgolf is another great podcast that you should get into the habit of listening to.

Popular Golf Bets to Make

There are many different markets that you can bet on when watching golf, and this is one of the main reasons why it is a popular sport for people to bet on. Below we shall take a look at some of popular golf betting markets.

Tournament Winner: With this betting market, you are simply just trying to guess which golfer will be lifting the trophy at the end of the tournament. For example, if you predict Paul Casey to win and he does, you will win your wager and walk away with a very nice profit. If you predict wrongly, then you lose your stake. It really is as simple as that.

Each Way: However, there are usually well over 100 golfers participating at a tournament, so it makes a lot of sense to pick a golfer that is not a favourite and then place an each-way bet. By doing this, you are essentially placing one bet on that particular golfer, for example, Steve Stricker or Lee Williams, to win the event and another bet on them to end up in the top 5 or 6 - this will depend on the bookie that you have an account with.

The Leading Golfer after the First Round: Do you have a feeling that one of the participants will get off to a flyer because they are teeing off before anyone else? When a golfer is the first to start, they get the chance to make first use of the greens and do not have any scoreboard pressure hovering above their head. This is a fantastic golf betting market as it provides golf fans with the opportunity to win some money by placing a bet on a golfer that is known to get off to great starts nut fades as the tournament progresses.

Finish in the Top 10 or 20: There will always be golf players that regularly finish in the top 10 or top 20 but rarely threaten the business end of the table. Since they do not come close to lifting trophies, the majority of bookmakers will not pay much attention to them, meaning that they will often have decent odds. If you take the time to do your homework properly, you can make a nice sum of money by betting on certain golfers to end up in the top 10.

The Competitions to Follow

When it comes to golf, there are plenty of tournaments that you can bet on throughout the year, which is great as it means that you will never get bored. However, there are some events that are more prestigious than others and these are the ones that you should concentrate on betting on. Two of these are the Masters and the Open Championship, and we are now going to take a closer look these.

Masters Golf Betting

The US Masters is one of four classic major golf tournaments in the calendar year on the PGA and European Tour. It is carried out at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia during the first week of April every year. The tournament is made up of 4 rounds of 18 holes each, with the first round being played on a Thursday and the final round being played on the Sunday. When the second round has come to an end, there will be a cut off score in order to trim the field for the last two rounds. If there is no winner after the final round on Sunday, there will be a sudden death playoff. Play starts on the 18th hole and then goes to the nearby 10th hole, and this is repeated until there is a winner.

Since 1949, those who have won this prestigious tournament have been presented with a Green Jacket. It is the most iconic sporting awards and the most sought-after prize in the golfing world. Sam Snead was the first golfer to win the Green Jacket. Jack Nicklaus has won this event more times than anyone else, having won it six times. The youngest winner of the Masters is Tiger Woods as he picked up the trophy at just 21 years old. Not only was Woods the youngest winner ever, but he won by 12 strokes which was the biggest margin of victory in the Masters. An Irishman has never won this prestigious trophy.

Betting Open Golf Championship

Known as the Open Championship, this is another classic major tournament on the PGA and European Tour that takes place in Britain (the course changes each year) and is the most prestigious and oldest golf tournament in the world, having first been played in 1860. This tournament sees 156 golfers play in a 72-hole stroke play event over 4 days, with 18 holes played on each day, depending on the weather. The event is usually played on thirst Thursday of July and ends the following Sunday. When 36 holes have been completed, the top 70 players will advance to the final 36 holes. By the end of the play on Sunday, the golfer with the highest below par score will be crowned the Open Champion and will receive the Claret Jug.

As mentioned above, Jack Nicklaus has won the Masters a record six times, but he has never managed to win the Open Championship, having finished in second place a record six times. Harry Vardon is the most successful player in the Open Championship having lifted the title six times. The youngest Open Champion is Young Tom Morris, who was just 17 years old when he won the title in 1868. He went on to win the next three Opens, which is a feat nobody else has ever managed. The winner of this tournament now takes home a crisp £1.5 million. Irish champions of this prestigious tournament include Fred Daly (1947), Paddy Harrington (2007 and 2008), Darren Clarke (2011), Rory McIlroy (2014), and Shane Lowry (2019).

Players to Follow

There are a number of fantastic golf players playing on the circuit at the moment, but some are better than others. In our opinion, you should definitely keep an eye on the following ten golfers. At the time of writing, these were the top ten players in the Official World Golf Ranking:

  1. Dustin Johnson
  2. Jon Rahm
  3. Justin Thomas
  4. Rory McIlroy
  5. Bryson DeChambeau
  6. Webb Simpson
  7. Colin Morikawa
  8. Xander Schauffele
  9. Patrick Cantlay
  10. Tyrell Hatton

You should keep a close eye on the golf rankings as players are changing places all of the time. Therefore, this is a good way to keep an eye on which players are on form. There will be new rankings provided each week, so remember to check regularly. When such valuable information is on offer at the click of a button, you would be a bit foolish not to make use of it.

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