Steven Brown

Steven grew up in the football-mad town of Cannock, Staffordshire, in the UK, but he was introduced to rugby at the age of 11. He was a keen player in his youth before going on to set up a successful sports agency, working with rugby stars such as Leicester legend and England captain, Martin Corry.

Steven’s great love for the game has also led him to exemplary coaching success, having coached men’s and youth teams in the UK, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Malta. Steven is currently back in the UK, coaching his local side, Telford Hornets.

Steven's long career in rugby has culminated in a lot of highlights, but the two he would highlight as his favourites as a follows:

  1. Steven helped to establish a new U14s outfit for Tamaki College in Auckland and organised to have six All Blacks to lead a one-and-a-half-hour coaching and QA session for the team. The team went on that year to win their league and to come runners-up in their regional division.
  2. From his exemplary success, Steven was invited to attend a Best Coaches conference in Auckland, wherein he was able meet and pick the brains of one of his coaching idols, Graham Henry.

Steven's Prediction Results

Steven's wealth of knowledge has put him at the forefront of sports writer. His overall 2023 predictions accuracy currently lies at ✔️ 81.71%


CompetitionCorrect PredictionsPercentage
Rugby World Cup 202339 out of 4881.25%
Summer Internationals 202313 out of 1872.22%
Six Nations 202314 out of 15 (plus correct outright)93.75%


CompetitionCorrect PredictionsPercentage
Autumn Nations Series 202213 out of 2259.09%
Six Nations 202211 out of 1573.33%

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