Britain Play Casino: An Upcoming Showstopper of a Casino

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New online casinos arrive on the gambling scene constantly. Some are absolutely fabulous. Others? Well, best not to think of those. What we have here then, is a prospect that we are hoping falls into the former category: Britain Play Casino. Now, we must highlight, probably obvious from the name, that this is a British casino that is available to UK players only, so Irish casino players, you're sadly out of luck. However, we think you should read on, because it is nice to learn about various casinos from across the world, so that you can compare to the best Irish online casinos; and who knows? Maybe they'll realise they need to open the door to the Irish market too.

With that in mind, let's check out this new online casino in our Britain Play Casino review.

What Slot Games at Britain Play Should I Look out for?

This Britain play review is now going to take a look at the games that could be on offer. Obviously, the games that are available at a casino, whether land-based or online, are something that is important. If a provider wants to make it as a new online casino, it is imperative to give casino players what they want. That's why, as it must seem obvious, that many providers offer hundreds of slot games on their site. With that in mind, we are hoping to see Britain Play offering around 600-700 games available to play; that way, whatever wants there are for what Britons play usually should be addressed and this casino for Brits won't disappoint.

Below, we will delve into Britain Play casino games that could be on offer. It is worth pointing out that we are speculating on these at this stage, as the casino is still yet to launch, but we will be updating this Britain Play online casino review when the site is live, to bring you as much up-to-date information as possible.

Below are some popular games that you might be able to find at Britain Play Casino:

  • Starburst™
  • Book of Kings™
  • 243 Crystal Fruits™
  • 777Strike™
  • Solar Temple™

What Britain Play Table Games Can I Expect?

While slots are very popular, owners of online casinos are aware that there are some players that prefer to play table games. Slots are fun for their fast-paced play, fantastic graphics, and interesting themes, but some prefer the skill aspect that comes with table games, and find the slightly slower pace more of a relaxing time.

What can we expect to see from this new online casino in terms of card and table games then? We are hoping to see a lot of variations on these classic casino games:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps

Can I Expect a Britain Play Live Casino?

Sometimes players will feel like having a more immersive gambling experience, and, thanks to some very innovate technology developments, casinos have figured out how to deliver what feels like the real thing straight to your home or on-the-go. This means any good-quality online casino will offer their players a live casino feature. What exactly is live casino> some new to the world of online gambling may ask. Put simply, a live casino is a set-up whereby there is a studio with live casino games, built to look like a regular casino, with special HD cameras that stream all of the action. There will be a variety of live casino games for you to play, such as blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and all of your other favourites, and these have live dealers and other live players, all interacting in real time.

When it comes to live casino play, one of the important decisions any new online casino, or even your famous names, will consider is which software developers to partner with. There are numerous choices for, but we are hoping this British casino have opted for some of the following top live casino providers:

Will I Be Able to Play Britain Play on Mobile?

Nowadays, there are more and more online casino fans that want the choice of being able to play their favourite games on their mobile devices. Well, what the customer wants, the customer gets. That's why most online casino providers spend so much time developing their mobile gambling experience. If Britain Play hope to compete with the big players in the industry, you can bet they will want to capitalise on the Britain Play mobile side of things. How can they achieve that result seamlessly? Easy! Their website will most likely be crafted using the latest HTML coding, to ensure maximum mobile compatibility across most major modern smartphones and tablets.

Is There a Britain Play Mobile App?

To go one step further on the Britain Play mobile journey, the brand could unveil their own Britain Play app. Casino apps ensure faster speeds, sculpted interfaces, and smooth gameplay, to bring you that extra zest to your casino gaming. What if there is no Britain Play app though? Not to worry: you should still be able to access all of your favourite Britain Play casino games via your preferred browser. Just head to the website, enter your Britain Play login details, and you should be good to go!

What Payment Methods at Britain Play Will There Be?

So, you've decided that you want to dabble in a bit of online casino and that Britain Play Casino may be the place for you. Hold your horses! Before you are going to be able to play any Britain Play slots or table games, you are going to need to be able to make Britain Play deposits - and you will also want to be able to withdraw money from your account. With that in mind, we should consider what payment options are going to be available.

Casinos are aware that not everyone wants to use the same payment method as everyone else, so they often provide several ways for you transfer money to your account. How will you be able to make a Britain Play deposit to your account then? On our wish list are a lot of the most common payment service providers, that most people should be able to find at least one method they prefer:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer
  • ecoPayz

Will Britain Play Provide Responsible Gambling Features?

A lot of people may underestimate the importance of gambling responsibly, but this is an idea which should be treated with the utmost importance. Online gambling can be a lot of fun, but it is addictive. To make sure that you have fantastic fun rather than being left in unfortunate circumstances, a lot of online casinos offer special responsible gambling services, in order to help you keep in control.

As this Brit Casino will operate inside the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission, they will certainly have to include tools for responsible gambling within their framework. That means that if you want to set limits on your BritainPlay deposits or take time out with self-exclusion options, you should be able to do so.

If you need help with any type of gambling addiction, check out the following websites:

Final Thoughts on Britain Play

We may not know all of the details about Britain Play Casino just yet, but we are sure excited for when it will be released in Britain soon. UK players should be able to grab an amazing experience from this new online casino, because we suspect that they will have a wide variety of BritainPlay slots and table games to play.

When it comes to the Britain play welcome bonus offer, we do not know what to expect, but we can imagine that it will be a mix of bonus credit and free spins, and we suspect it will be something big to rope in a lot of players quickly, in order to get them hitting the ground running. Watch this space!

Overall, though, it is always great when new casinos enter the market as they can force another online casino that is slacking to up their game. Let's see if Britainplay Casino can do just that.


Is BritainPlay Legal in Ireland?

With the right UK licence, BritainPlay will be legal for UK casino players. As it happens though, that will make no difference for us Irish, as we still won't have the new online casino available to us. Here's hoping that will change soon!

Do I Need a BritainPlay Bonus Code? 

We are not sure if it will be a case of a tick-box, a bonus code, or on the deposit page. What we do know is that there may be all numbers of bonuses up for British players, but none of these will be available to Irish casino players just yet.

What Is the Payout Time? 

Payout times differ between transaction options. If you want to withdraw using your credit or debit card, for example, you will experience a different payout time to using a payment service such as Skrill. Whatever the case, transactions usually take, at most, 10 days, but BritainPlay may also offer payment methods that only take up to 24 hours.

What Banking Options Do They Offer? 

We all know that casinos are more user friendly when they offer a greater range of payment options. That must be obvious. We are therefore hoping that BritainPlay acknowledges this, and provides its players with everything from your usual VISA and MasterCard credit card payments to your more unusual options. We also think a cryptocurrency payment system for something like Bitcoin could really help BritainPlay to stand out amongst its competitors.

What Is the RTP%?

It's hard to put an exact number on the return to player of an online casino per se, but most slots work on the premise of around 95-97%. It would of course be nice to see BritainPlay providing games with a higher RTP, but whether this will or could happen will remain to be seen.

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