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When it comes to classic and traditional games, one truly does stand out and that is Blackjack. This card game is loved by players in Ireland and provides a great array of variant gaming for those wanting to play blackjack online with a difference.

Best Casinos to Play Blackjack Online
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Blackjack StrategyBlackjack is a game where you can use various strategies to increase your chances of winning. In this guide, we will take a comprehensive look at the common blackjack strategies.
Blackjack RulesBlackjack is a game that does not have many rules, but it is vital that you do know the few rules that do apply. This is where this blackjack rules page will come in handy for you.

Playing Blackjack Online for Real Money

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Playing blackjack online is one of the easiest card games among the rest. It is a card game that holds one objective throughout all its different variants – to score as close to 21 from your hand and not go over (bust).

This is the objective to beat the dealer, simply better their hand without going bust!

This works through a number of moves if required. A game can simply be won from your first to cards. There are, however, further options to implement in the game should your hand be weak.

Note: Playing online is no different from land-based casinos. The rules are the same and so too are the odds. One thing must be mentioned, and this is, that by playing online, your gaming option is more than 10 times that of any casino based on the high street.

Online Blackjack Terminologies

There aren’t too many terminologies to learn within the game of blackjack, but they are worth making note of in case you decide to play the game on a live table with other players. You would not want to look stuck because you didn’t understand something that was said, as you will be able to chat with both members and dealers.

1: The Card Values: Cards retain their face value and face cards above ten (J, Q, K) are valued as 10. An Ace can be regarded as 1 or a score of 11.

2: Place Your Bets: Before anything is done, all players must put their bets down first, so you will need to select your chip value and place it on the table.

3: The Dealer Deals: You will be dealt two cards face down; the dealer will have two cards also but only one will be face down.

4: Decision Time: Now is your time to decide how you will approach the game to achieve the ideal hand to win. This is where the game moves come into play:

(a) Stand: This means you are happy with the cards and you wish to pass the game over to the dealer to complete their hand and conclude the game.

(b) Hit: Opting for a hit means you are able to receive a free card or cards to help bolster your hand to reach 21.

(c) Double Down: This move indicates to the dealer that you wish to buy and another single card and increase the bet. You may have heard the term of always doubling down on 11, well this is because regardless of what is dealt, you cannot go bust.

(d) Split: The move of a split is to separate your hand and play two instead of one. You will place a second wager down and develop two hands, to which, you can hit on them or double down (depending on the variant).

5: After making the required move that hopefully doesn’t leave you going bust, the possession of play is passed to the dealer.

6: The dealer will at this point reveal both cards to expose their hand, the dealer is able to hit and in some blackjack variants are forced to do so if on a soft 17, for example.

7: The payout, should your hand or hands (if splitting) be better than the dealers, then you win!

StandNo additional move and passing move to the dealer.
HitRequesting the dealer to issue a further card from the deck.
SplitTwo cards of the same value are separated to form two new hands.
Double DownDoubling your bet for a single card in return.
Soft HandWhen using an Ace with a value of 11.
Hard HandWhen using an Ace with a value of 1, or having no Aces in your hand.
BustYou have exceeded the total of 21.

What is the House Edge When Playing Blackjack Online?

The term House Edge is basically the casino’s advantage over you as a player before the game is even played! The amount of edge the casino/house has over the player is measured as a percentage.

How this works and as an example, if a casino game held a house edge of 50% then neither casino nor player has an overall advantage. This is the way of both real money land-based casinos and online operators. There are very few games that will yield an equal share of chance, but as it happens, blackjack is the best casino game that offers an almost 50/50 chance with the house edge coming in at 0.4% to 0.5%. This is a payback percentage of 99.5%+ so you are close to breaking even when you play.

Now, to be clear, there is a distinction in gaming when it comes to blackjack online and inside of land-based casinos.

(a) Online casino games are programmed to have this payout rate.

(b) Land-based casinos do not have this programmed because they are played live.

Note: The edge on a game can change during, depending on what decks are used, if the dealer lands a soft 17, and if you split or double down.

Tip: Stick as closely to variants of blackjack where the house edge is literally fractional.

Online Blackjack Strategies and Tips

Is there a winning strategy that can help you become rich through playing blackjack online?

Well, the reality is, if there was a strategy that was 100% perfect we would all be so rich by now, the game wouldn’t be available. So, let’s knock the idea that there is a fool-proof plan that will help you win all the time out of the park, as they say. It is just not going to happen. So, what is there? What is left, other than pure blind luck, in achieving something when playing the blackjack game?

Well, there are a number of things you could do, that will have an effect on you and, in turn, have an impact on the blackjack game.

What follows are some tips and strategies.

✅ Pay Attention: It’s all too easy to become displaced playing online and most rewards come by focusing on the game.

✅ Card Decks: The few the decks being used, immediately a better edge on the game will apply.

✅ Know the Game: Practice makes a player better and discovering the game inside and out has its benefits.

✅ Pick the Right Table: Aim for the tables where 21 Blackjack is paid at 3 to 2 and avoid 6 to 5.

✅ Ignore Card Counting: It simply will not work online because deck numbers are unknown and shoes are replaced too frequently.

888 Casino
€1500+ 88 Free Spins

18+ | New players only | Min. deposit 20EUR | Bonus validity 14 days from receipt | Free spins given within 5 days from bonus activation, 20 free spins a day | Wagering req. : 30x bonus and deposit | Wagering, banking, apply | Play Responsibly |

Blackjack Online Bonuses for Ireland

Casino promotions are abundant, every online operator has them and though they are there to provide assistance, there is no obligation to use them or claim them.

Promotions vary just like the casinos online. Each site offers its own special selection with its own unique Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

There are a number of different casino bonuses that can be used for the purpose of playing blackjack games both as a live dealer card game or with one of many RNG virtual machines.

If we take the example of a Welcome Bonus, you will find that a majority of them in the top 10 list offers new players cash credit and free spins. Now, the money can indeed be used across all blackjack gaming formats. The free spins themselves can be used on RNG machine games, as they are built just like slots.

You will, of course, have to read the T&Cs for the finer details regarding any and all bonuses made available.

One key point regarding any blackjack bonus is the wagering requirement rule. What this does is permit users of the bonus to meet the rewarded cash bonus with a returned amount which is multiplied by the wagering requirement terms. If this is met, then winnings from the bonus money can be withdrawn.

So, if you receive €100 more money, and the wagering is 40 x that amount, you must deposit and play through €4,000 within a period of either 30, 60, or 90 days till the bonus becomes expired and void!

We only advise you to take bonuses if you are financially able to cover the costs of these wagering requirement terms.

Live Blackjack – Play Against a Live Dealer

Players in Ireland have the unique opportunity to take the passion for online gaming to the next level. If you want to have the most realistic gaming experience possible, then it is all about venturing into the Live Casino platforms of Ireland’s best online casinos.

What is live gaming? Well, it is a streaming service that comes directly from the developer’s studio and broadcast live to all the top casinos of the world and here in Ireland.

Who is the developer? Evolution Gaming. Consecutive 11-time award-winning live software developer, which, by rights, should be their company name having innovated, built, and outsourced the entire spectrum of live gaming online first!

What you have here ladies and gentlemen is the most immersive form of gameplay online that even allows you to communicate with the table’s host and dealer. Should you be in a multiplayer environment, you can liaise with them also.

With Evolution Gaming technology, you can access these live casino games from any device, including your mobile. There are VIP tables and a host of blackjack variants that include the following games:

✅ Speed Blackjack

✅ Infinite Blackjack

✅ Free Bet Blackjack

✅ Power Blackjack

✅ Salon Privé

✅ Blackjack Party

…and many others for you to discover.

Real games, real tables, real cards, real dealers, all played in real-time.

Popular Live Blackjack Variants in Ireland

Let us now bring the card game to you in finer detail. Here we discuss the four most popular blackjack variants being played in Ireland right now. Head into the top casinos on the Irish market and these are the four being played day and night, so let’s have a look at what they each have to offer.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack in itself is a variant that is separate from the RNG machines that play like slot machines. The format of live blackjack is very much the option for any blackjack enthusiast. The options include VIP tables and access to blackjack tournaments. What the live tables also offer is side betting like Perfect Pairs and features like Deal Now and Bet Behind.

Free Bet Blackjack

Associated with the Evolution Gaming Infinite range, the game variant allows you to use betting features like Free Double Down and Free Split. In addition, you get to select any four side bets and play the Six Card Charlie rule.

Speed Blackjack

Speed blackjack, well, it does what it says. Fast gaming and action await. Here in this variant both player and dealer can hit, split, or double down. The key is all about making the right decision the fastest, move first and you get the next card first.

Salon Privé

High roller? Then welcome to your table. This is one for the players looking to play with a bit of exclusivity. With this variant the stakes are high! The VIP treatment also comes with your own room manager whereby you can control the speed of the game, the shuffle, and the ambience of the Salon Privé game.

✅ Evolution Gaming

✅ Mobile Compatible

✅ Live VIP Tables

✅ 888Xtra Bonus (T&Cs apply)

✅ 888VIP Bonus (T&Cs apply)

If you want to experience the complete package from blackjack games to blackjack bonuses, then we highly recommend joining 888 Casino.

Over 10 different blackjack tables. 2 x exclusive 888 blackjack bonuses. Total access to all games via Android and iOS mobiles. 888 Casino also has the largest banking section in the top 10 casino’s list featuring Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, MasterCard, and plenty of others.

Get instant gaming with fast payments, by joining 888 Casino and experience the best blackjack package in Ireland.

Playing Online Blackjack on Mobile Devices

Access every table that hosts a blackjack game directly from your mobile. Play at home or on the go, no matter where you are or when you want to play, there is always direct and instant access to blackjack games online.

You can play live dealer games from your phone and hundreds of RNG machines that capture very variant made for the card game.

  • Free app downloads
  • High quality gaming and graphics
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Mobile ID security synchronicity
  • Blackjack 24/7

Free Blackjack Vs. Playing for Real Money

How you play is your own personal preference. Some players have no desire to gamble and play with real money online. It is enough to just enjoy the game to help kill some time. The option of free gaming is available through our site where you can access authentic free blackjack games made by the best software developers online. They are there to have fun with and practice.

Alternatively, you can rock up to the best casinos in Ireland and win real money form the blackjack tables at the risk of losing as well. The choice is yours and here is a look at the pros and cons of playing for free and with real money when it comes to blackjack.

Free BlackjackReal Money Blackjack
✅ No sign up , no deposit, and no download required✅ Win real money
✅ There are over 60 different free blackjack games available✅ Access live dealer blackjack tables
✅ Play with zero risks✅ Use exclusive online casino bonuses
✅ Official demo games by licensed developers<✅ Multiplayer blackjack tables
❌ No free live games✅ Join more than one blackjack casino
❌ Not every variant of blackjack is free❌ You can lose money gambling

How we Rank Blackjack Online Real Money Casinos

We are renegades of the online gambling industry. 9 to 5 jobs have been worked and playing professional within casinos for many years has led this team of misfits to expose the truths of online casinos and to represent them for what they are, in order to give you the advantage you need and to give you the only honest advice you will find online when it comes to playing real money blackjack. Helping us as advisors are strict policies – criteria for having a perfect product to pass on to you.

Our Criteria:

  • Licensed & Regulated Casinos Only
  • Blackjack Games Selections
  • Bonuses with Fair Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)
  • Highest Return to Player (RTP) Score
  • Banking Options & Fast Payments
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Professional Customer Support

Failure on a site to meet our criteria will not be included here. Only the best make it this far after we personally try and test all casinos, all features, and all services and run background checks to make sure your safety and legal rights are met with no hesitation.

Online Blackjack FAQs

How does playing blackjack online differ from land-based casinos? 

There is one clear and obvious difference and that is choice. Playing online blackjack gives you access to 10 times more games. As a game itself, nothing changes, the rules and odds of winning are the same. Online you can now access live blackjack, so you are still betting on real games that use real tables and cards and it's all streamed live in real-time.

Which are the best casinos to play online blackjack in Ireland? 

There are many great casinos online within the top 10 of Ireland that can all provide award-winning live games developed by Evolution Gaming, who are the world's #1 option. For a complete package and experience, so you get the games, the bonuses, and everything else, we currently recommend these three IE Casinos:

Shouldn't I claim a casino bonus to play blackjack online?

Claiming any bonus online is relative to the player and their needs and budget. Is claiming a bonus absolutely essential? No. Bonuses are not there to give player an instant hit of riches from free spins or from cash credit. It's mainly there to attract players and to give them a sample of what is possible. Sure you can win something, but no-one has every made a substantial profit from what is rewarded.

If you still want to claim a blackjack bonus, please refer to the Terms and Conditions before you use it.

What are the odds of blackjack when playing online?

The blackjack odds are favourable to players. It is, in fact, the best game to play of all casino games when it comes to the house edge. The casino only has 0.46% advantage over the player before the game has started. Compared to other games this is amazing in terms of odds.

Why should I never buy insurance when playing blackjack online?

Insurance is a side bet option that doesn't carry any profitable weight. There is no gain from a side bet like this and will actually deplete the fund quicker, so best to avoid it.

Do strategies work when playing blackjack online?

There are key strategies that can benefit a players performance but there is no magic tip that can help you to win all the time and every time. It is suggested that practice is the best strategy, from this you can learn which games are more profitable and you can learn to manage a budget, given that blackjack is a game of patience when building your pot.

I am Irish, can I play online blackjack against a live dealer?

Yes, 100%! The is an abundance of casinos in the Irish top 10 list that are able to provide players with award-winning live dealer blackjack games. You will also be able to access live casino bonuses and play these games from your mobile.

More games are reviewed below: