Roulette Odds, Payouts and Probability Guide (2021)

Following on from our guide on roulette rules, we now focus on Roulette Odds. We will be looking at the game entirely from an odds-based point of view and how the chance of winning affects the game of Roulette and its players. Knowing about the odds will help to reveal an entirely new dynamic about the game that many players a completely unaware of. This will help you select the right types of roulette that will give you better odds to win from.

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Roulette Odds and Payouts

With this roulette odds guide, you will know how to calculate the odds within the roulette game and understand more about the Roulette Payout available. You will know about the different types of bet that can be played and work. You will also discover how you can turn the roulette wheel to your own advantage.

The game of roulette throws us two main groups of betting: you have the inside bets and the outside bets. These names come from their positions on the roulette table. The outside bets create a higher chance for players to win, but these outside bets come with smaller payouts to players.

The inside bet come with less probability if you play the chips on them, but should you win a bet, the returns are much bigger!

Knowing things like the odds can help players in building strategies when gambling online and as they build systems to reduce the house edge over the game.

The table below highlights the odds and the roulette payout you get with European Roulette (37 numbers) and American Roulette (38 numbers). We also added French Roulette as this is another popular Roulette game variant online and as a player you might be interested in how to win real money from this game.

Roulette BetPayout European RouletteAmerican RouletteFrench Roulette
Single Number35 to 12.70%2.60%2.70%
2 Number Combination17 to 15.4%5.3%5.4%
3 Number Combination11 to 18.1%7.9%8.1%
4 Number Combination8 to 110.8%10.5%10.8%
5 Number Combination6 to 113.5%13.2%13.5%
6 Number Combination5 to 116.2%15.8%16.2%
Column2 to 132.40%31.6%32.40
Dozen2 to 132.40%31.6%32.40
Even/Odd1 to 148.60%47.4%48.60
Red/Black1 to 148.60%47.4%48.60
Low/High1 to 148.60%47.4%48.60

Outside Bets

The outside bet will often provide players the greatest chance to receive a payout. These bets, for example, include odd, even, black or red, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Half of the game’s possible outcomes are covered by the outside bet. But because the high chance is there, you may not get a high return as these come with a payout of 1 to 1.

There are slightly better odds of 2 to 1 that come from the dozen and column bets, these both cover 12 numbers and come with a 1 in 3 chance of a win from the wheel spin.

Red or Black: If your bet comes in with the ball landing on the colour you chose, the payout is 1 to 1.

Odd or Even: If the ball lands on either an odd or even number and your bet wins, the payout is 1 to 1.

Low or High: Betting low covers the numbers 1 to 18, betting high covers 19 to 36, the payout for a correct bet is 1 to 1.

Column: There are three columns in the game, these are the rows 1 – 34, 2 – 35, and 3 – 36. A correct bet pays out at 2 to 1.

Dozens: There are 3 areas that cover the first 12, the second 12 and the third 12. If you place a chip in the correct section, you’ll be in line for a payout at 2 to 1.

  • Odds/Even, Black/Red, Low/High: European Odds = 48.65%
  • Odds/Even, Black/Red, Low/High: US Odds = 47.37%
  • Odds/Even, Black/Red, Low/High: French Roulette = 48.65%

Inside Bets

The inside bet is for those that are feeling lucky, with higher odds and a bigger return in money from a successful spin. The odds, however, are high for a reason. The lower chance refers to specific number single bets and sets of numbers within the table layout.

Your inside bets are:

Single Number: By correctly selecting one single number after the wheel spins, you will receive a roulette payout at 35 to 1.

Split: By picking two adjacent numbers like 4 and 5 or 4 and 7, or 4 and 1, you will land a roulette payout of 17 to 1

Street: The street bet covers rows of three numbers like 1, 2, and 3, or 7, 8, and 9. If the ball lands on any number in this line of three, the payout is 11 to 1.

Corner: You can make a bet on four numbers by placing your chip central to a group like 16, 17, 19, and 20. This payout stands at 8 to 1.

Basket: This bet is only available on the American Roulette table and uses both the single zero and the double zero. This time the chip is placed to cover 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The roulette payout is 6 to 1.

Line: The Line bet encompasses two Street bets, this totals 6 numbers as the chip is placed between two rows of three i.e. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30. The roulette payout is 5 to 1.

  • Single Number: European Odds = 2.7% / US Odds = 2.6% / French Roulette = 2.7%
  • Split: European Odds = 5.4% / US Odds = 5.3% / French Roulette = 5.4%
  • Street: European Odds = 8.1% / US Odds = 7.9% / French Roulette = 8.1%
  • Corner Bet: European Odds = 10.8% / US Odds = 10.5% / French Roulette = 10.8%
  • Line Bet: European Odds = 16.2% / US Odds = 15.8% / French Roulette = 16.2%
  • Basket Bet: European Odds = N/A% / US Odds = 13.2% / French Roulette = N/A%

Announced Bets

Called or Announced bets can and will vary from the above list selection of bets. This is part of a side betting feature that only exists with the French Roulette variant. With this side bet option, the bets are grouped along different sections of the classic roulette wheel. This completely removed betting away from the table. Here are all of the Fixed Called Bets:

  • Neighbours of Zero – this is a bet that selects 17 numbers that are near to the zero.
  • Thirds of the Wheel - this bet works by picking the 12 numbers that are directly opposite to the neighbours of zero.
  • Zero Game – this bet works by selecting the closest 7 numbers near zero.
  • The Orphans – this bet covers all other numbers that are not used by all other called bets.

Variable Called Bets:

  • The Neighbours – bets are placed on five adjacent numbers
  • The Finals – the bet selects numbers with the matching last digit (e.g. 5, 15, 25, and 35)

The House Edge

The house edge is something that exists throughout all online casino games: it is unavoidable and within the nature of the games themselves. In roulette, the house edge changes between variants. Your odds of winning and what the house has over the game before you play, differs between tables. American roulette with its double-zero holds a higher house edge at 5.26%. With European roulette and its single-zero, the house edge lowers to 2.70%. So, it immediately becomes more advantageous to play European Roulette than its American counterpart.

When having this information, you can then begin to look at the probabilities with roulette as a game. With American roulette, there are 36 numbers, with a single zero and double zero. Now, if you bet a single number, there are a total of 38 numbers to now choose, that’s a probability of 1 in 38. This, however, is not the roulette odds, for it is 37 to 1 because you have 1 chance of winnings if you make this bet and 37 ways to fail!

With European roulette, your odds are 35 to 1, how so when there is a total of 37 numbers, surely it should be 36 to 1? Well, this is because of the single zero. This alone pays 35 to 1, so a unit is deducted from 36 to make it 35 to 1.

Live Roulette Variants, Odds and Payouts

Live roulette online is a fantastic immersive experience. What this format of gaming offers players is live interactive gameplay. You have many tables to pick from, each one watched through a webcam and broadcasted live from the software developer’s studio. You have all the classics covered, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and there is also a new selection of game shows now available.

When it comes to live roulette, it’s totally real gaming. The developers use real tables and equipment for their streaming service, this makes the experience completely different from the regular online roulette games that are built with Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms.

In the live gaming section of a casino, you will still have roulette variants to play, just like the RNG machines. Here are some of the more popular ones you can find.

High Stakes Roulette

A roulette game made for the high roller players amongst you all. This game offers higher stakes than all other roulette tables, which for high rollers, offer more freedom in how they can wager, you are also permitted the luxury of time whilst deciding your bets.

Low Stakes Roulette

This roulette variant is the direct opposite to the high stakes. Here, you have modestly valued chips for players on a tighter budget that do not want to lose their money too quickly. You can still make a reasonable profit still by the single bets option that pays 35 to 1.

European Roulette

Thought to be the original roulette game created. This is the most common variant because of the favourable odds it has and the lowest house edge of 2.70%.

French Roulette

This variant uses the same wheel as the European table, however, there is some adjustment to the table, as French roulette comes with a side bet option that allows you to bet on different parts of the wheel, not the table! Though the odds of the main game are the same as the European table, there is a side bet that lowers the house edge to 1.35% because of its half money back payout.

American Roulette

This variant stands out from all others because of the additional betting number of double-zero. By playing this 38-numbered wheel, you are up against the house edge of 5.26%, the largest edge there is in the roulette family.

Speed Roulette

Speed roulette does what it says. This variant is all about fast gaming where bets are places, games played, and outcome revealed all in under 25 seconds. The odds of this variant are still in line with the European table, there is, however, an adjustment to the single number odds, as each number comes with a multiplier and without this, the payout odds are 29 to 1.

Play Wisely and Beat Roulette by Increasing your Odds

Roulette is a tricky game because the outcome is pure luck and to win you need this luck and human superpowers to predict numbers correctly. Despite the huge house edge that comes with American roulette is still remains a popular game, many players do not know of the odds, and seeing an extra number available, psychologically lets the player think they have an additional favourable chance of winning. You now know that this is not the real case, an extra number is not a bonus by any means.

Again, knowledge is a strategy that is free for everyone if they learn a little before heading straight to the games.

So, what roulette strategies work when looking to bet more wisely? Well, there is no magic strategy that can promise you a win every spin of the wheel, if you’re being sold one, it’s a lie. All there is available are player improvements that come down to knowing the odds, selecting the right game, choosing the right bets, and knowing what to avoid.

1: Know Your Roulette Odds:

One of the more glorious things about roulette is the freedom to bet as you wish, there are loads of options on the table and you can mix them up as you please. By knowing the odds of certain bets, you can manage your bankroll far greater than those playing and taking uncalculated risks.

2: Pick the Right Roulette Games:

As you have learnt that American Roulette is the variant with such a higher favour towards the casino, then you now know it’s time to say farewell to this game because it is of no benefit to anyone to play it. Any game incorporating the European wheel and its 37 numbers is more profitable to play. There are many variants out there, but the wheel number will be the right indicator you are looking for as a player.

3: Select the Best Bets:

Now, playing roulette isn’t about winning big fast. Roulette is a game of patience and building up profits bit by bit, therefore, outside bets with 2 to 1 are going to be more favourable in the long run. This betting will improve your chances and decrease your losses.

Roulette Odds FAQs

What is the odds difference between American and European Roulette?

With American roulette, the game comes with an extra number, the double-zero. This increases the house edge of the game to 5.26%. With any other roulette variant using the 37-numbered wheel, the edge will become significantly lower to 2.70%. This makes European roulette more advantageous for players to play.

Here is a visual breakdown of all outside bets in roulette across these two games:

  • Odds/Even, Black/Red, Low/High: European Odds = 48.65%
  • Odds/Even, Black/Red, Low/High: US Odds = 47.37%

Is Roulette a fair casino game compared to card-based games?

Card games have ever-changing odds and outcomes. The game of roulette cannot be adjusted mid-spin. Card games carry an element of skill. With blackjack you can split cards and double down; with poker, you get to swap cards and select hands. Card games, therefore, have a far lower house edge with blackjack being the best at 1.47% Roulette is still a fair game because you have bets that as even odds, so your chances really are 50/50. These bets are High/Low, Red/Black, and Odd/Even.

What is the best bet in Roulette?

The best bet is the single bet because it is the highest odds you will find within any online casino game ever created. This is, however, an inside bet which are harder to land. The best bets are outside bets. The outside bet will often provide players the greatest chance to receive a payout. These bets, for example, include odd, even, black or red, 1 to18 or 19 to 36. Half of the game’s possible outcomes are covered by the outside bet. But because the high chance is there, you may not get a high return as these come with a payout of 1 to 1. There are slightly better odds of 2 to 1 that come from the dozen and column bets, these both cover 12 numbers and come with a 1 in 3 chance of a win from the wheel spin.

Do strategies improve your odds?

No. There is no strategy known to humankind that can better your odds of winning or improve your chances. The only thing you can do as a player is to focus on smarter betting choices, picking the right games, and using casino bonus offers to help your bankroll and save your spending.

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