Scratch Cards

Author: Orla Byrne,

Do you consider lottery games to be true casino games? Whatever you view, the gaming opportunity is there amongst our top 10 Irish casinos. Through our Scratch Card guide, we present the best casinos online in Ireland that provide these scratch games.

Best Casinos to Play Scratch Cards Online
888 Casino
€1500+ 88 Free Spins

18+ | New players only | Min. deposit 20EUR | Bonus validity 14 days from receipt | Free spins given within 5 days from bonus activation, 20 free spins a day | Wagering req. : 30x bonus and deposit | Wagering, banking, apply | Play Responsibly |

Online Scratch Card Bonuses

scartch-card-guide scartch-card-guide

We are experienced in this field and advise players to take the bonus if they plan to reach the wagering requirements within the bonus expiry and give an example (ex. 40 x wagering means if you deposit 20 you need to bet a total of Є800 in 30 days to be able to withdraw any winnings) .

Online casino bonuses are optional rewards, so there is no obligation to use them even in cases where they are provided for free. Scratchcard Bonuses are commonplace throughout casinos. Are they of any value? Of course they are, provided the terms and conditions are affordable to you.

Scratchcard bonuses can be obtained through welcome bonuses that are issued to new players only. Welcome bonuses offer players an offer of cash and spins that can be used against the scratchcard game. Free spins may no sound like it has any relation to how a Scratch game works, but if you read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of the bonuses, you will find Scratch Cards are eligible games.

As honest experts, we advise that players only accept and opt-in to use the bonus, if they are able to meet and each of the wagering requirements that are asked of in the T&Cs. An example, the wagering requirement looks like this:

If you claim €100 in bonus money to play Scratch Cards and the wagering requirement is 35 times that received bonus amount, you must deposit and play €3,500 before you can withdraw winnings made from that bonus money!

Online Scratch Cards Basic Rules and Objectives

If you are new to the concept of Scratchcards, then you are perhaps wondering what they are. Let us break down the overall game so you are aware of what it is and how it can be played.

What are scratchcards? They are lottery games that require zero skill and play on a single ticket that can hold more than one scratch game. What are the objectives? The scratchcards hold a gaming panel, which, hides various symbols underneath, the key is to reveal those symbols by scratching the panel away.

How does it work? The basic rule is to match three symbols to receive a prize. The prize value is relative to the amount you purchase the scratch card for. The higher the ticket value, the bigger the jackpot and winning returns are.

How do online scratch cards differ from traditional cardboard cards? This is an important point to make, buying scratch cards from a shop is a joke! Stop buying them as a birthday gift if you really cared. When you buy a ticket from a shop you have no idea if the jackpot is even still available. Organisations like the National Lottery do not update ticket vendors, so if the jackpot is won within the first week of the cards going on sale, they will remain on sale till all prizes are gone or till all cards are sold. The key thing to note is that ALL jackpots are replenished online. The online product is far better and better business. Plus, the number of different games available online eclipses what is sold in any high street shop.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

The rules of the game are the same across all scratch card tickets, whether the prize is a thousand Euros or a million. Where the game varies is in its style, themes, and general design. So, you will find games like the Rocky scratch card based on the movie, but the rules are the same as the Deal or No Deal scratch card based on the original TV show.

There are no gaming differences like you would see in poker or roulette where the gaming can change. Therefore, scratch cards are similar to slots.

Here are 5 of the most popular scratch card games you just have to try once you’re ready online:

Merlin’s Millions™

Developed as one of the best highest paying games there are for scratch cards, Merlin’s Millions™ holds an RTP score of 95.17%. The jackpot itself stands are €250,000!!! Cards can be purchased for as little as €0.20 and the max will cost €200.

Pig Wizard™

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful progressive jackpot game, Pig Wizard™ is now available in scratch card formation. This game comes with a very good RTP of 95.28%. The jackpot of this game will be 100 times your maximum wager and landing this means revealing the three pig wizard symbols.

Wish Upon a Jackpot™

Another progressive jackpot classic turned scratch game, Wish Upon a Jackpot™ brings to the category an RTP score of 96.06%. If you like your fairytales then you’ll find yourself in the wonderful company of the gingerbread man, puss in boots, and the Fairy Godmother. Not only is the RTP a standout point, but so to are the game’s two bonuses!


A quintessential scratch card game, keeping things nice and simple and still pleasurably entertaining. Whack-A-Jackpot™ holds an RTP of 96.30% and offers games at a low price of €0.50 and a max of €10. The jackpot is a humble €50,000!

Lucky Numbers™

Offering players in Ireland the highest RTP score, Lucky Numbers™ scores 96.57%. This feature by Microgaming can payout a jackpot of €200,000!!! The game includes multiplier features to boost prize returns.

Note: RTP (Return to Player), is the likely return of the games in payout form in the long-term, if you play it long enough. It is not the likelihood of winning. So, when it comes to Lucky Numbers™, of all the money put into the game, 96.57% is returned to players in winnings.

Highest Paying Online Scratch Cards

When it comes to online scratch card games, the return in paying out is more favourable than those which you can buy in the shops, thanks to higher odds. Store-bought scratch cards work on a ratioed odds principle. The best national lottery scratch card gives players a 1 in 3.72 chance of winning. If we round this up to 1 in 4 and turn this into a percentage this equals 25%. Granted, probability and odds are different, but the math shows that under a percentage ratio, online games are far better than print ones.

Top 5 Highest Payout Scratch Cards
Scratch CardPayout Percentage

Lucky Numbers™




Wish Upon a Jackpot™


Pig Wizard™


Merlin’s Millions™


888 Casino
€1500+ 88 Free Spins

18+ | New players only | Min. deposit 20EUR | Bonus validity 14 days from receipt | Free spins given within 5 days from bonus activation, 20 free spins a day | Wagering req. : 30x bonus and deposit | Wagering, banking, apply | Play Responsibly |

Why Playing Scratch Tickets Online is more Fun

Accessing online games can be done at any time of the day so there are no constraints. Casinos providing them pack a lot in, they are one of the most diverse game out there, just like slots, you will find hundreds of titles.

We’re going to now list off all the reasons as to why you play online scratch cards and why it’s more fun.

✅ 24/7 access to scratch cards.

✅ Hundreds of more choices than any other outlet.

✅ The odds of winning are better.

✅ You can play via your mobile.

✅ Jackpot prizes are always available.

✅ High percentage payout rate.

✅ No fake or prank cards online.

✅ Win real money instantly.

Terminologies of Online Scratch Tickets

To further help newly acquired scratch card players out there we have created a list of common terms used within the game of online scratch card. Some of the terms will refer to offline games, but the key is the delivery of information, so you are fully key-ed up on all things scratch card related.

Printed scratch tickets: When a gambling operator like the national lottery hires design and printing companies to develop physical tickets that have scratch panelling on them. The printing process results in the final ticket are ready for dispatch and delivery to merchants on the high street. The tickets are small perforated cards that are produced as a bulked reel of tickets. The panel of the card uses a thin plastic to conceal the winning symbols that can be scratched away.

Online scratch tickets: Digitalised renditions of the standard lottery scratch cards. There are, of course, hugely noticeable differences because of the format. The panel is removed by pressing the ‘scratch’ button. The game can also come with side bets like Gamble, which offers you a chance to double your winnings through a game of chance.

Web-based online scratch cards: These are your more common forms of online scratch games. Players are able to access games directly from operator sites or mobile apps. There is no general download of software necessary as games will stream directly from the browser.

Download-based online scratch cards: Player using this form of gaming are required to download the necessary application in order to access and play downloaded games. Once the installation is complete, the software that has been downloaded connects to the operator with the need of using a web browser.

Scratch panel: The scratch panel is the area of the game which is coated in latex material (except if playing online). This is the part of the game which is scratched to reveal the symbols underneath which determines the outcome of the game.

Scratch: Unless this is totally lost on you, scratch is the motion/action taken to remove the panel that provides the symbols underneath. The action is carried out by clicking the ‘Scratch’ button, alternatively, you can select the auto button for the games to carry out the action themselves.

Scratch Card Odds: With all scratch cards that are bought offline, the odds are always printed on the back. For online scratch cards, the odds are noted within the game details that are accessible if you click on the [i] icon for information. To be more exact, ‘normal’ scratch cards based their odds on a probability i.e. 1 in 4. Online ones give a percentage odd i.e. 98%.

Paytable: To the side of the online scratch card you will see the paytable that will inform you of the values of each symbol and the targets to aim for. The paytable will vary depending on the amount you place down as a wagering bet. with offline scratch cards, the values are set in stone and the game doesn’t allow players to play to their own budget.

Wager: This is a term for the actual bet, the money put down on a scratch card game. the cost of a wager is variable, with some games having starting wagers as low as €0.20 a game and can be as high as €100 per game.

Max: The max bet option online is an instant wagering commitment to the highest possible betting amount available in that game.

Jackpot: The final prize is recouped by landing the correct symbols that refer to the grand jackpot prize. For online scratchcards, jackpots are always replaceable, whereas bought scratch cards are not. Prize’s can reach as high as a million euros.

Playing Online Scratch Tickets on Mobile Devices

Mobile gaming is completely possible with scratch card games. Online casino and their features are built with HTML5 software integrated. This means you can play scratch cards directly from your browser and not need to download extra software to play the game.

As an alternative, you can play scratch cards via your casino’s mobile app. Apps are free and, at most, only about 53MB of space which is very small. All modern smartphones are casino game friendly. If you have an Android or iOS, you can easily access online games, at your own convenience.

Free Scratch Tickets Vs. Playing for Real Money

The wonderful thing about choice is that you are in charge, you can play for fun and not need to think about depositing and opening an online casino account. Here on our site you can access authentic casino games and play the same scratch cards as the online casinos have, but here they are in their demo mode.

The other option is to go out there and win real money from the best casinos in Ireland offering scratch card games. How you play is up to you. Here are the pros and cons for both styles of play.

Free Scratch TicketsReal Money Scratch Cards

✅ No risks or loses

✅ Win real money

✅ No download or registration

✅ Access casino bonuses

✅ Practice and play for fun only

✅ Access every online scratch card

✅ Unlimited gaming

✅ Always a jackpot to be won

❌ Cannot win real money

✅ Better odds than shop-bought cards

❌ Not all scratch games are available

❌ Can lose money

How we Review Irish Casinos Sites for Scratch Cards

As a crew of writers, we are first and foremost still professional gamblers, our past experiences working for the industry and playing against the very thing that paid us a salary, has given us invaluable knowledge and experience. The writing part came about because far too much wrong information was shared online, and this leads to would-be players making the wrong decisions and joining the wrong sites.

Our expertise on the subject of gambling online and scratch cards, allows us to form a list of criteria that we expect of casinos and their service. Those not meeting the standards simply do not get reviewed on our website. We analyse bonuses, software, mobiles access, free games, rules and much more to help you on the path to winning real money from the dynamic scratch game.

Our Criteria:

  • Legally Licensed Irish Casinos Only
  • The Selection of Scratch Games
  • Quality Fair Bonuses
  • RTP (Return to Player) Scores Over 95%
  • Fast and Regulated Banking Services
  • Android/iOS Mobile Compatibility
  • 5-star Customer Support

Online Scratch Tickets FAQs

How does playing scratch tickets online differ from traditional cards?

The rules on how to play scratch cards don't change the principle of the game and how it is played and how the prizes are revealed are the same. The obvious differences are the practicalities of the game, online you have buttons to control the actions.

Which are the best casinos to play online scratch tickets in Ireland?  

There are many online casinos in Ireland that offer you scratch card games. But there are three that offer a complete package so you have both the games and the casino bonuses to support you. Therefore, the top 3 scratch card casinos in Ireland are:

1: 888 Casino

2: LeoVegas

3: William Hill Casino

Should I claim a casino bonus to play scratch cards online? 

Yes. however, this should only be a decision that is made after you have read the terms and conditions and are happy with the wagering requirements that come with each bonus that you show interest in.

If you are able to get hold of free spin bonuses, these can be used on scratch card games as well.

What are the odds of scratch cards when playing online? 

The odds are better online because they are not a probability factor. So playing games that have a 96% payout ratio is better than a 1 in 4 ratio. The top 3 titles and their odd available to you through the top casinos in Ireland are:

  • Lucky Numbers™ at 96.57%
  • Whack-A-Jackpot™ at 96.30%
  • Wish Upon a Jackpot™ at 96.06%

Reviewing more great games below: