Welsh Open Snooker Final 2023: Predictions, Betting Tips, and Odds

Tournament2023 Welsh Open
TimetableMonday 13th to Sunday 19th February
PredictionJudd Trump to win
OddsJudd Trump to Win @ 6.50
BookmakerPalm Slots Sports
Judd Trump to win
The best odds
Odds : 6.50
Bet €100 and win €650 if Judd Trump wins.
Odds : 7.00
Bet €100 and win €700 if Judd Trump wins.
€50+ 50 Free Spins
Odds : 6.50
Bet €100 and win €650 if Judd Trump wins.

The Welsh Open Snooker is a professional ranking event that has been taking part each year since 1992, and it has been part of snooker's Home Nations Series since 2017, which has helped to boost its prestige. Below we can look at the most recent odds on offer and provide you with our betting tips and predictions for this spectacular snooker event.

💯 Welsh Open Snooker Final Odds


Before we go ahead and look at the odds that some top British sports betting sites are offering for the top players to go on and lift the Welsh Open snooker trophy, it makes sense to provide you with some useful information regarding the 2023 edition of this prestigious snooker tournament.

The 2023 Welsh Open will start on the 13th of February, with the Welsh Open snooker final 2023 taking place on the 19th of February - the Welsh Open snooker prize money is a total of £427,000, with the winner walking away with £80,000 and the runner-up receiving a consolation prize of £35,000.

There will be more than 80 snooker players taking part in this year's Welsh Open, so there will be plenty of betting opportunities on offer for those who wish to place some bets. The Welsh Open, like all big snooker events, has a knockout format, which means that if a player loses one match, they are eliminated, while their opponent moves on to the next round. Therefore, players need to try and make sure that they are at the top of their game from the start, or their tournament will be over before it has even begun.

In the table below, we have provided you with the odds that seven quality bookmakers are offering for the 15 favourites. Due to the huge number of participants in this event, we will not bore you by providing you with a huge table that has odds for every single participant. In all honesty, many of those who have odds of 101.00 or more to win the event are just there to make up the numbers - even the biggest of snooker fans will not have heard of the likes of Ian Martin, Oliver Briffett-Payne, Mohamed Ibrahim, or Asjad Iqbal.

Ronnie O'Sullivan6.00TBA6.00TBATBA6.00TBA
Judd Trump6.50TBA7.00TBATBA6.50TBA
Neil Robertson8.50TBA8.50TBATBA8.50TBA
Mark Selby10.00TBA11.00TBATBA11.00TBA
Mark Allen11.00TBA11.00TBATBA12.00TBA
Mark William15.00TBA15.00TBATBA17.00TBA
John Higgins17.00TBA17.00TBATBA19.00TBA
Ding Junhui19.00TBA21.00TBATBA21.00TBA
Shaun Murphy19.00TBA21.00TBATBA21.00TBA
Kyren Wilson6.00TBA15.00TBATBA17.00TBA
Jack Lisowski19.00TBA21.00TBATBA19.00TBA
Ali Carter26.00TBA29.00TBATBA29.00TBA
Luca Brecel34.00TBA34.00TBATBA34.00TBA
Barry Hawkins34.00TBA34.00TBATBA34.00TBA
Stuart Bingham34.00TBA34.00TBATBA34.00TBA

⚡ Welsh Open Player Performance

Before you go ahead and make a bet on the Welsh Open snooker final result, it is wise to find out how some of the top players have been performing as of late. Class might be permanent, but form is, unfortunately temporary, and putting cash on a player to win the Welsh Open snooker winner prize money while out of form is a sure-fire way to lose your own money. Therefore, in this section of our 2023 Welsh Open prediction, we are going to look at how the top contenders have been performing as of late.

1️⃣ Ronnie O'Sullivan

Even if you are not a huge fan of snooker, we are pretty certain that you will have heard about Ronnie O'Sullivan. To many he is like the Ronaldo or the Messi of the snooker world - one of the greatest players of all time. In fact, we do not think that there will ever be another player who will be able to match him for skill and personality. When he is on song, it is like he has the cue ball on a piece of string. At the time of writing, he has won no fewer than 39 ranking titles, which includes a total of 7 World Champion trophies. To add to this, he has scored more centuries and maximum breaks than any other player - he currently has 1194 centuries and 15 maximums, which includes the fastest in the history of the sport.

During this 2022/23 snooker season, he has not been at the top of his game, but he still managed to win the Hong Kong Masters and the Champion of Champions. So, even when he is not playing at his best, he still has the potential to pick up silverware. He has also had plenty of success in the Welsh Open, and will be searching for his fifth title. He won this trophy for the first time in 2004 and defended his title the following year. He then picked up his third Welsh Open title in 2014 before winning it once more two years later in 2016.

In all honesty, the greatest threat to O'Sullivan winning this tournament is his own mentality because in recent times it often seems that he is not bothered whether he loses or not. When you have won everything there is to win in a sport multiple times, we guess it can be hard to motivate yourself. We guarantee that there will be no players in the Welsh Open 2023 that will be relishing taking on "The Rocket" if he turns up meaning business.

2️⃣ Judd Trump

Many snooker pundits and fans consider Trump to be one of the best players on the circuit at the moment, and the fact that he has 23 ranking titles is a testament to his quality. During the 2019/20 season, he picked up no fewer than 6 ranking titles, and during the following season he added five more ranking trophies to his cabinet. He was the first player to win more than £1 million in prize money across a single season and he has been voted the player of the year on three occasions. With more than 850 centuries under his belt, only John Higgins and O'Sullivan have more, while only Trump and Shaun Murphy have managed to score three maximums in a single season.

He will be the first to admit that his 2021/22 was not as successful as he would have liked, but he did at least manage to win the Champion of Champions, while he got his 2023 off to a fine start by getting to the final of the World Grand Prix and winning The Masters. His main strength is that he is sensational when it comes to long potting - it is not an exaggeration to say that Trump is one of the finest long potters in the game. Also, when he is in and around the balls, he is nothing short of world class. While his safety game is something that has improved since he first arrived on the scene, it can still be a bit lax at times which puts him in trouble.

While Trump has won plenty of titles in his career, he is yet to win the Welsh Open, finishing as the runner-up on two occasions. Therefore, he will be hoping that this is the year that he finally gets his hand on a new ranking title.

3️⃣ Neil Robertson

The 41-year-old is definitely the best ever snooker player to come from the southern hemisphere. In 2010 he became World Champion, while he has also won 22 other ranking events, becoming the first snooker player from outside of Britain to win the Triple Crown - given to those who win the UK Championship, the Masters, and the World Snooker Championship during their career. Since 2006, he is yet to have a season where he did not win at least one professional snooker event. He is one of the best break builders in the sport, as he showed during the 2013/14 season when he became the first ever player to score 100 centuries in one season.

Robertson's aforementioned record of winning something every season is on the brink of ending as he has not won a title during the 2022/23 campaign, which ends on the 1st of May. He will be very eager to play to the level that he knows he is capable of and keep this impressive record going. You know a player is extremely good when O'Sullivan, one of the sport's greats, struggles to pick out a weakness.

He is calm under pressure, a quality break builder, and rarely puts a foot wrong. As O'Sullivan pointed out, the only time that "The Thunder from Down Under" seems to struggle is when a match turns a bit scrappy. Anyone who comes up against him in the 2023 Welsh Open will know that they will have to play at their very best in order to overcome him.

4️⃣ Mark Selby

Mark Selby, known as the Jester from Leicester, is one of the most successful snooker players around as he has won a total of 21 ranking titles, including four Snooker World Championships. He has amassed nine Triple Crown titles, which puts him level with John Higgins, and behind Steve Davis (15), Stephen Hendry (18), and O'Sullivan (21). Throughout his very accomplished career, he has made more than 750 century breaks and has hit four 147 breaks.

His 2021/22 was a year with little success, but this was due to some mental health issues that he was having at the time. He has done his best to put that behind him and his 2022/23 season has seen him playing at a much higher level - he made it to the Quarter-Finals of the British Open, the Northern Ireland Open, the Scottish Open, and the Hong Kong Open, while he also made it to the Semi-Finals of the Champion of Champions and won the English Open. When it comes to the Welsh Open, he has won it just the once, which was way back in 2008, so he will be eager to see his name engraved on the trophy once more.

Many might point to his mental health issues and declare that he is mentally weak, but the fact that he has been able to overcome his inner demons and get back to playing at a high level of snooker indicates just how mentally strong he is. After all that he has gone through recently, he knows that snooker is not a matter of life or death, and this is something that will enable him to play with freedom, which will make his opponents even more wary of him. Another thing that makes him such a good player is his safety play, which is some of the best on the circuit.

5️⃣ Mark Allen

If there is one player that has been in top form this season, it is "The Pistol", Mark Allen. He has a total of nine ranking titles to his name, and three of those came during this 2022/23 season - he won the Northern Ireland Open, the World Grand Prix, and the UK Championship. He also made it to the final of the British Open, the Semi-Final of the English Open, and the Quarter-Final of the Champion of Champions. In professional competitions, Allen has scored more than 550 centuries, with his fluent break building being one of the main reasons as to why he has had so much success over the years.

To date, he is yet to get his name on the Welsh Open trophy, with his best performance being a Semi-Final appearance in the 2015/16 edition of the competition. He will be hoping to go one step further this time around and make it through to yet another ranking event final, and with the form that he has been exhibiting as of late, it is not something that we would bet against. We think that it is fair to say that one of Allen's greatest attributes is his mental strength - even if he falls very far behind in a match, he does not panic and still has the belief that he can claw his way back into the match and go on to win it.

6️⃣ Mark Williams

There have been plenty of quality snooker players to hail from Wales, but we do not think it is an exaggeration to say that Mark Williams is the best of the lot. To date, he has 24 ranking titles to his name, which includes three World Championship titles that he won in 2000, 2003, and 2018. His nickname is "The Welsh Potting Machine" and with close to 600 centuries and three maximum breaks to his name, we feel that this is a pretty apt nickname.

During the 17/18 season he picked up four ranking titles, but since then his form has been patchy at best - he has made it to a number of quarter-finals, four semi-finals, a final, and won the 2021 British Open. He will be the first to admit that he has not picked up as many ranking titles as he perhaps should have done considering just how good he is. He has won the Welsh Open on two occasions, but his last victory was back in 1999 so, as a very proud Welshman, he will be very eager to get his name etched into the trophy for a third time and give his fellow countrymen something to smile about.

When it comes to his main strengths, it is fair to say that his long potting is up there with the likes of Trump. His opponents are always wary about leaving a red open after the break because they know he has the talent to stroke it in and then clear up to win the frame. Another great attribute of his is the fact that he does not dwell on a poor frame or a poor shot - if he makes a mistake that costs him heavily, he will put it behind him and make sure he does not make such a mistake again in the same match.

⭐ Welsh Open Final Betting Tips

When you are placing bets on the player that you think will go on to win the Welsh Open 2023, there is nothing preventing you from jumping right in and placing your wagers without doing any of your own research, but by doing this you will, more than likely, end up losing more wagers than you go on to win. Yes, relying purely on luck is something that might pay off every so often, but you will not always have luck by your side. Thus, below we are going to provide you with some useful tips that you should remember when you are placing bets on big snooker events like the 2023 Welsh Open.

However, before we go ahead and provide you with these top tips, we would just like to point out that there is no guarantee that you will win your bets even when making use of our advice. Yes, our tips can improve your chances of winning, but nothing is ever guaranteed when sports betting.

👉 Check Out Player Form

Before you place a wager on the Welsh Open snooker final score or any other match that is being played in this competition, you should take some time to have a look at the form that your chosen player has been showing lately. If they have been eliminated early in the last few tournaments that they have played in, then it is an indicator that they are not in the best of form, so it might be a wise move not to put any money on them. Yes, there is a chance that they might put their bad form behind them and go on to win, so you need to make up your mind as to whether you are willing to take the risk.

👉 Have a Look at the Head-to-Head

It is not rare for one snooker player to have somewhat of a psychological edge over another, and if a player is scheduled to take on someone that he does not have a good record against, then he will certainly be aware of it. In this type of scenario, the player who is winning the head-to-head will have an advantage, so before you go and place any wagers on a game, we recommend that you check out the head-to-head record. If one player always seems to get the better of another, then take this into consideration before placing your wagers.

👉 Take a Look at Previous Winners

We recommend that you take a look at previous Welsh Open snooker champions before you place a wager on the player that you think will win the 2023 edition. Why is this? Well, simply because those who have won such a prestigious event before know exactly what it takes to lift the title once again. So, with this in mind, we have listed the winners of this great event below for you:

  • John Higgins - Five times
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan - Four times
  • Stephen Hendry - Three times
  • Steve Davis - Two times
  • Ken Doherty - Two times
  • Paul Hunter - Two times
  • Mark Williams - Two times
  • Neil Robertson - Two times
  • Stuart Bingham - One time
  • Ali Carter - One time
  • Ding Junhui - One time
  • Stephen Lee - One time
  • Stephen Maguire - One time
  • Mark Selby - One time
  • Shaun Murphy - One time
  • Jordan Brown - One time
  • Joe Perry - One time

🏆 Who Will Win Welsh Open 2023

Many snooker fans will probably be tempted to put their money on Ronnie O' Sullivan to win, and there is a very good chance that he will do just that, but it all depends on his mood. If he turns up meaning business, then do not be surprised if he ends up lifting his fifth title with little difficulty.

However, if he turns up with not a care in the world, then there is a chance that he will be eliminated early. Although there is a good chance that "The Rocket" goes on to win the title, we would actually put our money on "The Ace in the Pack", Judd Trump. He has been in fine form in 2023, making it to the final of the World Grand Prix and winning the Masters, and he will be confident of going deep in the 2023 Welsh Open.

Our 2023 Welsh Open Prediction: Judd Trump to win.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions about Welsh Open Snooker Final

1️⃣ Who is Favourite to Win Welsh Open Snooker in 2023?

The favourite to go on to win the 2023 Welsh Open Snooker is Ronnie O'Sullivan.

2️⃣ What Are the Odds for the Final of Welsh Open Snooker?

All of the top sports betting sites have given Ronnie O'Sullivan odds of 6.00 to win the title for the fifth time. Judd Trump has odds of 6.50 to lift the title, while Neil Robertson has been given odds of 8.50 to be victorious.

3️⃣ Where Can I Bet on the Welsh Open Snooker Final?

All of the top sports betting sites available to UK punters will offer odds and markets for the 2023 Welsh Open snooker final, but some of the best bookmakers include Palm Slots Sports, TonyBet, Betway, Unibet, BoyleSports, Luckster Sports, and Leovegas.

4️⃣ How Much Does the Winner Get for the Welsh Open Final?

The winner of the 2023 Welsh Open final will take home a cheque that is worth £80,000.

5️⃣ Who Won the Welsh Open 2022?

Joe Perry won the 2022 Welsh Open final with a Welsh Open snooker final score of 9-5 against Trump. This was Perry's second ranking title and, at the age of 47, it made him the second oldest player, behin

Judd Trump to win

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