Galway v Armagh | All-Ireland Football Championship: Prediction for Quarter Finals 2022

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TournamentAll-Ireland Senior Football Championship
TimetableSunday 26th June at 13:45
PredictionGalway to Win
Odds2.10 (Bet €100 and win €210 if Galway win)
Galway to Win
The best odds
Odds : 2.10
If Galway win, you will receive €100 x 2.10 = €210
€50+ 50 Free Spins

We have arrived at the Quarter-Finals of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championships in which the four provincial champions take on the Round 2 Qualifier winners. The draws have been made and Derry, Galway, Dublin, and Kerry have their opponents, with one condition being that they will not face their provincial finalist knockouts.

In this match, Galway will take on Armagh in what is going to be a fantastic battle between the two teams. As the All-Ireland title is well within the reach of both squads, we will certainly be seeing both teams pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into this match in hopes of securing a spot in the Semi-Finals. The excitement is at an all-time high, so let’s dive straight in and share who we think will be able to net the victory with our prediction. We will also provide you with the odds and especially the tips for betting on this match.

📆 Galway v Armagh Match Information

The weekend of the 25th and 26th of June will see the four matches of the Quarter-Finals being played. Be sure to take note of this important information so you won’t miss out on any of the electrifying weekend of Irish football. Make sure you are there from the first throw in by bookmarking this page for future reference.

Venue: Clones, Monaghan

Date: Sunday 26th June

Time: 13:45

🏐 Galway v Armagh Tips and Recent Performances in the Football Championship

It’s time to dive headfirst into the past performances of both teams for the upcoming All-Ireland Quarter-Final match. No matter if you have experience with Irish football, it’s always best to take some time to have a look at both teams’ past from to get a better idea of which side could take the win.

We will start with the Connacht Provincial Champions, Galway. In their Quarter-Final match, they managed to hand a defeat to their Northern neighbours, Mayo. Despite a hattrick of championship losses weighing on their shoulders, the Tribesmen overcame chaos and a desperate performance from Mayo to reach a final score of 1-14 to 0-16, putting an end to Mayo’s provincial two-year reign. During the first half of the match, both sides were looking strong, and the lead ebbed and flowed between them. A goal by Johnny Heaney gave them the upper hand for a short while before a take-over from Mayo where they scored seven of the nine points before the half-time whistle was blown.

The Galway squad showed a remarkable amount of resilience during the match and managed to edge over the victory line with a point to spare. Joined by fans on the pitch at the end of the match, it certainly showed how much this win meant not only to the Tribesmen but the scores of supporters.

Galway then went on to play Leitrim in the Semi-Finals of the provincial tournament. This was a landslide victory for Galway, absolutely decimating Leitrim with a 23-point win. The final scores of 4-20 to 0-09 speak for themselves and was one of the highest scoring matches within the last five years. Patrick Kelly scored two goals, while Niall Daly and Owen Gallagher scores one apiece. The two goals from Kelly gave enough breathing room to the Tribesmen and seemed to be the plug for the remaining goals to trickle through.

Three weeks later, Galway faced Roscommon and brought their confidence from their last two wins which helped them take a convincing win. Although it was a close call, with 2-19 to 2-16, Galway brought punchy attacks and created opportunities in both halves of the game. Both goals for Galway happened in the first half from Shane Walsh and Patrick Kelly leaving the first half with a decent gap of 2-07 to 0-08. Galway weren’t able to stave off all the attacks from Roscommon, with the first goal for Roscommon being scored in the 63rd minute and the last in the seventh minute of stoppage time.

The Galwegians did enough to win the provincial title, a feat last accomplished in 2018. With this, they were handed a by till the Quarter-Finals of the All-Ireland Championship, and the path that Ulster’s Armagh were not able to take.

Check out our previous prediction to read an overview of Armagh’s journey to this point in the tournament from their provincial championship loss to their Round 1 match.

In this prediction, we pick up from their Round 2 match against Donegal. This hammering win of 3-17 to 0-16 allowed them to cruise into the All-Ireland Championship with ease. Things were off to a fantastic start for the Orchard men as Rory Grugan scored one of the quickest goals in the history of Championship football. After just 12 seconds, Armagh were already three points up. Goals from Stephen Sheridan and Stefan Campbell allowed the Orchard men to extend their lead by an extra point with a score of 2-08 to 0-10 by the break. It was clear in the second half the Donegal squad were giving their all, however, with their energy fading, they were not able to overturn the onslaught that Armagh delivered.

Both Galway and Armagh have had some huge wins in the run-up to this match. On the whole, Galway are looking like the stronger team, however after Armagh’s most recent match, they have certainly showed they will be bringing their all. Fans of both sides will be there in masses to support their teams in what will be a very exciting match.

💯 Odds of Galway v Armagh Winning the Title

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From the bookies' odds, we can see that it’s looking to be a close match between the two teams, however Armagh is being tipped as the favourites.

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🏆 Our Galway v Armagh Match Prediction

As we round off our thoughts, we finish our prediction with who we think will be able to take the win and progress to the Semi-Finals. Galway currently are the more accomplished team with nine All-Ireland title wins (last won in 2001) to Armagh’s one (won in 2022). The Tribesmen also trump the Orchard Men in finals appearances having been runners-up 13 times to Armagh’s three.

However, the win is on the cards for both teams and a fascinating game is on our hands. It’s been more than two decades since either team has tasted an All-Ireland victory and with handfuls of exceptional players on both sides, it’s time for one of these teams to grab the win.

Galway have been outstanding in both tournaments so far and will be a great match for Armagh. Armagh will have to bring their speed and on-point strategies that they have practised on the training pitch. Consistency is the key word ahead of this match. To pull off another top-quality performance on both sides will be on everyone’s lips, so we are sure many fans will be watching with bated breath.

Our match prediction: Galway to win.

Galway to Win

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