Eurovision Prediction 2022

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TimetableSaturday 14th of May 2022 20:00 BST
PredictionUkraine to Win
OddsUkraine to Win @1/20
Ukraine to Win
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Odds : 1/20
Bet €100 and win €105 if Ukraine win.
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Odds : 1/20
Bet €100 and win €105 if Ukraine win.

Eurovision betting fans will be glad to know the annual song contest will be taking place between the 10th and 14th of May this year. You can watch the 20 exciting finalists and the Big Five's entries and try to guess who will snatch 1st place this year. But why make a vague guess when you can get yourself familiar with the leading sportsbooks predictions? Keep reading to find out the top 3 contestants!

🎵 Favourite Songs

Gather your friends for this year’s Grand Finale and make sure to give this year's entries a listen and familiarise yourself with all the wonderful contestants. Don't know where to start? Here are our favourite entries for Eurovision 2022:

1️⃣ Ukraine

Ukraine has been granted permission to join this year's Eurovision song contest with the band Kalush Orchestra, named after the Ukrainian city of Kalush, situated in the Carpathian Mountains. Kalush Orchestra gains inspiration from authentic Ukrainian music and entwines different folk elements to really make their tunes stand out. Their song Stefania is a tribute to band member Oleh's mother and is performed entirely in Ukrainian.

2️⃣ Italy

Italy has taken Eurovision very seriously this year and it is no wonder the public puts so much faith into their performance - the participant Mahmood is a returning Eurovision contestant, who managed to sweep second place at the 2019 song contest. His single Soldi is one you have definitely heard of, as it became the most streamed Eurovision song of all time! But that's not everything - Mahmood is sharing the stage with singer and rapper BLANDI, whose single Impasare spent 8 weeks at the top of the Italian song charts. It turned out it was just keeping the spot warm for the debut release of his album Blue Celeste which also rose to number one. With all this in mind, you should definitely check out this year's entry from Italy - Brividi. We have a feeling you'll like it.

3️⃣ Sweden

Sweden has decided to go for an English song this year, performed by participant Cornelia Jakobs, a rising new star in the Swedish pop scene. Jakobs clearly has musical talent running in her blood, with a father who is a popular Swedish rockstar, and a grandma who is a composer. Of course, we should give credit where it is due - Cornelia is the winner of the Melodifestivalen, a grandiose annual Swedish song competition. She also has numerous performances behind her back on the Swedish stage and is currently working on her debut album. Sweden's entry Hold Me Closer

4️⃣ Portugal

Portugal's performer MARO is set on building a solid career in the music industry and has been part of numerous incredible concerts in her past. She has 6 albums behind her back which she also wrote and produced, and during her time in LA caught the ear of Grammy award winner Jacob Collier who invited her along to join his touring band. MARO is a talented vocalist and instrumentalist and she will be performing the song Saudade, saudade for this year's song contest.

5️⃣ Moldova

If you are looking for a hilarious listen, you're going to love the song Trenulețul by the band Zdob şi Zdub. The upbeat music, combined with their dynamic video makes for a catchy sing-along tune. Trenuletul translates to train and the song references the train line between Chișinău and Bucureșt and the obvious differences between the two. The band is accompanied by Advanov Brothers, who have grown in popularity in Moldova in recent years. they even have their own folk orchestra, which joins them in musical events all over the country. One thing is clear for Moldova - they can really put on a show!

6️⃣ Spain

For those who love to party, the spicy and extravagant performance by Chanel Terrero will become an instant favourite. SloMo>. It is clear where her confidence and dancing skills come from - the years of experience for musical theatre productions definitely had part in it. She has been part of the stage productions of The Lion King, Flashdance, The Bodyguard and Mamma Mia. But I bet you will be truly impressed when you find out she danced on stage for Shakira in 2010 at the MTV Europe Music Awards. It is clear that Chanel is made for the stage, and SloMo is not only Spain's entry for Eurovision, but it is also Chanel's debut single!

⭐ What Are the Top 3 Eurovision Contenders?

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Turin - logo Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Turin - logo

It's never an easy job to try and guess the finalist for the Eurovision song contest. There have been many speculations and conspiracies surrounding the event, and despite Eurovision's efforts to stay non-political, this year feels a little different. With Russia eventually banned from the contest, it seems both the organisers and the public are sharing the same unyielding spirit. As a result, now more than ever nations seem to have unionised. Ukraine has become this year's clear favourite.

The public, along with various bookmakers seem to speculate that Italy will be a strong competitor for 1st place as well. With the presence of two very popular performers this year, one of whom has managed to reach second place in a previous Eurovision contest, it is logical to consider Italy for the top 3.

The last choice for this year's top three is Sweden, and people tend to give it a vote of trust due it its award-snatching Eurovision past. Sweden has had six victories in total, starting with the iconic ABBA in 1974.

Undoubtedly, Sweden rocks at this musical competition and only Ireland have successfully surpassed their wins until now. How does Sweden manage this rate of success? They have a near-native command of English which can be a colossal advantage when performing English songs. The Swedish competition Melodifestivalen is known as the gateway to Eurovision, and a development ground for Eurovision contestants. Cornelia Jakobs is the most recent winner of Melodifestivalen, making her one of the lead singers in the country.

💯 Eurovision Odds

With the Grand Finale a few days away, Eurovision odds are in full motion, with the best betting sites already having published their odds for the participating countries. Have a look at all contestants and their odds in the table below.

Ukraine8/114/5 4/58/118/111/201/20
Italy3/110/3 7/24/110/31/101/10
Sweden 9/26/1 6/16/15/13/431/10
United Kingdom 10/111/1 10/112/112/11/33/8
Spain12/116/1 20/125/125/11/33/8
Poland25/128/1 25/125/125/15/91/2
Greece25/140/1 40/140/133/14/94/9
Netherlands33/150/1 50/140/150/13/44/5
Norway33/145/1 33/140/150/13/810/1
Australia40/170/1 80/166/150/17/43/2
Serbia66/190/1 66/166/180/17/53/2
Portugal40/190/1 100/166/180/17/41/5
Switzerland66/190/1 80/166/180/114/517/20
France50/1100/1 80/166/1100/16/55/4
Finland66/1125/1 100/1150/1100/12/17/4
Cyprus80/1150/1 150/1150/1150/111/44/1
Estonia80/1150/1 100/166/1125/15/22/1
Armenia100/1150/1 250/1150/1150/13/11/7
San Marino100/1150/1 200/1200/1150/16/18/1
Czech Republic150/1300/1 250/1200/1250/114/18/1
Belgium66/1150/1 175/1200/1150/111/22/1
Albania125/1200/1 100/1200/1150/119/41/5
Germany125/1250/1 250/1200/1250/17/18/1
Croatia150/1200/1 200/1200/1200/114/19/4
Latvia150/1250/1 200/1300/1175/16/14/5
Malta150/1250/1 200/1200/1200/17/18/1
Georgia100/1200/1 250/1300/1150/114/113/2
Slovenia300/1300/1 300/1300/1250/114/1250/1
Moldova150/1250/1 250/1200/1250/117/480/1
Azerbaijan66/1250/1 150/1300/1200/18/15/1
Israel200/1300/1 250/1300/1250/110/110/1
Iceland200/1300/1 250/1300/1250/114/18/5
Ireland100/1300/1 300/1300/1300/114/110/1
Denmark250/1300/1 250/1300/1250/114/17/2
Romania250/1300/1 200/1300/1300/114/110/1
Austria100/1250/1 250/1300/1200/18/16/5
Bulgaria150/1300/1 300/1400/1250/133/113/2
Montenegro200/1300/1 200/1400/1300/114/110/1
Lithuania200/1300/1 200/1300/1300/114/16/5
North Macedonia200/1250/1 200/1300/1300/114/114/1

n.b. Betway currently offer markets for Ireland and the UK's performance at the Eurovision. Here are some of the markets you can find on their platform

  • Ireland to Finish Last: 10/1
  • Ireland to Finish with 0 Points: 20/1
  • UK to Finish Last: 6/4
  • UK to Finish with 0 Points: 5/1

🏆 Who Will Win?

With everything going on politically between Russia and Ukraine, the public show immense support for Ukraine. Kalush Orchestra’s song has a deep message, one that many individuals can relate to. The lyrics in Stefania, 'I'll always find my way back home, even if all the roads have been destroyed' have clearly touched the hearts of the public.

Ukraine to Win

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