Lucky O’Mega Slot - How Mega is Your Luck?

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When you see a slot game with the word "lucky" in it, there is a good chance that a seasoned slot player will come to the quick assumption that it is a slot with an Irish theme attached to it. If you have made such an assumption for this slot game from Microgaming, then you would be absolutely correct. Now, we know that you might be sitting there and rolling your eyes at yet another Irish-themed slot, but when you see what the bonus features are, you will definitely want to stick around and give this game a try - you can even play our free online slot right here before you jump in and start playing with real money on the line.

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🆓 Why Play Lucky O'Mega Slot for Free?


When you play a slot in demo mode, there is no chance of you winning any real money since an online casino is obviously not going to reward players who do not play with their own real money. So, why is it that we recommend that you play a demo edition of Lucky O'Mega before you start playing with real money? Well, it is for the sole reason that you can find out all that you need to know about the game without spending a single penny.

What can you find out about exactly? Well, you can see the various bonus games that it has available and whether these bonus features are triggered enough. To add to this, you can see if the slot pays out often enough, whether it has the type of volatility that you like, and what the higher paying symbols are. The more you can find out about a game, the better your understanding will be as to whether it is a kind of slot that you would like to play.

One other reason why you should play slots such as Luck O'Mega in demo mode is the fact that it can lead to plenty of entertainment, even though there is no chance of winning any real cash. There might be a time when you do not want to risk your money but you feel like playing a slot game, and this is where the demo edition of a game comes in handy.

Additionally, by playing a slot in demo mode, you can see what type of luck you have at that moment, and then you can decide whether it might be worth your while playing with some real money.

🎰 What Are the Characteristics of Lucky' O'Mega Slot?

Below we have given you a table that provides a quick summary of the most important aspects of this Lucky O'Mega slot game by Microgaming. Have a look at this table, and then keep reading this quality review since we are going to discuss all of the below in a lot more detail.

NameLucky O'Mega
📑 Paylines20
➕ Max. Spin€220.00
➖ Min. Spin€0.20
💯 RTP95.23%
📈 VolatilityMedium

🕹️ Lucky O'Mega Slot Gameplay

If you are searching for another slot game with an Irish theme and want to see if you have the luck of the Irish, then this Lucky O'Mega slot game from Microgaming is one that you will want to try out. When you open the slot, you will see plenty of green, which is obviously to be expected, and the joyous and catchy sound effects help to add to the overall theme.

The action for this Irish-themed slot game is carried out across five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. A payline, for those newbies among us, is an invisible line that runs from the left of the reels to the right and on which payments are won if you manage to land three identical symbols starting from the left. Some slots will also pay out from right to left, but this is not one of those slot games. The paylines that are present in this Lucky O'Mega slot game are fixed, which means that all 20 are in play when you spin the reels.

When it comes to the minimum and maximum wager that you can put on every spin, the min stake stands at €00.20, while the max stake stands at €220.00. With this type of coin betting range, we believe that it is fair of us to say that this is a slot that caters to a variety of gamblers, whether you like to bet big or take much smaller risks. However, no matter what your preferred stake per spin is, it is important that you remember to gamble responsibly.

When you play slot games nowadays, you will probably expect to see playing card symbols as the low paying ones, but this is not the case here. The low paying symbols are the oak nut and the mushroom since these will hand out 2x and 2.5x your bet. The four leaf clover and the pipe are the two highest paying regular symbols, handing out 15x and 10x your bet if you manage to land five of them along one of the 20 paylines.

In most slots that you can play now, you will also find a scatter and wild symbol on the reels, and this slot is no exception to this. The wild symbol has a big golden "W" on it, so it cannot be missed, and it acts as a substitute for all of the regular symbols in the game. If you manage to land five of these along one of the paylines, then you will be walking away with 25x your bet. It will probably not come as much of a surprise to find out that a leprechaun is the game's scatter symbol. You usually have to land a scatter symbol in order to trigger the main bonus feature of a slot, but this is not the case in this game. However, the scatter is still a valuable symbol, and we will talk about this more in the bonus features section of our review.

This slot game has a medium volatility, which means that both small and large cash sums are equally up for grabs for those who have some luck on their side. A medium volatility indicates that this is a slot game that pays out a variety of small wins and a variety of big wins. We prefer a medium volatility because it gives us the best of both worlds.

If you have mega luck on your side, what is the most that you can win when you spin the reels for this slot game? Well, you can win 1130x your bet, which means if you are gambling with the maximum stake of €220.00, the most you can walk away with stands at just under a quarter of a million euros. However, keep in mind that your chances of landing such a big win are really small, so please never play a slot game expecting to win big because the only thing that will come from this is disappointment.

What RTP does this slot game have? Well, Microgaming are known for being pretty generous when it comes to the RTP of their slot games, but they have gone against the grain in this particular slot since the RTP is 95.23%, which is below the average of 96%. Since this slot's RTP is 95.23%, it tells you that for each €100.00 put into it, it should theoretically give back €95.23. Although this slot game comes with a relatively low RTP, we do not think that it should be something that is a complete dealbreaker since we feel that the bonus features help to make up for it.

💶 Can I Play Lucky O'Mega for Real Money if I Wanted?

Yes, you definitely can play Lucky O'Mega for real money because the only way that any online casino that offers this game can make money from it is by allowing it to be played with real money. So, whenever you come across this game at a top online casino, you will have the choice of playing it either in demo mode or real money mode.

However, you should be aware that not all online casinos have been created eqaully, and that some online casinos offer a lot more than their competitors. Therefore, later in our review, we will give you a top online casino where you can play Lucky O'Mega with real money.

🎁 What Are Lucky O'Mega Bonus Rounds Like?

Software developers have to ensure that their slots have a range of enticing bonus features if they want them to get plenty of attention. This Lucky O'Mega slot has some good bonus features attached to it, and we are now going to take some time to have a closer look at these.

Lucky O'Mega Scatter Collection

This slot has a decent scatter collection bonus feature that awards money depending on the number of scatters that you land during one spin. At the lower spectrum, things are not that exciting, but the more you land, the better your rewards will be. Below we have listed the payouts for you:

  • 3 scatters = 1x
  • 4 scatters = 2x
  • 5 scatters = 3x
  • 6 scatters = 5x
  • 7 scatters = 10x
  • 8 scatters = 20x
  • 9 scatters = 30x
  • 10 scatters = 50x
  • 11 scatters = 100x
  • 12 scatters = 200x
  • 13 scatters = 300x
  • 14 scatters = 500x
  • 15 scatters = 1000x

If you manage to cover all of the reels with 15 scatters and earn 1000x your stake, it is fair to say that you have had some luck of the Irish.

Cash Pot Respins

In order to trigger this feature, you will have to land six or more cash pots and, when it has been activated, it will give you a total of three respins. Whenever you manage to land another cash pot on the reels, you respins are set back to three and the symbol is locked in place for your next spin. During this feature, each cash pot symbol has a random money value attached to it. This bonus feature comes to an end when you use up all of your respins or manage to fill up the reels with cash pot symbols. Once the feature concludes, all of the cash pots are added together and given to you - this includes any jackpots.


There are three fixed jackpots on offer at all times when you are playing this slot and these are called the Mini, Major, and Mega Jackpots. Below we have given you the value that is attributed to each one:

  • Mini Jackpot - 30x your wager
  • Major Jackpot - 100x your wager
  • Mega Jackpot - 1000x your wager

Any of these jackpots can be landed via the aforementioned Cash Respins bonus feature or directly when playing the base game. Random combos of three, four, and five symbols are shown on the left of the five reels in the base game and if you manage to land any of the combinations that are shown, then you will instantly win its respective jackpot, meaning that you will always be in with a shot of landing 1000x your wager when playing the base game.

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📱 What If I Want to Play Lucky O'Mega from Mobile?

If you feel like playing Lucky O'Mega from a mobile phone or some sort of other mobile device, then you can do so due to the fact that online casinos and software creators know the popularity of mobile gambling. They are aware that if they do not allow their games to be on a range of mobile devices, then they will end up losing out on a lot of lost custom, which is never great in such a competitive industry. Some of the best online casinos out there will also create a mobile app that you can download if you register with them, and we suggest that you do download an app if it is available since they use less data and are much quicker.

🥇 Tell Me About the Best Casino To Play Lucky O'Mega

Since this Lucky O'Mega slot game has been developed by Microgaming, one of the best software creators in the industry, it will come as no surprise to hear that it is a game that you will be able to find at many of the best online casinos that happily accept players from Ireland. However, while there are plenty of top online casinos where you will find this game available to play, there is one casino that we feel stands out above many of its rivals, and this is Mr. Green Casino.

Below we have given you a link that will, if you click on it, take you to a quality Mr. Green Casino that was written by us. So, if you would like to find out more about this top online casino, take ten minutes from your day to read our review.

🔍 What Other Games Are in the Lucky O'Mega Series?

If you play this Lucky O'Mega slot and like it, then you might be slightly disappointed to hear that this is a standalone game. However, Microgaming have made a number of Irish-themed slots over the years, and we have listed some of them below in case you would like to go and try them out in demo mode:

👨‍⚖️ Play Lucky O'Mega Online Slot Responsibly

when you gamble, it is of the utmost importance that you gamble responsibly. How do we recommend that you go about doing this? Well, in our view, the best thing for you to do is to set up a budget that you can afford to lose should you go on an annoying losing streak. When you have lost your budgeted money, then stop gambling instantly. If you gamble to try and recover your losses, it will never usually end up working out the way you hoped.

You can make use of other responsible gambling features that are on offer at the best online casinos, and we shall look at both of these now:

Deposit Limit: You have the option of setting up a daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limit to restrict the amount of money that you are able to deposit at your online casino over a set time frame. For example, if you decide to give yourself a monthly deposit allowance of €200 and you deposit €200 in the first week, you will have to wait three weeks before you can deposit any more.

Self-Exclusion: If you have lost control of your gambling then this responsible gambling feature is something that you can consider making use of. With this kind of feature, you will be able to block access to your account for a set period of time which can be up to six months or even more - it all depends on how strong you think your gambling addiction is.

🏁 Our Verdict on Lucky O'Mega Slot

Microgaming has proven with this slot that even a game with a very common theme can be a fun one to play, despite the fact that it does not have much going for it when it comes to creativity. We feel that the bonus features, despite being far from unique, help to keep things very entertaining when they are play and anyone who likes a slot with an Irish theme will enjoy playing this game. We do wish that the RTP was a little bit higher, but the three fixed jackpots and a maximum win of just under a quarter of a million euros help make up for this. So, play this game in its demo mode at the top of this page, and see today whether it is a game that you would like to play with real money on the line.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Lucky O'Mega

Is Playing Lucky O'Mega for Free Fun?

Yes, playing Lucky O'Mega in demo version is fun since it gives you a really good idea as to the kind of luck that you are having on a certain day, and whether it might be worth your while thinking about playing the slot game with some real money on the line. When you play a slot in demo mode, you should remember that there is no real money up for grabs. Despite this, there are many positives to demos, with the major one being that you can find out everything about a slot for free.

Why Should I Pick Lucky O'Mega?

We feel that you should pick this Lucky O'Mega slot game because, despite its simplicity, it offers plenty of entertainment value thanks to the bonus features that it has. In addition to this, it also has three fixed jackpots where you can land a Mega Jackpot of 1000x your stake. Although it has a common luck of the Irish theme, it is one that we think many slot enthusiasts will enjoy playing.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money from Lucky O'Mega?

Yes, there is the opportunity to win real cash when you are playing this Microgaming slot, but only if you decide to play it with your own money on the line. If you decide to play it in demo mode, then you have to remember that there is no chance of winning some real money.

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