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Author: Orla Byrne

When you see the word sword in the name of a slot game, you will probably start thinking that it is a slot that has a King Arthur theme. If that is what you were thinking the theme of this one is, then you are 100% correct to do so since Microgaming have based this slot game of theirs on the Arthurian legend. There are a number of slot games out there that come with such a theme, but there are not many that can compare with this quality slot by one of the best software developers in the industry. Below you will find out all that you need to know about this slot game, and you can play the free online slot right here before you go ahead and risk any real money on it.

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🎰 What Are the Characteristics of The Legend of the Sword?

There are many different things that you should find out about a slot before you dive in at the deep end and have a spin of the reels with your own money at risk. For instance, when you are considering playing a slot game for real money, it is always wise to take a look at the min and max stake that you can place per spin since this will tell you is a slot game is within your budget or outside of it.

Below we have provided you with a table that will give you a quick summary of some really important aspects of this Legend of the Sword slot game from Microgaming. Have a quick glance at this table, and then keep on reading this review since all of these important aspects are going to discuss in much more detail.

NameLegend of the Sword
📑 Paylines3125
➕ Max. Spin€24.00
➖ Min. Spin€0.20
💯 RTP96.12%
📈 VolatilityHigh
🎁 Bonus Rounds Yes

🕹️ Legend of the Sword Slot Gameplay Review

If you happen to love the legend of King Arthur and love playing slot games too, then this Legend of the Sword slot game by Microgaming is one game that you really need to try out. We are pretty certain that it will end up being your cup of tea. As we said above, there are other slots out there with such a theme, but we feel that we are telling nothing but the truth when we tell you that this slot is one of the better ones with this King Arthur theme.

The action for this Legend of the Sword slot game is played out across five reels, three rows, and a massive 3,125 paylines. Yes, you did not read that incorrectly, there are a staggering 3,125 paylines on offer in this slot game by Microgaming. If you are new to playing slot games online, then there is the chance that you do not know what a payline actually is, which is why we shall now take a few minutes of our time to explain them to you.

To put things in as simple a manner as possible, a payline is a line that usually runs from the left of the reels to the right, and you are rewarded with different payouts depending on the symbols that you manage to land consecutively along one from left to right - you will usually need to land a minimum of three symbols starting on the first reel, but there are some slot games out there that will payout for just two symbols along an active payline, but this is not one of those. Also, some slot games, due to the immense competition, will payout from right to left as well but, once again, this Legend of the Sword slot is not one of those.

Some slots have variable paylines, and what this means is that you will have the option of changing the number of paylined that you have in play for each spin that you make. Obviously, the more paylines that you have active, the more money your spins will cost, but you will have a higher chance of landing some kind of win. On the other hand, some slot games will come with fixed paylines, meaning that there is no option to change the number of paylines that are in play when spinning the reels. This Legend of the Sword slot from Microgaming has fixed paylines, which means that all 3,125 payline are in play whenever you are playing.

With regard to the min and max wager that you can place on every spin that you decide to place, the minimum wager is €00.20 and the maximum stake is €24.00. With such a coin range, we believe that we cannot tell you that this is a slot game that caters to all kinds of gamblers because those who enjoy playing with high stakes will more than likely feel that the max amount of €24.00 is really low. The minimum stake per spin, is decent in our opinion, but there will still be some players out there who would prefer it to be around €00.10 instead. In our opinion, in order to be able to tell you that a slot is a game that caters to all budgets, the highest wager that you should be able to make should be about €100.00, while the lowest should be at least €00.10.

Now that we have given you the min and max stakes that you can place per spin, we are now going to have a look at the various symbols that you can find on the reels of this Legend of the Sword slot game. The low paying symbols in this reel, like they are in many slot games nowadays, are the playing card symbols diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. These are all worth the same value, with three, four or five of them along a payline paying out 0.20x, 0.60x, and 1.60x your wager. The higher paying regular symbols are a shield, chalice, helmet, and crown. The latter is the highest paying regular symbol in this slot game, with three, four, or five along a payline paying out 1x, 3x, or 10x your stake.

Like with many slot games that you can play nowadays, you will come across a wild symbol when playing this game. This wild symbol will substitute for all symbols, apart from the two scatter symbols, increasing your chances of landing a winning combination. The two scatter symbols in this slot are King Arthur and his Excalibur Sword, and they both activate bonus features, but we will be speaking about those later on in the bonus section of this review, so we will spare you the details for now.

This Legend of the Sword slot game comes with a high volatility, meaning that if you are fortunate enough to land a win when you are playing this slot game, then it will likely end up being a big cash prize. If you are the type of slot enthusiast that likes to build a profit by picking up plenty of smaller wins, then this is probably not the slot for you since the small wins, as shown by the slot game's volatility, are not that common.

With regard to the maximum win that you can land when playing this slot, we are sure that you will enjoy what we are about to tell you. The most that you can win is 10000x your wager, meaning that if you play with the highest wager of €24.00 and hit the jackpot, you will land yourself a crisp €240,000. However, please always remember that your chances of landing the jackpot are really slim - if you play a slot expecting to win the jackpot, then all that is likely going to happen is that you will be really disappointed. If you have played any other slots by Microgaming, then you will know already that they are usually really generous when it comes to the payouts that they offer.

What kind of RTP does this Microgaming slot have? Well, this software developer is known as being one of the more generous when it comes to their RTPs, and while 96.12% is probably one of their lowest, it is still above the average of 96%. Therefore, we feel that it is fair to tell you that this slot game has a really reasonable Return to Player rate.

If you happen to be new to playing slots online, then we know that you might not really be too sure as to why it is very important that you check out the RTP of a slot game before you start playing it with real money on the line. It is for this reason that we are now going to take a minute or two to explain it to you. If you feel that you know more than enough about the RTP, then feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph. To simplify things as much as we can, the RTP of a game is a theoretical figure that highlights the amount of money that a slot will pay out over time. By time, what we generally mean is over thousands of spins. Thus, since this slot's RTP is 96.12%, it is telling us that for every €10 deposited, it will pay back €9.61. However, because it is just a theoretical figure, there is the chance that your experience when playing will be lower or higher - it is all about luck at the end of the day.

When we play slots, we do prefer to play those that come with an RTP of 97% or more since there is obviously a higher chance of landing a win. However, we feel that an RTP of 96.12% is really reasonable and is not a reason to not give this game a try. We recommend that you play the demo edition of this slot, which can be found at the top of this review, and if you end up not liking its payout rate, then you simply forget about playing it for real money.

💶 Can I Play Legend of the Sword for Real Money if I Wanted?

This is a question that we are happy to be able to answer with an emphatic yes at these Microgaming Casinos. After all, every online casino that you will come across has one main aim, and this is to try and make as much money as they possibly can from any of the slots and table games that they have on offer to their customers. Now, if these online casinos only offered demo editions of their games, they would not make a single penny and would end up going out of business pretty quickly.

Also, although we did tell you earlier that slots are fun to play in demo mode, all slot enthusiasts want the option of being in with a shout of landing some top prizes. Thus, all of the top casinos that accept players from Ireland will ensure that their slots, such as Legend of the Sword, are available to their customers for real money.

Even players who are new to the world of gambling should know that not all operators have been created in an equal manner, and that's where our online casino reviews come in. There are a number of online casinos out there that are at the top of their game and much better than their rivals, which is why later on in our review, we will give you a top brand where you will be able to play this Legend of the Sword slot for real cash.

🎁 What Are The Legend of the Sword Bonus Rounds Like?

It goes without saying that the online slot gambling world is really competitive, meaning that all slots have to try and stand out from a huge crowd if they are to have any kind of success. A top way for a slot to stand out like the proverbial sore thumb and make sure that players keep coming back for more is to ensure that it offers a wide range of fun bonus features. If a slot player tries a slot once and does not feel like playing it again, then the slot game will go on to flop big time.

This Legend of the Sword slot has two bonus features, and we are going to have a closer look at these now so that you can decide if it is a game that has the potential to keep you highly entertained.

Excalibur Scatter Feature

If you manage to land five or more Excalibur scatter symbols during any base spin, then you will be awarded with an instant cash prize - the more Excalibur scatter symbols that you land, the higher your payout will be. It is in this feature where you will have the chance to claim up to 10,000x your wager. Below we have listed the payouts according to the number of scatters that you manage to land:

  • Five Excalibur Scatters = 2x your wager
  • Six Excalibur Scatters = 5x your wager
  • Seven Excalibur Scatters = 10x your wager
  • Eight Excalibur Scatters = 100x your wager
  • Nine Excalibur Scatters = 1,000x your wager
  • Ten Excalibur Scatters = 10,000x your wager

Camelot Free Spins Feature

Land at least three of the King Arthur scatter symbols on the reel at once and you will activate the Camelot Free Spins bonus round. You will be given three free spins, and whenever you manage to land an Excalibur scatter symbols, your number of free spins will be reset to three.

Also, during this bonus feature, there will be the Multiplier Meter in play that gives you a multiplier boost for each free spin that you make. The value of your multiplier will change with every free, but it can see you win payouts that are up to 10x your stake.

Additionally, when you land an Excalibur scatter, the symbol is collected in the meter to the left of the reels, and when you have used all of your free bonus spins, the swords that you have collected are added together. If you have collected more than five Excalibur swords, you will land a cash prize - the amounts on offer are the same as you will find in the base game. Keep an eye on the aforementioned meter, so you know how many swords you have managed to pick up.

📱 What if I Want to Play Legend of the Sword from Mobile?

If we were to give you the task of going down to your local high street and finding an adult that does not have some sort of mobile device that connects to Wi-Fi or the Internet, then we are quite sure that you would find it really hard to pass such a quest. Due to this ease of access to online gaming via mobile devices, there are now many gamblers out there who like to have the option of playing their favourite slots wherever they are. Any serious online casino will know about this, which is why they will put in the extra effort to ensure that their games available in their library on their desktop website can be played without hassle on a variety of iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

The top mobile casinos will even go one step further to make sure that they offer a top mobile gambling experience, and they do this by creating a quality mobile app that their players can download to whatever mobile device they have to enjoy a top mobile betting experience. If you opt to register with an online casino that offers their own app, then we suggest that you take a few minutes from your day to download it to your device since there are a number of benefits on offer.

So, what are these benefits exactly? Well, one main benefit that comes from using a casino app is that they have been created in a way that they use up considerably less data than a desktop website. Thus, if you want to test out your luck on a favourite slot game when you are not at home but there is no Wi-Fi or Internet connection, then you can simply switch on the mobile data and you will not have to worry about it costing you a small fortune. Another major benefit of making use of a mobile app over a mobile site is that apps are often a lot quicker, and speed is something loved by many nowadays as we all live busy lives. However, if it turns out that your mobile device does not have a lot of memory left, then simply make use of the mobile website alternative.

All of the best online casinos and those that are looking to become the very best out there will know that if they do not put in any effort to ensure that their customers have a top mobile betting experience, then there is a huge chance that they will lose many players, and this will translate to plenty of lost money - due to the competitive nature of such an industry, online casinos, even the best ones, cannot afford to lose a lot of customers.

If you are the kind of slot love that likes to play slot games on a mobile device wherever you happen to be, then we are glad to be able to tell you that this Legend of the Sword slot game is a game that can be played on a range of mobile devices. Therefore, if you play the demo version of this slot and end up liking it, you will then know that you can play it for real money no matter where you are.

🥇 Tell Me About the Best Casino To Play Legend of the Sword

This Legend of the Sword slot, since it is one that has been created by Microgaming, one of the top casino software developers out there, is a game that can be found at the majority of the top online casinos that accept players from the Emerald Isle. However, while you have plenty of casinos online that you can sign up with in order to play this great slot, there is one online casino that we believe is at the top of their game, and this casino goes by the name of Mr. Green which is offering a casino bonus to all new registrees.

Below we have provided you with a link that will take you to our quality review of Mr. Green Casino, so we suggest that you take five to ten minutes to go through it if you feel that you want to find out more about one of the best online casinos around at the moment and also free spins that are usually on offer.

🔍 What Other Games Are in the Legend of the Sword Series?

When top game developers develop a game that goes on to have plenty of success, then their next move is to try and cash in on this success, and they will do this by developing another slot game or two so that they end up developing a slot series. Usually, but sometimes not, the subsequent game or games will go on to have a lot of success as well since players are always eager to see whether new games are as good as their predecessors.

If you try this Legend of the Sword slot game and end up liking it a lot, then you will probably be somewhat sad to find out that it is a standalone slot at the moment. However, who knows, maybe they will decide to develop a sequel to this game in the future - we will just have to wait patiently and see.

🆓 Why Play Legend of the Sword Online Slot for Free?

legend-of-the-sword-microgaming-online-slot-artwork legend-of-the-sword-microgaming-online-slot-artwork

In today's world of online gaming, you will quickly notice that many of the online casinos that are happy to accept players from the Republic of Ireland will give their customers the chance to play the majority of their available slot games in demo mode. Yes, there will always be that chance that you will come across an online casino that does not provide their players with a demo option, but these are not what we would call top online casinos, and we really do recommend that you do not bother opening an account with such a site.

When you sit down and play a slot game in the demo version, there is no chance that you will win some real money, so why is it that we suggest that you play a demo edition of a slot game before you play using your own real cash? At the end of the day, we play slot games and table games with the aim of winning some real money, so why would we waste time playing a game where no real money is up for grabs? Well, by sitting down and playing a game in demo mode, you can find out everything that you need to know about the slot game in question without needing to spend a single penny.

For example, you will be able to find out if the slot game comes with plenty of bonus features that will keep you highly entertained, and whether it is a slot game that pays out frequently enough to your liking. To add to this, you will find out about the volatility of the slot and learn the high paying symbols that you will want to keep an eye out for. When you know for certain that a slot is your type of game, you can then think about playing it with real money on the line.

One other reason why we suggest that you play slots for free is that it can actually be entertaining to do so. Yes, we know that you are probably a bit sceptical right now, but test out a slot in demo mode, and we are pretty sure that you will see what we are speaking about. Yes, there is no real money up for grabs, but there might come a time when you would like to play a slot but are not in any type of mood to lose any money, and when this type of scenario arises, you can use a demo version of a slot to keep boredom away and your wallet full. Additionally, when you play a demo edition of a slot, you can get a very good idea as to the type of luck that you are experiencing on a certain day. If you play the game in its demo version and land plenty of winning combos, then it might be a clear sign that you are going through a lucky patch and that it might be wise for you to play with real money on the line.

👨‍⚖️ Play Chronicles of Legend of the Sword Slot Responsibly

Whenever you take the plunge and gamble, whether you are betting on sports, spinning the reels on a favourite slot of yours, or test out some new poker skills at a poker table, it is of the utmost importance that you always gamble responsibly. In our view, there is one top way to gamble responsibly, and this is to develop some sort of budget that you know you can afford to potentially lose if you go on an annoying losing streak. Whenever you are gambling, there will never be any kind of guarantee that you will go on to win something, and anyone who has gambled at any stage for a period of time will have gone on a losing streak at one point.

When you lose the money that you budgeted, you need to stop gambling straight away. There are some who will convince themselves that it is perfectly okay to ignore their budget and spend a bit more money so that they can recuperate some of their losses. However, this really is not a strategy that you need to get into the habit of doing. Yes, you might get lucky and win back some of your losses, but more often than not you will just lose even more, and this time it is going to be money that you can ill afford to lose.

Aside from setting up a budget when you are gambling, when you open an account with a casino, you will need to choose a casino banking method before you see that they have a number of top responsible gaming features that you can use to help you gamble responsibly. For example, there is usually the option of setting up a deposit limit for a day, week, or month, which is where you inform the casino as to how much you are permitting yourself to deposit into your account over a set time frame. For example, if you opt for a weekly limit of €150 and you deposit €150 on the Monday, then you will not be able to deposit any more money until the following week.

If you ever get to a point where you feel that you have no control over any of your gambling, then there is a top responsible gaming feature that you can use, and it is known as a self-exclusion period. With this type of feature, you will be able to block access to your account for six months or more, depending on the strength of your addiction. When an exclusion period is set up, there will be no ability to access the account until your chosen time frame has passed. We do not recommend that you speak to a customer support agent to get them to cut your exclusion period short as this will be a waste of your time since they are not allowed to do so by law.

🏁 Our Verdict on Legend of the Sword by Microgaming

The gameplay and design of this slot are very simple, but this does not matter since it all works really well. The bonus features, while not unique, are decent, and the chance to win 10,000x your wager is definitely not something that should be sniffed at. However, if you are not a fan of highly volatile slots, then this is probably a slot game that you will end up not liking. However, if you are a fan of the legend of King Arthur and love your slots, then we really do recommend that you play this slot for free right here so that you can see if it is your cup of tea.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Legend of the Sword

Is Playing Legend of the Sword for Free Fun?

Yes, we truly believe that playing Legend of the Sword for free is fun to do since you can get a very good feel as to the type of luck that you have, and whether it could be worth your while playing the slot game with some real money on the line. However, when you are playing demo versions of slots, keep in mind that it is not possible to win any real kind of money. Although you cannot win real money, there are many positives to trying slots in demo mode. For example, you will be able to learn all the important aspects without having to spend money.

Why Should I Pick Legend of the Sword?

We feel that you should try Legend of the Sword because, despite its simplicity, it is a game that can pack a bit of a punch thanks to its maximum win of 10,000x your stake. The two bonus features, despite not being anything spectacular, are more than entertaining enough, so try this slot out for free in demo mode at the top of this page, and we are sure you will soon see why we think you should pick it.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money from Legend of the Sword?

Yes, you can win real money when you are playing legend of the Sword, but only if you opt to play the slot with real money on the line. If you decide to play this slot in its demo version, then you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to win any real money.

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