Liam Lacey

liam-lacey liam-lacey

Liam Lacey is a sportswriter from Ireland. Liam has been an avid sports fan for as long as he can remember with a particular interest in the GAA, football and tennis.

Mayo football has always been a major part of Liam’s life and he has witnessed and experienced some of the great days, but also the heartbreak and sadness that so many Mayo supporters have felt down the years as the county continues to try to win the Sam Maguire again. Who knows maybe this is finally the year?

Liam is also a huge tennis fan and like so many has looked on with amazement as the trio of Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic took the men’s game to a whole new level for so long.

In his downtime, Liam enjoys watching a good movie or TV series. He likes to attempt to try and play football, but he has finally come to the conclusion that he is better off writing and talking about sport than he is trying to make his mark out on the pitch!